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‘Look at this.

I can do it too.’


‘Linsy, hey, look at this.

I’m really good at it.’


Arsene used to say this the most these days.


‘What’s wrong with him’


Arsene has been unnecessarily competitive with me since that meal.


He seemed to think that everything I did was important, so he watched everything I did.


When I ate vegetables, Arsene also ate vegetables, and when I took a bath, I took a clean bath himself.


“Look, I am cleaner.”


And brag about useless things.


Although Arsene’s competitiveness was annoying for the first few days.


‘…is it rather good’


I was a smart and ferocious baby bird that didn’t miss a chance.


If I put Arsene’s competitiveness to good use, I could help him form a healthy habit.


For example, not going to bed right after eating or not picking out carrots.


I ate the carrots out of the soup on purpose in front of Arsene.




It was a bonus for me to exclaim a few times as if it was really delicious.


Then the maids praised me for eating carrots.


“As expected, Lady!” 


“How can you eat carrots so well—.

Lady is the only one who can do this!”


“Really, the other kids won’t even dream…”


Then Arsene frowned and followed me with carrot soup in his mouth.


“Hey, uh, ugh, look at this.

I also eat it, right” 




I ignored Arsene and shot back toward the tomato.


Then Arsene’s face was terribly distorted.


“You… Don’t tell me” 




“You’re not going to eat the ugly fruit that explodes in your mouth with weird water, are you”


It’s not a fruit, it’s a vegetable.


Arsene tightly shut his eyes as if he couldn’t see the tomato.


I ignore Arsene and eat the raw tomato.


Arsene’s face was terribly distorted.


But when Arsene didn’t eat tomatoes even though I ate them, I winked at the maids.


Then the maids noticed and stood up for her.


“It would be great if the Young Master could eat tomatoes too…You haven’t eaten yet….”


“I never knew there were children who could eat tomatoes!”




Then Arsene put the tomato in his mouth with a red face like a cherry tomato.


I laughed and watched Arsene’s condition.


He certainly seemed to have improved his complexion.


If he didn’t have a habit of being a picky eater, he would look so healthy.

Instead, maybe he’s sick because of the way he eats.


Is it just eating habits


I thought about Arsene, who always went to bed after eating and slept a lot.


Arsene’s routine consisted of eating, rolling around in bed, and taking a short walk.


Exercise That didn’t exist in the Arsene Dictionary.


‘That’s a sick habit, that stupid lifestyle!’


To be healthy, exercise is essential.


I remembered Mrs Bellin’s words.


 ‘If you don’t exercise, you can never be healthy.

So you must not neglect even a single day.’


She was in charge of managing Raniero’s children.


‘Management’ also included diet management and health management.


‘I didn’t even eat that much for her to say that.’


Mrs Bellin told us not to eat much, saying that we had to eat well to be healthy.


I looked down at my legs, which were too skinny, considering they were birds’ legs.


I looked down at my legs which were too skinny to be considered a bird’s leg.


I had a body that looked as weak as Arsene.


I didn’t exercise, so it was obvious that it was because I didn’t eat well.


‘Okay, let’s exercise together at this time.’


It will make Arsene healthy, and I will only be able to live well on my own in the future if I am healthy too.


Besides, I ate a lot of delicious food at the wolf’s mansion, so I wouldn’t be tired of exercising now.


‘Yeah, exercise is what we need the most right now.’


He won’t die of illness, but because of how he eats!


All right, I clenched my beak.


‘From today on, my goal is to exercise 30 minutes after a meal!’


I looked at Arsene with my eyes twinkling.


I will definitely make him healthy!!




Ethan White.


The old butler witnessed a strange sight in his later years.


He watched the baby bird work hard at push-ups and the Young Master next to her, who was also doing push-ups and sweating a lot.




He cleaned his one-piece glasses well.


And he looked at them again through the cleared eyeglasses.


It was definitely a push-up, no matter how he looked at it.


And the figure of the Young Master doing push-ups while glaring at the Lady next to him.


It was truly a strange sight.


The old butler seemed to be enjoying some of the rewards of having lived a long time.


‘By the way, I can’t believe they exercise.’


No one in the mansion thought of making Arsene get some exercise.


Arsene was sick a lot, and he could easily get a fever by pushing too hard.

If he overdoes it, he’ll get sick, and his fever will rise.




‘But since the Lady came, his fever has never gone up.’


To be precise, since the day that Lady Linsy used her powers to heal the Young Master.


