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‘It’s not just a wolf, it’s the head of the gray wolf family.’


In my previous life, he was the one who tore and killed my father and brothers and set the mansion on fire while losing his reason.


‘I, it’ll be okay, right’


Because I need to heal Arsene.


However, my instincts screamed from the depths part of my body, telling me to leave this man as soon as possible.


I suppressed my instinct to run away at once.


Then I closed my eyes and spread my wings.


This was a sign of surrender.

It means not to rush.


“You want to fly”


But this man doesn’t seem to understand me very well.


‘No, no, no!’


What are the wolves’ signs of surrender


I quickly rolled my brain.


I couldn’t think of it well because I had never learned it properly in my previous life.


I think they lifted their legs when they loosened their guard.


With one leg up, Kendrick Yekhart raised his eyebrows. 


“If you want to do your business, not on my lap.”




‘It’s so frustrating.’


I tried to turn into a human time and time again, but it didn’t work out.


It seemed to be a rebound after being forced to transform into a beast since my body wasn’t completely grown.


Thanks to this, I had to hit my chest with my undergrown wings.


“By the way, it’s really small.”


It was Kendrick Yeckhart who spoke first.


“Are all the kids in the bird clan normally this small They’re not even the size of a wolf’s paws.”


Kendrick said, measuring my size with his long fingers.

Kendrick’s fingers stretched straight next to my body.


I closed my eyes instinctively.




Maybe it was natural because it was instinct.


Even if he’s being nice to me now, he killed me once in his previous life.


‘Of course, he didn’t kill me personally.’


But has this made him mad


I quickly opened my eyes and looked into Kendrick’s eyes.


Kendrick was flustered and slowly bit his hand.


I quickly approached Kendrick and rubbed my head against his fingers.




Then Kendrick nodded slowly as if he understood. 


Only then did I feel relieved.


“Then, let’s talk now.”


Kendrick clapped his hands.




“It’s safe here, so relax and turn into a human now.”


I shook my head with my wings drooping at Kendrick’s words.


Kendrick’s eyes narrowed.


“Do you mean you don’t want to transform back” 


No, that’s not it!


“Chirp chirp!” 


I jumped in place and shook my head.


Then Kendrick opened his mouth as if he had realized something.


“You can’t transform back” 


Yes, yes!




Kendrick wrinkled his eyebrows, then pulled out a crumpled note of mine from the front pocket of his coat.


“Then you can answer with a nod.

Is this what you wrote”


Of course! 


I nodded vigorously.


“Linsy Raniero… How old are you Oh, you can’t answer.”


Kendrick glanced slowly over my tiny body, then nodded his head and mumbled.


“Well, it doesn’t matter.

I’ll go back to the mansion and hear why you wanted to follow me.”


He crossed his legs and spoke in a low voice.


“If you ever want to go back before then, I’ll take you back anytime.

So make yourself at home.”


I opened my beak wide when I heard Kendrick.


What do you mean you’re taking me back No way!


I shook my head.

Then I ran behind him, buried my face in my stomach, and spread my wings.


“Chirp chirp!” 


“Hmm You want me to take you back”




I shook my head quickly, and Kendrick chuckled.


The corners of his eyes were gently curved like a crescent moon.


I completely forgot what I was afraid of, and I climbed onto his shoulder.


Then I held Kendrick’s collar tightly on my feet and looked out the window.


‘How long does it take to get to Yekhart’


Although I had never actually been there, Yekhart and Raniero were close.


The wolf family and the bird family were not on good terms partly because the two families lived close together.


This is due to frequent territorial disputes at the country’s border where the two families live.


‘Well, that’s none of my business.’


When will we arrive 


I sat on his smooth shoulder and looked out the window, trimming my tail feathers.


The carriage was running at high speed and was leaving Raniero.


Behind the carriage, I could see familiar landscapes racing about.


The mansion would have been as small as a dot.


‘I’m leaving Raniero.’


The mansion that I’ve never escaped from in my previous life.


That alone stirred up joy in the small body.





That too, a lot.


