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“You can’t do this to Raniero in the temple!”


Arthur Raniero raised his voice.


The room was filled with a harsh voice.


The High Priest looked at Arthur with a troubled look on his face and opened his mouth.


“Didn’t you say that Yeckhart kidnapped the child The situation is different from the words, so the temple is in a difficult position.” 


The High Priest said, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a white handkerchief.


The main goal of Raniero’s efforts to settle disagreements in the temple, which Raniero helped, was to suppress Yeckhart’s momentum. 


‘The power of the wolves is too strong.’


The wolf clan and the lion clan were the clans that possessed the largest territory as much as they had strong abilities. 


But before, there was no problem.


Because both the wolf clan and the lion clan were favorable to the other clan and the temple.


However, the situation changed as Kendrick Yeckhart, the head of the wolf clan, took the position.


The movement to reject the temple was coming from Yeckhart.


Maybe the reason is—.


‘Arsene Yeckhart.’


It’s because of that child. 


Because of what happened 7 years ago, he is still taking revenge on the temple. 


Ugh, the High Priest sighed and continued. 


“Besides, she even testified that she was abused in Raniero—it was impossible to send her back to Raniero right away.”


“She has never been abused! Linsy is still young, so there must be something wrong.

Or Yeckhart told her to say it.”


“Still— didn’t you agree to the political marriage anyway If that’s the case, then it would be neat to just send Lady Linsy to Yeckhart.”


The High Priest had a face that he couldn’t understand Arthur Raniero’s attitude at all.


Arthur, feeling the gaze, coughed loudly.


‘They can’t find out Schville’s abilities.’


Schville was a good opportunity to deal with that bastard.


The ability to steal the life force of others.


The worst mutation that shouldn’t come from Raniero.


But Arthur couldn’t easily abandon the child, Schville.


It was because he was afraid of the powers that Schville had.


If he abandons Schville and the child holds a grudge against Raniero and tries to get revenge, he’ll get in trouble.


Even he taught Schville not to use her ability properly. 


‘Of course, she can’t go to the wolf clan without knowing how to use it—’


Before he sent Shuville, he would tell her what to do and how to use her ability properly.


Arthur narrowed his brow.


Something he can’t keep or throw away easily.

Schville’s position in the house was just that.


So, using this political marriage, she tried to eliminate the heir of the wolf clan and deal with the troubled child.


Arthur sighed inwardly.


The High Priest said as if comforting Arthur Raniero.


“Isn’t it enough to see the opportunity and bring her back later For now, let’s leave it for a while.

When the time comes, the temple will do our best to help.



The high priest glanced over the huge stone gate.


It was the room where the Pope was resting.


Arthur, who understood the meaning of the high priest, washed his face dry.


Then he opened his eyes and said.


“…You promised.

The temple will help when the time comes.”


“Yes, of course.

Of course.”


Arthur Raniero, who heard the High Priest’s answer, took a step forward.




“Arsene, Linsy.”


Kendrick approached the children with a smile.


Linsy and Arsene looked up to see Kendrick and ran from afar.


Behind them were the two knights Kendrick had attached.


‘I told them to watch from afar.’


Something must have happened to them since they’re so close.


Kendrick, who quickly grasped the situation, first called Aiden separately.


“What happened”


“Yeah, Raniero’s successor, Gale Raniero, said that he was going to take the Lady so there was a bit of a commotion.”




Kendrick, with his eyes squinted, looked around.




A large brown eagle sitting far away caught his eye.


It was still smaller than an adult male, but it was close to an adult.


‘That must be Gale.’


The reason why he dared to turn into a bird might be because he felt that Linsy’s abilities were unstable.


So, when Linsy turned into a bird, he probably thought about taking her.


Because Linsy was still young, her bird form was still very small. 


It wouldn’t be hard to take a little bird the size of a chick to an eagle.


Raniero’s eldest son is so thoughtless and stupid.


Kendrick clicked his tongue after asking Aiden. 






Linsy and Arsene cling to Kendrick’s trousers.


Kendrick hugs Linsy first and checks her condition.


“I heard from Aiden.

Your brother came here


Linsy seemed to be looking for a moment, then nodded slowly. 


“Yeah, but…nothing much happened.”


“There’s nothing wrong!”


