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Fake 91: On The Way Home


Since I was able to try out my new equipment without any accidents, it could be said that I accomplished my objective.

However, Aoi looked a little dissatisfied.

“Rin-kun used a cool sword and a crossbow to defeat the monsters, even though my stun baton wasn’t able to make an appearance.”

Sure enough, she still doesn’t understand it.

It was actually a good thing that she didn’t have a chance to use the stun baton.

“I also didn’t get a chance to display my inner armor’s ability, so it’s the same.”

“Rin-kun, chances where you need to display your inner armor’s ability are unnecessary.

Please don’t say something so ominous.”

Although I wanted to return every single word to Aoi, I swallowed back the words that had welled up my throat with great effort.

After that, I proceeded to collect magic stones before we headed back home on our racing bicycles.

We pedaled our racing bicycles in a row—not side by side—in order to be safe as usual.

What I learned from the earlier battle was my accuracy will improve if I train using my crossbow.

Even monsters with higher ranks than goblins could be defeated if they were hit in the vitals like their heads.

I was able to reap the goblin’s life with the reinforced ceramic sword this time, but I felt that I would need a considerable amount of training if I wanted to keep using it in the future.

Even if the sword was good, it was pretty tough for an amateur like me to face monsters using it.

I should probably go to a kenjutsu dojo somewhere, but I felt I lacked not only technique but also physical strength to engage with monsters in close combat.

So, I wonder if I could acquire a skill that could cover me in those aspects.

“Rin-kun! It is a monster.”

I heard Aoi’s voice from behind, so I carefully looked straight ahead.

Certainly, I could see a small silhouette that looked like a monster.

However, we did not receive any requests, so it was probably the prey of other survivors.

“Rin-kun, that is a D-rank monster, lizardman.”


It was a high-rank monster with the same rank as the giant ogres that we fought before.

But, I couldn’t see any survivors from here.

I got off my racing bicycle and watched the situation from a place I wouldn’t get involved.


I could only confirm one lizardman at first, but two more appeared from behind while I was watching.

It was a group of three lizardmen.

There are three D-rank monsters, which means……

This will be a harsh battle even for a D-rank survivor.

The survivors didn’t seem to arrive just yet, maybe because the monsters had just appeared.

If the three D-rank monsters were to start rampaging, this area might suffer significant damage.

In the worst case, should Aoi and I defeat them It was just that I had no idea how strong those lizardmen were, compared to the giant ogres.

For example, it was possible that giant ogres were weaker among D-rank and lizardmen were stronger.

So, I would like to avoid the risks as much as possible.

As I was hesitating about what to do, I saw a silhouette of a person at the edge of my vision.


Apparently, the survivor in charge had arrived.

When I looked at the arrived survivor with a feeling of relief, I ended up raising my voice in surprise.



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