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The news that the baby bird’s transformation had been lifted quickly spread throughout the mansion.


“Finally, the transformation has been released”


“Yes, the people in the mansion scared her, so she flew away and ran into the Young Master.

And the shock seems to have lifted her transformation.”


Ethan answered calmly.


Kendrick Yeckhart said as he put down the papers he was holding with his legs crossed.


“Then bring her right away.

I was wondering when it would be lifted.”


Kendrick gave an order.


Ethan nodded his head and left the room.

Kendrick was left alone in the office where Ethan left and re-opened the note handed to him by the baby bird. 


[My name is Linsy Raniero.

Please take me to Yeckhart.]


The crooked handwriting was quite cute because of the child’s writing, so Kendrick raised the corners of his mouth several times.


In the meantime, he had been wondering why the baby bird had asked him to take her away.


Now it’s finally time to get an answer.


He tilted his head in anticipation.


‘How old are you’


She couldn’t have been ten years old because her writing was sloppy.


Besides, it was very small.


Why did such a child ask him to take her to the wolf house


It didn’t seem like she was following because she was bored.

The baby bird looked pretty desperate.


Of course, if that was Kendrick’s mistake, Kendrick was willing to send the baby bird back. 




Was it a coincidence that this child wanted to follow him after proposing arranged marriage to Raniero


Isn’t it right to think that she is God’s arrangement for him




A baby bird fluttering through the spacious mansion glimmered in his eyes.


Kendrick closed his eyes slowly.


Small wings, a cute tail, a more adorable beak, and bright eyes came to mind one after another. 


Kendrick immediately opened his eyes and thought as he drew an arc on the corner of his mouth. 


‘It’s perfect for a daughter-in-law.’


He can’t get any better than this furthermore.


‘She had some pretty strong abilities.’


Being able to use this ability even before the first molts meant that the child was born with strong ability. 


Moreover, there were hardly any abilities that leaked out in vain. 


At first glance, it was probably a direct family with solid abilities that could be counted in Raniero’s hands.


It was a very good opportunity for the wolf family.


Of course, if it were him, he wouldn’t have picked up the baby bird, who could not speak, just because she wanted to follow him.


But now, things are a bit different.


Arsene, who was his only son and the only heir to the grey wolf family, was getting worse every day.


The name of the disease is unknown to most people, but Kendrick and some of his acquaintances knew what it was called.


Arsene’s illness was not an illness.


‘That’s a curse.’


In the northern part of the wolf family, Yeckhart, there was a place where entry was forbidden for a long time. 


It’s called ‘The cursed land, Tamar.’


It was a land where life couldn’t live because of the ancient curse.

It is a terrible place where people lose their lives by a curse if they step in by mistake. 


Therefore, the wolf family strictly prohibited and controlled Tamar’s entry. 


The problem is that, for some reason, Tamar’s curse was fully revealed to Arsene. 


The curse of the land of Tamar.


Black spots like ancient patterns appeared and repeatedly disappeared throughout Arsene’s body.

He had seizures often, and he sometimes got fevers or couldn’t breathe.


It was because Arsene was the first to show the curse even if he didn’t set foot in Tamar.


It had never happened before, and he couldn’t even figure out how to handle it.


The doctors gave up treatment. 


‘The condition is bad.

The treatment is impossible, so it would be better to send him to a better place—’


Kendrick Yeckhart, who recalled the words of the Yeckhart family’s doctor during his last treatment, shook his head.


‘It’s a recuperation.’


He wanted to send it if he could.


However, Arsene was the only heir to the Gray Wolf family.


If he loses Arsene, it will cut off the family line.


Arsene was the only direct heir who most strongly inherited the abilities of the wolf family.


Besides, no one doesn’t know that the only successor is sick, and the Wolf family and the tribe who hate each other will surely try to harm Arsene.


So Kendrick Yeckhart couldn’t keep Arsene from his arms.


However, he couldn’t let go of Arsene until he died.


Before he became the leader of the wolf family, he was Arsene Yeckhart’s father.


So the method he came up with was to put pressure on the hostile family, Raniero.


If Yeckhart’s ability was stronger than any other race, Raniero’s ability was the opposite.


Raniero’s ability is healing.


He heard that there are no diseases that can’t be cured by children of Raniero’s family and immediate descent, among them children with excellent abilities.


