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I looked back at the reflective sound.


The warhorse on which Yeckhart’s knight Aiden was riding raised its hoofs with great excitement. 


And below that.


A small girl with a shabby figure, who looked at least about ten years old, was seen sitting down with a very frightened look.


Perhaps a girl was running and blocked the front of the horse, and the horse seemed very surprised.


“No! Aiden!”


All of the knights who were there screamed at the same time.


There was no time for anyone to touch it.


Everything happened so quickly.


The moment the horse’s hoof is about to hit the girl.




A black light flashed near the horse’s body.


Then, as the horseshoes fell on top of the girl’s head, a black light hit them and turned them in the air.


It was Kendrick’s ability. 


The problem is.




A huge warhorse has fallen.


Aiden, who was riding a horse, also crashed straight to the floor.




Aiden let out a sharp scream.


His face was distorted by pain.




I looked at Aiden, who fell to the floor with wide eyes.


It was obvious that he had broken his leg bones at the very least, as he had fallen from the back of that huge warhorse. 


I tried to run straight to Aiden and the fallen horse.


If Kendrick hadn’t stopped me.


“No way.”


Kendrick said firmly.


He pointed his chin at the people on the street.


People were gathering at a certain distance and looking this way.


In the first place, there were many people because it was a busy street, and everyone seemed to have flocked to the disturbance that had just occurred.


Aiden was focused on me, not the girl in front of him when he fell off the horse.


Kendrick asked another escort not to let me move.




He strode in front of Aiden and the horse to check their condition.


“Aiden, are you all right You there, lay Aiden straight.”


Kendrick beckoned a couple of knights.


The big knights laid Aiden properly.


Kendrick quickly approached the knights and placed a hand on Aiden’s chest.


Dark shadows gathered around him.


The black shadows surrounded Aiden, who was groaning in pain.


Soon after, it swallowed Aiden.


I widened my eyes and stared at the scene.


Aiden’s body slowly disappeared from my eyes, along with black shadows.


It was like being buried in the ground.


‘Yeckhart’s abilities are amazing.’


Can they move people or objects through shadows


Kendrick then stroked the gasping horse and did the same to the horse as he did to Aiden.


Even the war horse, which was big and heavy, was hidden by shadows and vanished without anyone noticing.


Kendrick, who had roughly cleared the streets, shifted his gaze to the girl.


The gaze was sharp enough to cut something. 


The girl with a shabby appearance was shaking and only looking at the ground. 


Kendrick beckoned, and the knights knelt down on the girl.




“…A, ah!” 


The girl opened and closed her mouth. 


It looked like she had hurt her leg when she fell.


I tried to run straight away, but a large knight stopped me.


“You can’t, Lady.” 


I had no choice but to stand still, pressed by the momentum of the great wolf knight.


“Why did you jump in here”


Kendrick asked.


However, the girl with a shabby appearance only trembled while holding a bunch of small things in her arms.


“I asked how did you jump here I’ll decide your disposition based on your answer.”


Kendrick’s slow voice sank into my ear.


It was almost the first time I’d heard that kind of voice.




I recited the word quietly.


Because the girl jumped in, Yeckhart’s knight and the knight’s horse were injured.


He probably just couldn’t let it slide. 


But the girl didn’t seem to have any intention of answering. 




“You…can’t speak” 


Kendrick, who was going to say something more, soon sighed quietly. 


“…You can’t see what’s in front of you.” 


She can’t see 


I turned my head to Kendrick’s words and looked at the girl on the ground. 


As Kendrick said, the girl’s eyes had no focus. 


The white-spread eyes rolled around aimlessly on the ground.


“Ha…where are your parents”


At Kendrick’s question, the trembling girl slowly shook her head. 


“Do you have no parents”




The girl, who had been thin listening to Kendrick’s words, raised her head.


And she slowly turned her head and looked at me.




Until just now, I thought she was blind.


The girl looked intently into my eyes.




“…Black, smoke.”


After muttering, she fell to the side of the road.


The knights exchanged glances as if they were in trouble.


I thought about what the girl had said as she looked me straight in the eye.