It was Kendrick’s first thought when he saw a baby bird.


The baby bird was less than half the size of an adult male’s palm.


The body was small, the wings were small, and the beak was small.

And the tail is so cute. 


It was surprising that such a small thing was alive.


Kendrick watched the sleeping baby bird quietly on his lap.



He’s sure she must have been afraid of him at first.


Perhaps she completely forgot about that, the baby bird was sleeping well with a handkerchief on the lap of the head of the wolf family.


With each steady breath, the baby bird’s round tummy swelled up a bit by little.


He gently touched the baby bird’s beak with his index finger.


‘At first, she looks around the carriage as if it’s amazing.’


But she was so tired that she fell asleep quickly.


He looked at the baby bird and then opened the note again as if the baby bird had written it.


The note clearly said to take her to Yeckhart.


As if she knew he’d come to Raniero today to propose a political marriage.


That can’t be true.


‘It’s amazing.’


Kendrick mumbled softly and looked closely at the baby bird.


She looked like a very young child because she had sparse hair.


‘But she has such a strong ability’


Kendrick recalled the time when the baby bird bit his finger.


The baby bird quickly used her power to heal Kendrick’s wounds.


And then, for a moment, Kendrick could feel it. 


That baby birds have powerful abilities.


Did she know that the ability of this baby bird was exactly what he was looking for


‘Ha, that can’t be true.’


Kendrick smiled and shook his head.

It’s an absurd idea.

What is he doing with such a young child—.


It seemed more likely that she had been abused by Raniero and had escaped from him.


He stroked the soft hair of the sleeping baby bird.


‘It’s a good thing anyway.’


Raniero’s daughter rolled into his hands, and there was no reason to hesitate.


He had caring eyes for the baby bird that was asleep close to him.


‘I hope the transformation will be lifted soon.’


That way, he can figure out what this kid wants.


It was clear that the baby bird was still too young to control the transformation.


In exceptional cases, such a scenario can happen when a beast transformation is successful before the appropriate age.




It doesn’t matter.

She can lift the transformation slowly. 


After hearing the reason for asking him to take her when the transformation is released, they will eat something delicious, and—. 


Kendrick nodded and thought.


‘I should make her my daughter-in-law.’


Each time the baby bird exhaled, the handkerchief fluttered slightly.




“You must get up now.”


The hand that tapped her wings was very gentle.


I slowly opened my eyes and looked around.


It was definitely daytime when we left, but the sun was setting outside the window.


“We’ve arrived.”


He reached out to me.


I put my feet on his palm in a daze.




It was hard to stand still in place because I was half asleep.


“I’ll let you go inside and sleep more.”


With a rough nod, Kendrick Yekhart put me on his shoulder.




After shaking my head to clear away the hazy energy and placing my feet on his shoulders, I caught sight of the huge Yeckhart mansion at a glance.


‘Oh, my.

It’s huge.’


The people and the house are really big!


Raniero’s mansion was never small either.


Because Raniero belonged to the eagle family, it was significantly larger than other birds.


The mansion was therefore built with a high battleground and a wide width.


However, I couldn’t compare it to Yeckhart’s mansion.


‘Oh my.’


Even though I had only seen it from far, I was surprised by its size and majesty.


Also, the knights surrounding the carriage are huge.


Knights in large, heavy-looking iron armor were lined up on either side of the carriage.


They’re not going to eat me, are they


I glanced around.


If there was a wolf rushing to eat me, I thought I’d fly straight to the sky.


Kendrick Yeckhart slowly got out of the carriage as I looked out the window.


“Hold tight, so you don’t fall off.”


He said so and stroked my head carefully with his index finger.


I nodded my head bravely.


Don’t worry!


In order not to repeat the same unfortunate incident as the first meeting, I raised my claws and grabbed his collar.


It was then.




“Chirp! C, chiirp!” 


I fell to the ground, frightened by the unexpected appearance of a black beast in front of me after he told me to hold on to him tightly so that I wouldn’t fall.


‘W, what is that!’


It’s a monster!


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