Also, it has been said that Tamar’s curse came from the powers of an ancient family that no longer exists.


Tamar’s curse and the healing powers of the bird family are both rooted in ancient powers, so he didn’t know if the bird family’s abilities could cure them.


So he proposed to Raniero’s head family an arranged marriage between Arsene and Raniero’s daughter.


The price is the Hampton River that flows where the bird’s territory and the wolf territory meet.


The conditions were too good for Raniero to refuse and too much for Yeckhart.


Because of this, the elders were very against it.


“What do you mean Hampton River! You can’t pass it over to Raniero! Isn’t that a river that flows into a large part of Wolf’s territory!”


“It’s not the Hampton River, no matter how you think about it.

Lord, it would be better to hand over the mine…”


But for Kendrick, there was no other way.


‘Because there is no way Raniero would just give up his daughters.’


The wolf family and the bird family were hostile.

Otherwise, Raniero was famous for not marrying his direct family members to another family. 


So Kendrick had no choice but to offer what Raniero wanted most in exchange for a contract marriage offer.


Under such circumstances, the appearance of that baby bird was nothing short of a miracle. 


If the baby bird stays with Yeckhart and has followed him on its own, there is no need to give Raniero the Hampton River.


After thinking about it, Kendrick swept his hair up for no reason. 


Then he waited for Ethan, who had gone to pick up Linsy, to return.




“My name is Linsy Raniero.”


The child said over and over again. 


The child looked shocked, but she didn’t try to avoid looking at Kendrick Yeckhart.


Its appearance piqued his interest.


‘You’re quite skinny.’


Kendrick glanced slowly at Linsy.


The clothes she was wearing looked pretty good, but the skinny child’s wrists stretched as if they could break at any moment.


The child couldn’t easily open her mouth.

Maybe it was natural.


Kendrick Yeckhart was the head of the gray wolf family.


If they asked Kendrick Yeckhart alone, even the adults in the bird family would be very scared. 



How much more will the children be terrified 


Because of this, Kendrick Eckhardt didn’t rush the child.


As time passed, the child looked into Kendrick’s eyes and opened her mouth.


“Actually, I overheard the conversation between Kendrick-nim with my father.”


The child politely placed both her hands on their knees and lifted her head. 




“Yes, that’s why I asked you to take me.”


The child pointed at the note and said.


“Because I can help Kendrick-nim.”


Her bright green eyes stared unshakably at Kendrick Yeckhart. 


‘There is almost no trace of leaking out.’


The weaker the ability and the inexperienced in dealing with it, the more its traces will come out one after another.


If the container is small, of course, the water will overflow.


However, it was safe to say that there was almost no trace of leaking out of the child’s body.


If the head of the wolf family couldn’t see him well, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see the child’s abilities even more. 


In other words, it meant that the child possessed the great ability.


Enough to cure his own son, Arsene.


“You told our family that you are looking for a marriage partner for your son.” 


“That’s right.” 


“Please allow me to marry Arsene!” 




“I will treat Arsene.” 






The child who said that seemed desperate for some reason.


Kendrick leaned back and lowered his gaze to the child’s eye level. 


“Linsy, I want to ask you something.”


“Yes, please say it.” 


“What do you want in return for treatment” 


Kendrick blew it straight.


It was obvious.


‘Because this kid won’t get anything from this deal.’


The wolf family is the only one who benefits from the deal.


The bird family and Linsy didn’t gain anything from this deal.


Instead, it was a loss to the bird family.

If Linsy were to marry like this, they wouldn’t be able to get the price they were supposed to get. 


If she really wanted to treat Arsene for free, he should wonder if she is a spy for Raniero. 


Linsy bit her lip as if thinking for a moment, then she stuttered and opened her mouth.


“…Please don’t throw me if I become ugly.” 




“If I become ugly later, please  don’t throw me away and protect me until I become an adult.”


Linsy raised her head.


Linsy knew. 


She knew that she would have a hideous red feather when she later finished her first molt.


Of course, she couldn’t tell Kendrick Yeckhart the whole truth.

However, it was better to keep this promise.


“In return for healing, I want the protection of the wolf family.

Please protect me under the name of the family.”


The little girl’s voice rang out in the office.


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