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The Android Chronicles Chapter 7: Scorched earth

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Delvin steadied his breathing to allow for maximum accuracy as he took both of the smaller spears in his hands and waited for the creature to dive even deeper into the now disfigured corpse of the rabbit.

A few dozen seconds passed and the creature was fully engaged in devouring this delicious prey when its instincts warned of an incoming attack. The creature raised its head just a split second before it was pierced by a flying spear.

The other spear connected with the beasts lower torso, penetrating the stomach area but not causing a fatal injury. The searing pain caused the creature to screech loudly before it rose to its feet and fired off in the direction the attack came from.

Del expected a reckless charge from the creature and rose from the grass to show his location and bait the beast into rushing him while not noticing his main spear on the ground, a meter away.

The creature reached his position in seconds and slashed with its right claw hoping to chop off the head of the bastard that dared disturb it during its feast.

Delvin dodged the attack by doing a feint and rolled on the ground while picking up his weapon. The creature turned around to clash with its other claws but this was what Del was hoping for and he raised his spear, cutting off the beasts left arm just below the elbow.


[You have entered a Deafened state]

[Your hearing is disabled for 10 minutes]

"This won help you **er." Del said coldly as the creature gripped its mutilated arm and screamed out in pain.

Del used this momentary lack of attention to close the gap between the beast and he thrusted his weapon hoping to end the fight before things got messy.

Alas it was not meant to be.

Sensing the mortal danger, the creature ducked to the left and took several quick steps backwards to get in a more manageable position, all the while a burning rage present in its eyes directed at the cowardly being that had injured it so gravely.

Del closed the distance shortly, while closing the gap he picked a handful of dirt with his free left hand and sprinted towards the beast once more, not giving it any time to devise a strategy.

The beast blocked the first slash of the spear before responding with an upward slash with its leg. This attack grazed Dels left shoulder but he continued the onslaught, delivering several horizontal and vertical slashes on the beast. These attacks didn come without cost as Dels body was riddled with more and more cuts as time went by.

The exchange went on for a good minute before both combatants disengaged and assumed a defensive stance.


HP: 53/78

MP: 30/30

ST: 45/90


Delvins resources were still plentiful, he wasn in great pain allowing him to focus on the fight and he managed to score a grievous wound on the monsters head using the dirt he had picked up.

The beast, on the other hand, was panting heavily and was currently on one knee while clutching the small spear still lodged in its body. It refused to believe a single ambush was all it took to bring it ruin.

Raising its head it saw the man responsible for the miserable state it was in. It was barely keeping it together as it had already lost a great deal of blood causing it to bet it all on one last attack. Moments later, the mana radiating from the monster increased threefold and a purple mist slowly started to form around the monsters body, exiting through the veins protruding from its skin.

Delvin felt the something weird about the monsters sudden power up and decided to get some distance between him and the now violet-glowing monster. While running, he saw all the veins on the creatures body glowing purple followed by a gush of purple blood escaping the monsters mouth before the purple mist rapidly re-entered the creatures body, causing it to swell to nearly double its previous width.

Del realised the monster wasn powering itself up for a short time, but was rather preparing a gigantic and final attack causing him to respond with a hidden trump card of his own.

MAX Order active skill. Running away!

Delvin started pushing his speed to the very limit in hope of escaping whatever the purple monstrosity had planned for him.

Seeing the cowardly act of the bastard that made it activate a Final type skill, the beast rushed forward with the little strength it still had trying to catch up to the fleeing human but the resources required for using a Final type skill were truly too great and the beast stopped in its tracks after pursuing the bastard for a couple hundred meters.

It then felt the incoming obliteration of its Essence, causing it to wail in pain before clutching its head as the inevitable occurred.



Deep in the woods of Central Europe a massive ball of fire expanded for hundreds of meters before the resulting shockwave rocked everything in a 2km vicinity.

In a small, muddy ditch was a charred man who was currently swearing all that was holy and unholy in this world and all the others.

"That *****! If I ***** **** **** in its ****!" Del cried out while clutching his burned left arm and leg. He managed to get some distance between himself and the explosion but was still forced to protect head and vitals using his left side, resulting in nasty burns on his left arm and leg. Even the metallic shielding of his cybernetic arm was charred and blackened. Delvin figured these injuries would take more than just a good nights sleep.

"Ill butcher every **ing corrupted human I encounter from now on. This **er really did a number on me." His health was just above 20 but he needed to move fast because an explosion of this magnitude would attract every beast in this goddamned forest.

He sprinted to the center of the blast in search of a particular object and was glad when he found it shortly afterwards. The object in question was a pale blue orb the size of a baseball.

