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Claire used a piece of cloth to fix my cloak and make sure it covered all of my wings.


I came out of the dressing room wearing a cloak that covered my wings.


The cloak had a small hat attached to it, and the hat could even cover the face.


However, Arsene took off the cloak as soon as we got into the carriage as if it was stuffy.


“Well, shall we just buy dessert”


Hearing Kendrick’s words, Arsene put on a gloomy expression on his face.




“I’ve got work to do, you know”


Kendrick replied.


I was relieved at Kendrick’s words quietly.


‘I have to go and treat that kid and Aiden.’


It was because I was worried about what would happen if Kendrick didn’t hurry back.


However, Arsene seemed very disappointed that he had to go back quickly.


I held Arsene’s little hand to comfort him. 


“We can come back again next time.”


“Next time again”


Arsene’s eyes seemed to be asking, ‘When is the next time’


“Because you bought me a cloak… wouldn’t you bring me out again next time”


I mumbled loudly for Kendrick to hear.


Kendrick then answered with a smile and a slow nod.


“Yeah, I’ll let you come again next time.”


The carriage headed to the most famous dessert shop on this street.


Arsene looked out the window as if he didn’t want to miss anything happening on the street.


It was the same for me to look outside.


‘Cause I’ve never been out of a mansion when I lived in Raniero!’


So, this is the first time I’ve been to such a crowded place.


At the time, Arsene said cautiously.


“It’s a dessert shop… so is the dessert piled up like a mountain”


“Yeah, it’s piled up like a mountain.”


What do you mean by a dessert shop


It was a place I’d never been to before.


Thinking of the sweet dessert, I felt a little relieved from the accident I had just experienced.


The carriage stopped in front of the dessert shop. 


The knights opened the carriage door after carefully looking around to prevent an accident.


It was a huge two-story building.


As famous as it is, there was a long line of customers outside the store.


Kendrick took Arsene and me to the dessert shop.


The shop’s patissier came out and tried to guide us to the best seats on the second floor.




“…That, Kendrick-nim.’


I grabbed Kendrick’s hem.


The dessert shop was a really cool and pleasant place.


I could smell sweetness everywhere, so I felt soft even when I didn’t move.


But apart from that,


Inside the building, many other wolves were looking at us.


I squeezed Kendrick’s hand in a cold sweat.


Noticing my condition, Arsene pressed the cloak’s hat tighter.


“Wrap it up, all kinds of it.”


Kendrick, who looked at my condition, ordered without even looking at the order book.


“Yes, I understand.”


We left the store with our hands full of packed desserts.


The knights, who were waiting outside the door, took the dessert boxes Kendrick was holding.


We got into the carriage and headed back to the mansion.






As soon as I arrived at the mansion, I looked for Aiden, who was injured first.


Aiden was lying in bed. 


At a glance, it seemed that Mr.

Hern had finished all of his basic treatment.


“Are you okay” 


I asked, carefully examining Aiden’s condition.


I met Aiden for the first time today, but—.


‘You saved me from Gale.’


I put the box I was carrying on the side table and looked into Aiden’s wounds.


“Yes, i, it’s fine, Lady.” 


Aiden replied with a smile. 


But his breathing was a bit rough.


I looked up at Betty.


“Betty…Can you go out for a moment”


“Lady, don’t tell me—” 


“Ung Please stay outside.”


Betty looked at me, then sighed and left the room.


I put my hand on Aiden’s leg.




I slowly use my ability. 


This ability was used properly, except to cure Arsene’s illness.


The green light glowed from the fingertips and flowed into Aiden’s wounds.


And not long after.


“…No way”


Aiden touched his legs.


As if in disbelief, he untied the bandages that Mr.

Hern had carefully wrapped around him.


A clean, better leg was revealed.


“Lady, you’re only using your ability on me—!”


Aiden said with his eyes wide open in surprise.


“Please don’t use your precious ability recklessly.”


“It’s okay, I did it because I wanted to treat you.”


