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Arsene pulled the door as hard as he could, but the door didn’t open. 


‘It’s locked.’


It was also locked so tightly that it was impossible to open it by himself.


“Linsy, Linsy! Are you there”


Arsene clenched his fist and hit the locked door.

He hit it so hard that the area where it hit was swollen and red.

However, there was no answer from inside.


‘Should I call the adults’


But then it would be too late—.


At the time when Arsene was in conflict. 


“There’s someone over there!”


“Oh my—.

Young Master!”


From far away, servants carrying lamps came running.

Arsene frowned slightly at the sudden brightening of the field of vision.


‘How did they get here’


At that moment, a familiar face entered Arsene’s sight.

In front of the servants with lamps, Kendrick stood with an expression that he didn’t understand. 


“Arsene, how are you here—”


Kendrick, as expected, also feels confused.

He used his ability to check where Linsy was and brought the servants right away.

Of course, there were some problems that made the search for Linsy to be delayed.


However, he didn’t understand how Arsene arrived before him.




Arsene was about to burst into tears.

However, the boy soon closed his mouth, wiped his tears with his sleeves, and said.


“Linsy, she’s inside.”


“Open the door.”


When Kendrick gave the order, Ethan took a package of keys from his pocket and stepped forward.

Then he took out one of the rustiest keys and opened the locked door.




The door opened slowly. 


In front of the door, a little baby bird was lying down as if it were exhausted.




Arsene ran straight up and picked up Linsy.


His clothes got dirty, but it wasn’t the time to worry about it.


“Linsy, Linsy”


The boy gently shook the wheat-colored bird, which was drooping as if dead.

Kendrick got closer and placed his index finger near Linsy’s stomach.

Even though her breathing is not stable, it’s a relief that she is breathing properly. 


Kendrick, who confirmed that Linsy was safe, breathed a sigh of relief.


“Let’s take her out, she’ll be fine.”


Kendrick, Arsene, Ethan, and Yeckhart’s servants quickly moved Linsy into the room. 


He no longer cares about the banquet.


Kendrick strictly controlled access to the banquet hall and ordered that the main culprits of the incident be found and brought in.

There was a little backlash, but it quickly subsided in front of Yeckhart’s name.


Arsene, who carefully laid down the little bird in the middle of the wide bed, breathed heavily.


“Bring me Hern.”


At Kendrick’s command, two maids quickly left the room. 


He said with his thick hand on Arsene’s shoulder. 


“Arsene, let’s go.

Let Linsy take a rest.”


But Arsene closed his mouth and shook his head stubbornly.


“No, I don’t want to go out.”


“You’ll have to go out so that Linsy can rest comfortably.”


“I’m not going out, I’m staying here.”


Arsene said stubbornly and turned his head away.

The boy’s gaze was fixed on the little baby bird lying as if dead. 


Kendrick sighed.


“Then stay here.

The rest of you, go out.

I have work to do.”


Kendrick, who gently stroked his son’s sweaty bangs, turned and left the room.

And as he walked through the hallway, he asked dryly.


A low voice fell low in the hallway of the mansion.


“Where is it”


“We brought them into the office.”


Kendrick went straight to the office. 


He can’t allow this to happen in Yeckhart’s mansion, even if it was a joke of a ten-year-old child.

There are pranks that they can do and pranks that they can’t do. 


Besides, the fact that this happened when Linsy was introduced as a member of Yeckhart— was no different from belittling Yeckhart.


* * *




Evelyn bit her nails in an unusual atmosphere.


Obviously, her dad says it.

That Lord Kendrick hates the ‘bird clan’s girl’ so much.

That’s why she plays some pranks on her. 


However, as she disappeared, the atmosphere of Yekhardt was unusual.

Of course, the banquet was stopped, and all the servants looked for Linsy Raniero. 


In addition.


“Miss Evelyn, Lord Kendrick is looking for you.”


Yeckhart’s butler, wearing only glasses, took Evelyn to Kendrick’s office and quickly disappeared. 


In addition, Evelyn was left alone in his office, so she ruffled the hem of her dress. 


‘This isn’t it….’


She was just trying to see the girl cry. 


When it comes to the bird clan, it’s hard to be a member of the Yeckhart family, which is the head family of the wolf clan. 


At that time—.


Suddenly, the door opened, and the Marquis and Marchioness Elijah came in with pale and tired faces. 