‘Black smoke’


Is she talking about Kendrick’s powers


Kendrick’s ability is also in the form of black smoke.




‘She looked directly at me and said that.’


That moment,


Something flashed through my mind quickly.


I had seen black smoke and flashing lights coming from the body of the great elder not too long ago.






I quickly ran to Kendrick after getting away from the knight who was blocking my way.


“L, Lady!” 


I heard the knight desperately calling for me, but it didn’t matter.


I got down on my knees, grabbed the girl’s hand, and said.


“Kendrick-nim, what are you going to do with this kid” 


“…I’ll just move on.

I don’t think Aiden was seriously injured either.”


I touch with the thin wrist held in my grasp. 


It was so thin that I could only touch the bones.


I carefully put the girl’s hand down and quickly ran to Kendrick and looked up at him.


“Then…you said earlier that you would grant my request.”




“Then why don’t we take her to the mansion and have a look I think she has hurt her legs because she fell.

Maybe it’s our fault that we don’t know someone is here when the carriage and horses are standing here—” 


Kendrick looked down at me with a slightly puzzled face.


I jumped and grabbed Kendrick’s arm.


And looked up at him. 


As if Kendrick understood my gesture, he bent down familiarly and brought his ear to me.


I put my hands together and whispered to Kendrick’s ear.


“I’ll heal Aiden.

And that kid too, can I”


Kendrick seemed to think about it for a moment, and then he agreed.


“Yeah, just don’t overdo it.



He stared at me, then flicked his fingers.


Then, in an instant again, black shadows gathered together and devoured the girl.




I was relieved only when I saw the girl disappearing from sight.


‘She said something about black smoke.’


And she was looking straight at me too.


I thought maybe the girl knew something.


At that time. 




Kendrick hugged me.


“You said you couldn’t walk because you were worried about your wings”


I only realized that I had my wings exposed at Kendrick’s words.


Because of this commotion, there was no time even to care that the wings were out.


It was then that my face turned red.


“Ugh, that’s—” 


“Let’s go in.

As promised, I’ll buy you a cloak to cover your wings.”


“…Shouldn’t we go quickly and treat them”  


I asked, thinking about the girl, Aiden, and the warhorse Kendrick used to move them. 


Kendrick shrugged at my question.


“If there is Mr.

Hern in the mansion, it will be fine.

If you’re really worried, let’s take a look and go home.”




Kendrick hugged me lightly as I nodded and walked into the dressing room.


Arsene, who had been pushed into the dressing room by the knights and was almost trapped, was holding on to the door of the room.




“You can’t even see your father.”


Kendrick pulled and stroked Arsene’s hair as he called my name.


At that moment, a woman who seemed to be the owner of the dressing room suddenly appeared.


“Hello, Kendrick-nim.”


She was wearing an easy-to-move work suit with a front pocket that held paper and a big needle.


“My name is Claire, the owner of this dressing room.

It is an honor to be able to serve you.”


Kendrick, who was getting a light greeting from her, said as he gently put me on the floor.


“I need a cloak for this kid right now.

I hope the size was a little bigger.

As you can see.”


Kendrick lifted his head and pointed at my wings. 


I gently turned around to show my wings in more detail.


And I flapped my wings a couple of times.


Claire gave me a big smile and suddenly appeared with a closet full of cloaks.


“Well, if you pick something from this list, I’ll fix it moderately.” 


I examined the display stand carefully.


On the display stands, cloaks made of soft material were hung next to each other.


At that moment, Arsene chose a cloak with embroidered indigo blue threads.


“This, this is just yours.”


Arsene handed me the cloak.


I took Arsene’s cloak and looked closely at it.




“I want to do this.”


I held out the cloak Arsene had chosen for Claire.


The embroidery is pretty, and I really liked it.


Arsene chose for me a cloak with blue thread embroidery.


Claire smiled softly, took the cloak, and disappeared somewhere. 


Her assistants give me and Arsene hot chocolate and Kendrick a cup of hot tea and refreshments.


We sip cocoa and wait for Claire to come back.


And after some time—.


Claire came out with a nicely mended cloak.


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