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Ethan, who was standing next to Arsene, asked with a puzzled face.


“His  condition has improved.

All of a sudden the symptoms were relieved.

The flow of abilities is also stable.”




That’s a relief.


I was greatly relieved to hear what Mr Hern said.


It’s like proving my usefulness.


I didn’t seem to be the only one relieved.

Ethan’s face turned bright. 


The old butler looked down at me with friendly eyes and said.


“Maybe it’s because the Lady’s ability.” 


Ethan lifted me up carefully.


I made eye contact with Mr Hern on Ethan’s hand.


The gentle reddish-brown eyes looked at me.


“This is the baby bird Lady from Raniero.

I heard that she used her skill to treat the Young Master.”


Then the maids standing in the doorway nodded vigorously.


“That’s right, I saw it!”


“The Young Lady uses her ability, so this room is filled with green smoke!”


The maids chattered loudly about how great my ability was.


“Yes, she treated me.”


Arsene, who was quietly keeping his mouth shut, also helped.




I spread my wings and proudly greeted Mr Hern.


He looked at me in disbelief.


“This little Lady” 


Mr Hern held out a finger to me.


A rough finger touched the hair on my chest.


I put my feet on his fingers without hesitation.


Because I don’t think it would hurt if it’s Mr Hern.


He lifted me up, seemed to look everywhere, and immediately opened his mouth.


“You look younger than ten years old, but you have manifested your ability… How did you bring such a person from Raniero”


He said as he was really curious.


‘Well, that’s understandable.’


It was harder to get Raniero’s treatment than to get a star in the sky.


Because receiving Raniero’s treatment was more difficult than picking a star in the sky.


My father, Arthur Raniero, sent the sons of Raniero to use their power only on the stronger clans or allied clans.


Therefore, the hostile relationship with Arthur Raniero, or the clan who didn’t receive the blessing, couldn’t even receive treatment.


But, Arthur Raniero’s enemy, the wolf clan’s mansion, has Raniero’s daughter.


It was surprising.


I understood Mr Hern’s mind.


He looked at every inch of my body.


“Can you lift your wings”


I spread out my wings quickly and lifted them over my head at Mr Hern’s words.


Then, I heard the laughter of the maids around me.


Mr Hern also carefully checked the condition of my tail,  feathers, and beak before putting me down.


I quickly climbed onto Arsene’s chest and settled down.


“How old did you say the Lady is”


“She’s seven years old.”


Ethan answered instead.


Mr Hern opened his mouth and furrowed his brow as if something was wrong.


“Certainly, the Young Master’s condition has been greatly improved.

With just one treatment—.

we can expect full recovery.” 


Mr Hern’s words brightened Ethan and the maids’ faces.


‘Full recovery, what do you mean full recovery!’


I also didn’t know how good my ability was, so hearing these words from the deer clan made me very happy.




His words silenced the room for a moment.


Until a while ago, all the people who were happy were waiting for words to follow, holding their breath. 


“It can’t be like this.

She’s only seven years old.

No matter how strong her abilities are, she’s still immature.”


Mr Hern looked back at me.


“Her feathers are underdeveloped.

She probably won’t be able to fly properly.

Besides, she hasn’t even started molting for the first time—and I’m surprised that she’s so young but she can use her ability.”




The words drew the attention of everyone in the room to me.


Mr Hern said as he pulled out well-packaged herbs and medicines from his leather bag. 


“Besides, the flow of abilities is also unstable.

Rather, she’s in worse condition than Young Master.

What is certain is that you shouldn’t use this ability by overdoing it any more.”




“If we measure the amount of this ability you used this time around 100, you’d better use about 20 of them.

Even if you do that, it’ll feel much better if you try to heal step by step.” 


Mr Hern gently talked to me.


His fingers smelled of herbs.


I answered with a silent nod.




“Eat well and rest well is the most important thing.

Rest as much as you can, Lady.”


He put his big finger on my foot as if begging me to.


I put my little feet on his fingers.


Then it looked as if it was shaking hands.