Arsene squeaked as if to respond.


Linsy put her index finger to her mouth with a pale, tired face. 


“Ssh! Be quiet, Arsene!”


“A terrible eagle came and pushed Linsy.

And he tried to take her by force.”


Arsene ignored Linsy’s remarks and continued with a bright voice.


He didn’t seem too annoyed.


Kendrick patted his son’s hair gently.


“So, are you angry”




“Because he wanted to take Linsy”


Arsene looked perplexed at Kendrick’s question.


The blue eyes shook slightly without knowing.


Arsene, who was worried, glanced at Linsy and nodded.


“She’s my friend, but he’s going to take her.”


Arsene emphasized the term ‘my friend’.


Pft, Kendrick burst out laughing and had his hands on Arsene’s head again. 


“Then you’ll have to protect her so no one can take her away.

Grow up soon, Arsene.”


Kendrick’s gaze through his son’s silver hair was as warm as the afternoon sun.


“Let’s go back.”


At the words that came out of Kendrick’s mouth, the girl who had been holding her heart the whole time opened her mouth.


“…Am I going to be locked up or to the mansion”


The wheat color hair, which had been tied up beautifully, was disorganized as it fell.


Kendrick answered, roughly trimming Linsy’s hair with his fingers.


“Of course, you’ll go to the mansion.”




The little girl’s soft eyes shook finely.


“Yeah, they won’t say anything for a while.”


Kendrick smiled and brushed off Linsey’s dress.


It looks like she has fallen badly, as there is a lot of grass that hasn’t been brushed off yet.


Linsy hugged Kendrick’s neck tightly, as if in disbelief.


As if very excited, her tiny wings were flapping.


He took Linsy and Arsene to the carriage.


The eagle seemed to be watching them from afar, but before he knew it, it flew away.


Arriving in the carriage, Kendrick put Arsene and Linsy in the carriage and got on last. 


When the coachman signaled, the carriage rattled and began to move.


A line of knights followed and escorted behind the huge carriage with Yeckhart’s seal.


Linsy, who had been staring blankly out of the window the whole time, asked puzzledly.


“Really, can I not go back to Raniero”


“I told you so.”


“Ah, that’s a relief…that’s a relief….”


Transparent tears were dripping from the small soft eyes.


Kendrick familiarly took out a handkerchief and handed it to Linsy.


At last, Linsy seemed relieved, wiping her tears and smiling brightly.


Arsene, who was watching the scene, smiled along with it.






Arsene raised his head.


It seemed as if he had thought of something in a hurry.


“Why, Arsene”


“You said that if we go to the temple well, you’ll take us for tour of the town.”


Arsene looked at Kendrick with bright eyes.


Kendrick looked alternately at Arsene and Linsy.


‘Now is the time to leave.’


Arsene had never left the mansion until the age of seven because they didn’t know when the curse would appear.


The same was true of Linsy.


Since she moved into the wolf mansion, this is the first time she has been outside.


Kendrick said with a smile.


“Yes, let’s take turns stopping by.”




Arsene asked back in disbelief.


“Instead, you should play a little and come in.

I’ll let you play more next time.”


As Kendrick spoke firmly, Arsene and Linsy nodded at the same time.




“B, but…”


Linsy mumbled.


Arsene and Kendrick raised their eyebrows as if waiting for Linsy’s next word.


The girl pressed down on the hem of her dress and let it go, then raised her head and said. 


“Because of the wings… is there no clothes to wear over it”


The little wheat color wings flapped behind Linsy.


Kendrick let out a sigh as if he hadn’t thought about it so far.


“It’s not embarrassing, it’s just… it’s a wolf town.”


In other words, it’s like a survival instinct.


“Then we’ll have to stop by the dressing room right away.”


Kendrick said, staring at Linsy’s cumbersome dress.




The carriage ran hard and reached the wolf’s territory at once.


It was possible because Yeckhart’s seal had the protection of the lion clan, which used wind power.


The carriage stopped in the middle of the busy street of Felipe, the capital of the wolf territory.


“Let’s get off.”


Kendrick lifted Arsene up first.


Then he reached out to Linsy.


Just as Linsy tried to hold that hand.


“Huh Uh—! No!”


A scream that seemed to tear the eardrums echoed through the streets.


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