I answered casually and pointed to the box on the table.


“That’s… that’s dessert.

Eat it when it’s better.”


“What No, Lady—!”


“Then I’m going! Take a good rest!”


I quickly left the room, leaving Aiden behind, who seemed to want to say something more.


Betty followed me with a smile.


“Where are you going this time”


“You know, Betty.

Didn’t a girl this size come with Aiden earlier She’s about an inch taller than me.”


I put my hand over my head and said.


Betty nodded.


“Yeah, I’ve temporarily laid her down in the empty maids’ rooms for now.”


“Please guide me, I have to see that kid.”


Betty nodded.


I went with Betty to the annex used by the servants.


It was a little far from the main building.


Betty opened the room’s door at the end of the hallway on the first floor of the annex.


A girl was seen lying down through a gap when a light wooden door was opened. 


Then I asked Betty to do something. 


“Betty, stay here.”


“No, Lady.

She was fine when she was with the Knights—, but we didn’t know this child’s identity.”


“I’ll call you right away if it’s dangerous, okay”



Besides, that kid isn’t a wolf, she’s a mutant— Mr.

Hern said that.”




I blinked my eyes.


If it was a mutation, it said that babies born between different clans were born without the characteristics of either clans.


In other words, it’s like beasts that can’t transform or birds with rabbit ears.


“Yes, so you really can’t.”


Betty said firmly.


I had no choice but to enter the room with Betty.


The girl was sleeping like dead.


“Did she faint”


When I whispered, Betty nodded back.


“He said it seems that she passed out from the shock.”


I gently rolled up the blanket.


The leg that Mr.

Hern had lightly treated caught my eye.




Carefully, I placed my hands on her legs and infused her with my ability. 


A light green light shone faintly under the thin blanket.


Betty let out a sigh as if she couldn’t stop me. 




After smiling brightly, I finished the treatment and put my hand away.


It was clear that she would have recovered.


‘Will she wake up’


Even though only the girl’s leg was hurt, I waited by her bed for a while, hoping she would wake up.


But when she showed no sign of waking up, Betty suggested it to me first.


“Why don’t you go back first I’ll tell you when she wakes up.”


I nodded slowly.


“Ung, please tell me.”


“Of course, Lady.”


I quietly placed the muffins I had treasured in my arms on the side table.


It was bought by Kendrick at the dessert shop earlier.




I rejected Betty’s suggestions to go back to my room now. 


“But Young Master Arsene is waiting for you…”


“Arsene Arsene… Wouldn’t she be eating first”


He must be busy eating the desserts we bought, so it was okay.


I headed to the stable in Yeckhart.


The grey-haired stablekeeper was cleaning up a huge stable.


“Oh, isn’t this the baby bird Lady”


When Betty and I stepped into the stable, the stablekeeper smiled and pretended to know me first.


“My name is Gilbert, I’m the stable keeper.”


Maybe it was almost time to finish cleaning, because the inside of the stable was quite clean.


“Yes, Gilbert.

By any chance, the horse… Didn’t it come in”


I greeted Gilbert and looked round the stable.


Gilbert paused his broom and said.


“Ah, you’re talking about the knight’s horse We’re not raising it here but…we’re only taking care of it temporarily.

Please come this way.”


Gilbert took the lead.


I followed in Gilbert’s footsteps with Betty.


The place we arrived at was a small Martha in the innermost part of the stable. 


In it, a horse was painfully breathing out.


Gilbert said as if he were in trouble.


“It looks like it broke its leg bone from falling.

It needs treatment, but its not usually this ferocious— the knight has entrusted this guy to me a few times, and it’s always such hard work.”


Upon hearing Gilbert’s voice, the horse snorted and ran through the door with its strong hind legs and kicked up. 




Gilbert smiled awkwardly and stepped back, and Betty clasped me nervously on the shoulder.


I stared at the injured horse for a long time, and approached the horse at once and got down on my knees.




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