The deer’s unique fresh scent pierced the tip of my nose.


After giving a prescription to Arsene and me not overdoing it, Mr Hern left the room. 


While Raniero’s mansion was turned upside down.


“Lady Linsy flew away!”


Adele, Linsy’s personal maid, was the one who brought the message.


Adele ran straight to the room of Arthur Raniero, the head of the Raniero family, looking pale and tired.

She told him that Linsy was gone and tried to lay her face down.


“What do you mean by Linsy flew away”


Arthur Raniero said with a frown.


Linsy was only seven years old.


What does it mean to fly away


“Suddenly, she was transformed into a bird and flew out of the window! The servants went out to look for it right away, but it was so small that they didn’t know where it flew…”


Adele frowned and looked into Arthur Raniero’s eyes. 


But when she hit the horn, thinking she would lose Linsy, she opened her eyes wide at the unexpected answer.


Arthur Raniero was listening to Adele with interest.


“Did you say that she succeeded in transformation”


“Yes, I saw her flying with my own eyes.”


Arthur Raniero didn’t care that she flew away.


He only asked again if he succeeded in the beast transformation.


Linsy is only seven years old.


If she really succeeded in transformation, she really has great talent.



So Arthur Raniero thought it wouldn’t be a big deal for Linsy to fly until then.


‘I can’t believe she has already been successful in transforming.’


He smiled, admiring his daughter’s talents.


Linsy was so smart and talented that it was too bad she was born a girl.


If the child were born in a lion clan where even a girl could be the head of the family, it would have been a proud successor.


‘Usually, successful transformations happen after the first molt, but Linsy has three years to go until the first molt.’


Nevertheless, the fact that she succeeded in transformation meant that the possibilities for this child were endless. 


Arthur Raniero was proud and ordered the knights of the bird clan to search in the nearby forest immediately. 


‘Because she wouldn’t have been able to fly far.’


At the age of seven, the feathers had not yet grown. 


At best, she would have fallen to the forest entrance and been crying.




“I apologize.

I couldn’t—find the Lady.”


All the knights who went to find Linsy in the nearby forest returned empty-handed.

Only then did Arthur Raniero feel that something was wrong. 


‘There’s no way she can fly far away.’


It had nothing to do with Linsy’s abilities or potential.


Because it was a matter of basic growth rate.


In addition, Linsy was smaller than her other siblings. 


So the feathers must have grown later than the other siblings.


But she’s not in the forest 


Arthur Raniero ordered a search throughout the mansion and garden.


All the servants came out to the garden and the mansion and started looking for Linsy. 


The garden at night, always dark, was as bright as day thanks to the torch held by dozens of servants. 


But uselessly, they found no trace of Linsy.


It’s been two days since Linsy disappeared.


They searched the forest and the village, but the knights couldn’t even find a single feather from Linsy. 


“Where did she go”


Did she go out into the forest and get kidnapped by others


No, at least in the land of this bird clan, there was no way a child with Raniero’s wheat-colored hair would be kidnapped. 


As Raniero, the only member of the bird clan who could use this ability, was the object of envy and fear of the clan, like all other races that use this ability. 


So, where the hell did she disappear to


Just as Arthur Raniero was confused by his missing daughter, a letter arrived from his subordinate.


“Lord, this is a letter from that child.”


Raniero’s aide, Chester, cautiously passes a letter to Arthur Raniero.


The letter was tightly sealed in red wax.


Arthur received the letter.


This subordinate was a henchman he had carefully hidden in the wolf family’s mansion a few years ago.


But Arsene Yeckhart’s health has worsened over the past few years, and he hasn’t said anything else.


‘But a letter all of a sudden’


Arthur Raniero wondered and opened the sealed letter.


[I will deliver it to the Master from Yeckhart’s mansion.

Kendrick Yeckhart returned to the Yeckhart mansion with Lady Linsy.

Lady Linsy is—]


Arthur Raniero, who read the letter, opened his eyes wide in disbelief.


‘Linsy is in Yeckhart’


Just how 


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