As soon as Evelyn saw the face of the Marchioness, she cried. 


The Marquis asked her daughter gently as she hugged her immature daughter. 


“What’s going on, Evelyn Huh What’s the matter” 


“No I, I just….” 




The door opened once more, and Kendrick Yeckhart appeared.

Marquis Elijah couple and Evelyn stared blankly at Kendrick’s face.

He saw Marquis Elijah couple with a crying Evelyn and slowly opened his mouth. 


“It’s noisy.”


Then, the mouths of the crying Evelyn and Elijah couple were forced to close.


It was a ‘capacity’ that could be used by the authority of the clan’s head.


Kendrick didn’t use his capacity very well. 


The fact that he used words meant that he was angry with the situation.

Kendrick made them all shut their mouths and slowly sat on the sofa. 




“Marquis Elijah, explain how should I take this.”


As Kendrick’s words fell, the Marquis’ mouth, which had been shut, slowly opened. 


He was in a state where he could talk. 


“Yes No, I don’t even know what the situation is—” 




Again, Marquis Elijah’s mouth was forcibly shut.


“Then you tell me.

Young Lady Elijah.” 


“Yes No, no, I just…” 


“I heard that you appeared in wolf form and threatened Linsy, am I right”


When Kendrick spoke, the words made the Marquis Elijah couple’s faces look pale. 


“Yes No…It’s not a threat…” 


“Miss Ancia said, you showed up and showed your teeth at Linsy.” 


There was no emotion and agitation mixed in the dry voice.


Evelyn, who was trembling, soon nodded.


“Y, yes… I did it, but…” 




“…But I’m just.

I’m just trying to pull some pranks…” 


Evelyn grabbed the hem of her dress and stuttered that it was a joke between friends. 


Kendrick, who was listening, said.


“It seems that it’s a trend to show your teeth and threaten your friends these days.”


Evelyn soon shut her mouth tight.


Kendrick laughed as he looked at the figure.

Evelyn Elijah was ten years old this year, as far as he knows.

Yet, she still doesn’t know how to tell the difference between these things.

Even though she is the only daughter that the Elijah family cherishes, how can she be so immature 


Kendrick said, looking coldly at Evelyn, who was sobbing and crying. 


“You will be under probation in your mansion for four months.

And make a sincere apology.” 


At the word, Evelyn opens her eyes wide.


The four months of probation meant that Evelyn would be treated as an invisible person for four months.

She can’t go to a party or invite someone to her mansion.

For a ten-year-old girl, the punishment was very harsh. 


“B, but—hng! Dad obviously said Lord Kendrick hates the bird clan child—!” 


Evelyn’s tears, which seemed to be unfairly holding back her tears, finally burst.


“So, that’s why I surprise her a bit, but what do you mean probation!” 


Evelyn sat down and began to cry.


Kendrick’s brow narrowed as he looked at it.


“What does this mean”


“What No, Evelyn.

When did Dad say that, you punk!”


“You did it! You did!! Hng, I mean, I heard everything Dad was talking about in the study—” 


At Evelyn’s bombshell, the Marquis Elijah’s face turned pale. 


“E, Evelyn.

What do you mean, you heard it wrong.”


“No, I didn’t hear it wrong—that’s what Dad really said! And Mom said don’t play with the bird clan, hing—” 


Marchioness Elijah hurriedly tried to shut Evelyn’s mouth, but it was useless.


Kendrick, who was listening to the words, soon opened his mouth.


“It seems to me that you are the problem, Marquis Elijah.”


Kendrick’s gaze met the pale Marquis’ face.


“You make fun of knowing Yeckhart… And a daughter who doesn’t know how to differentiate is doing this.”


“Lord Kendrick! It’s not like that—” 


“Marquis Elijah, you will be also under probation for the time being.

The disposition will be decided later.”


Kendrick called in the knights who were standing outside.


“Take them out.”


The knights dragged Marquis Elijah couple and Evelyn out of the office. 


Evelyn cried and begged that it was her fault, but she was relentless. 


Kendrick looked at the scene and tried to hide his complexity. 


‘I thought the bird clan, Linsy, would be hostile to the wolf clan’s aristocrats, but—’


It was a big mistake to leave the banquet hall due to work for a while.


He doesn’t think they would show how much they despise Linsy at a banquet where she would be introduced.


Kendrick sighed.


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