Even though he was doing that harsh () exercise almost every day, he didn’t get sick.


So the old butler didn’t stop Arsene from exercising.


No, rather, he thought it was a good sign.


Kendrick and Ethan, including the servants, were also aware that Arsene’s lifestyle was wrong.


It is normal for him to go to bed after eating.


Even bad eating habits that exclude all vegetables!


All of this was because of how weak Arsene was.


‘But she can handle the Young Master so well.’



The old butler truly admired it.


Lady Linsy had a natural talent for gently encouraging the Young Master.




Even though she can’t communicate with him, that little cry could convince the Young Master.


Ethan watched it in amazement.


A happy smile appeared on the old butler’s wrinkled face.


It was the same with other servants’ faces.




“Huh, uh, ugh, Linsy… How long are we going to do this”


Arsene said, breathing heavily.


I spread my wings wide and lay down on the floor, breathing heavily.


I don’t know, let’s stop now.


I think this is enough.


Arsene’s forehead was covered with sweat.


The maids came up and handed Arsene a glass of water.


Arsene held the cup in one hand and gulped down the cold water.


I sat on the edge of the cup and took a sip of water, which went down my throat quickly.


“You’ve worked hard.

Lady, are you having a hard time”


It was hot rather than hard.


Because I was in a beast state, my body was covered with hair.


Betty fanned me as I opened my beak and struggled to breathe.


I felt my feathers fluttering in the wind.


‘Phew, I think I’ll live.’


I looked at Arsene, who was breathing heavily from the side.


His face was flushed red.


‘Can I make him healthy if I just do this’


Because of my skills, even diseases that can’t be cured can be treated occasionally, and the rest of his lifestyle just needs to be controlled healthily.


Then, even if I grew up and left later, Arsene would be able to live a healthy life.


‘After I leave, it will be difficult if you come to catch me.’


He might not let me go if he’s not in perfect health.


So I had to make Arsene as healthy as possible before I left.


‘Wait, but if I leave, will I leave completely empty-handed’


I took a deep breath and jumped up.


When people get a divorce, they give alimony to the other person most of the time.


The wolves have already promised to pay a high price for Raniero.


Hampton River.


‘You paid a lot to get me here, and when I told you I was leaving, you wouldn’t even pay me alimony!’


I suddenly felt uneasy when I thought that far.


I’d be happier on the cliff’s edge than living in Raniero.


Still, if I had a little bit of money, I would be able to live a little happier.


At that moment, Arsene, who was breathing hard, dropped a button from his sleeve.


The button rolled over and fell at my feet. 


“Oh my, the button…!”


Chloe said, picking up a button that had fallen off Arsene’s shirt.


I rolled my eyes and looked at the button.


‘It’s a button crafted from jewels—!’


I swallowed my saliva and looked up at Chloe.


‘This, if I collect this!’


It would be incredibly helpful when I left the mansion later—!


My body shook gently without realizing it.

I want that button!


Feeling my passionate gaze, Chloe slowly turned her head.






Well, I didn’t look for it because I wanted it.


I turned my head hurriedly.


However, my head kept returning to the shiny button.




When I couldn’t take my eyes off the button, Chloe asked cautiously.


“Lady, do you want a button”




No Absolutely not


I’m currently living in a wolf’s mansion, and if I ask for a jewelry button, they’ll think I’m a very shameless person.


So I desperately shook my head.


Chloe smiled and handed me the little button.


“Okay, here it is.

Is this what you wanted”


…Are you giving it to me


I stared blankly at the button and Chloe rushed me, saying, ‘Come on.’






“It’s a button, you can put it back on.”


I carefully bit the button on Chloe’s palm with my beak.


A hard, round button touched my beak.


‘Oh my.’


The buttons seen up close were more shiny and pretty.

like a jewel.


I carefully put down the button, spread my wings, and ran to Chloe.


“Chirp chirp!” 


You’re the best, Chloe!


As I spread my wings as much as I could and hugged Chloe’s wrist, laughter burst out here and there.


“Do you like it that much”


Ung, ung! 


I nodded eagerly.


Now it might look like a single button of nothing but—.


I was sure that if I saved it well, it would be a lot of money!


I puffed up my fluffy feather and sat down on the button.


It was an act of claiming ownership of the button.


This is mine now. 


I’ll collect them, hide them, and take them when I leave the wolf mansion.


The next day, Arsene had a new button on his sleeve.


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