[Congratulations! You have received Rare-rank Necklace of the Corrupted]

[Congratulations! You have received Rare-rank Ring of the Corrupted]

[Congratulations! You have received 2nd Order, 1st Rank skillbook "Full Drive"]

Delvin gained unexpected results from the orb. He expected some materials from the monster, but what he got instead was some jewellery and another skillbook.

How in the hell did he gain physical items from a monster that had none, jewellery at that. "My best guess is that the Essence of these kinds of enemies is transformed by the system into useful rewards, whereas the Essence of slain beasts is still contained in its posthumous remains/materials."

Delvin wanted to check the skill immediately, but his gnawing inner voice was telling him to get the hell out of the dodge before various monsters storm the location the explosion occurred in.

He then started moving in the direction he assumed his cave was in and crossed the area that scorched and destroyed by the explosion.

Entering the forest, it took Delvin some 30 minutes to orient himself and another two hours to reach his beloved cave as he wanted to wash himself in his local creek following todays misadventures.

"I will definitely have a secret Cave base sometime in the future." He commented to himself upon reaching the cave, shortly before dropping onto his bed and falling asleep instantly.


Delvin woke up to the sound of heavy rain falling atop his makeshift roof, piercing through and falling on his face.

"Ah, it really had to rain just before night fell again huh." Delvin did some basic stretching exercises before washing his face and drinking some water.

"Oh yeah, my experience notifications are disabled until I want them too, oops." Del facepalmed before willing the desired notification to appear.

[Congratulations! You have slain Elite-rarity Corrupted Human lvl.10]

[Congratulations! You have received 2385 Credits]

[Congratulations! You have received 210% EXP]

[Congratulations! You have reached level 5]

[Congratulations! You have reached level 6]

[You have 10 unspent SP]

Del didn hesitate and split the SP evenly between his STR and VIT, he desperately needed the increased regeneration that VIT provided as his burns weren healing as quickly as he had hoped they would.

The only reason he managed to defeat the corrupted human in the exchange he had with it, besides its severed arm and damaged torso, was his increased strength. So Delvin doubled down on that logic and spent some more points on it.

"This rain is cold as a mother**er." Delvin commented. The lack of clothes caused by the explosion was making him shiver and he estimated the temperature dropped more than 20 K.

He didn want to admit it, but he needed to start moving. This small cave in the middle of a beast-filled forest was not a place suited for long-term living.

"But I first have to inspect all of the loot Ive gathered and figure out what to do with these stupid Credits." Delvin said as he withdrew some items from his inventory and laid them on the floor.

These items were the most prized possessions Del currently had and he treated them like they were his babies.

There was an assortment of furs and meats, accompanied by small but sharp dagger-like teeth. There was also a small vial filled with a dense liquid that barely moved as Delvin the vial and next to it some big-ass antlers, their use most likely a mystery for some time to come.

Lastly, he also took out a simple, silver chain engrained with some unknown symbol, a small book and an ink-black ring, minimalistic in its design but all the more beautiful for it.

Delvin wanted to save the best for last so he began inspecting the items left behind by the rabbits before moving to the Deers remainings.


Tier 0, Common

The protein-filled remains of the un-ordered lvl.5 beast. If processed thermally, will result in edible and delicious meat which can be used in a plethora of meals.

Effect: Increases Poison resistance slightly.

Tier 0, Common

Fluffy and water-resistant fur of the un-ordered lvl.5 beast. If tinkered with by a proper tailor, this fur can be used to make articles of clothing resistant to water.

Effect: This fur doesn soak up water, making it the ideal material for any would-be seaman.

Tier 0, Common

The main weapon of the Poisoned Rabbits. Their teeth were infused with venom and contain a small gland which houses some of the Rabbits venom. If treated properly by an experienced blacksmith, these teeth could be used as the pointy ends of many daggers.

Effect: Chance to apply Tier 1 Hemotoxic Venom when in contact with an open wound.


"Despite the weak strength possessed by these creatures, the items they left are going to be of great help in the near future," Delvin surmised.

"I have to start a fire right now and get some meat going!" Delvin was as far from being a vegan as he was from being a frogman.

"Ill first try to make some new clothes using these some bigger leaves and branches, with the fur coming on top. The fangs will stay in my inventory for now as I don want to find out how strong and deadly a Tier 1 Hemotoxic Venom was." Del said as he realized there were now even Tiers.

"Orders, Ranks, Tiers. When are these guys going to stop classifying things. This is why bureaucracy this work." Delvin was getting tired of learning of new ways of classifying things in different groups.

"Why not just stick to ranking everything based on letter. FUCK!" He cursed once more as he successully finished rubbing sticks together, resulting in a small fire.

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