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Fake 90: Equipment And My Strength


The goblin’s head fell to the ground, and the goblin disappeared just like that.

In normal circumstances, I should have been very reluctant toward the act of beheading a monster.

However, I was surprisingly calm at this moment.

Maybe I got used to defeating monsters and my senses became numb.

Or, it might be because I became hot-blooded while battling against monsters, I didn’t feel any particular reluctance.

Then, I changed my focus toward the next enemy.

There were still two orcs and an ogre.

I shall take on one orc first.

“Rin-kun, it was splendid.

I will also use this stun baton Rin-kun has given me and……”

“You can’t, Aoi.

No matter how you look at it, it is impossible for Aoi to fight monsters such as orcs and ogres with a stun baton.

Let’s just fight normally, okay”

“Is that so Even though Rin-kun has given it to me……”

“No, it is for self-defense.”

“I understand.

If Rin-kun says so, I will give up this time.”

This time The stun baton was given to Aoi just for her self-defense.

It wasn’t like I wanted Aoi to fight monsters in close combat.

Does she really understand that

Although Aoi’s reply made me feel a little uneasy, my current priority was to defeat the enemy in front of me.

I fired [Wind Cutter] at the ogre to keep it in check.

And then, I headed toward an orc with my sword in hand, but it was naturally much bigger than me, unlike the goblin from earlier.

This is……impossible.

The arms of an orc were longer than the reinforced ceramic sword by several tens of centimeters and had an overwhelming reach.

I don’t have time to load my crossbow with another bolt now.

“Disappear! [Lightning].”

Without any hesitation, I activated my lightning skill to attack the orc.

Having been burnt by the lightning, the orc became a roasted orc in a flash and disappeared.

I realized this at that moment.

No matter how much my weapon is powered up, in the end, I am the one who uses it.

I won’t suddenly become an expert, nor will I become a macho man strong enough to go toe to toe with the orcs.

My new weapons have sufficient battle capabilities.

However, I can’t get carried away just because they are good.

This is reality.

Not a game world where you level up in an instant.

It is over if you die.

Therefore, the best method was to fight while complimenting my skills with the equipment.

Aoi also fired [Explosion] and defeated the remaining orc, so what’s left was only an ogre.

It is obvious that my improvised swordsmanship wouldn’t work on that figure, which was even more intimidating than the orcs.


“Yes, leave it to me.

[Wind Cutter].”

In response to my voice, Aoi fired [Wind Cutter] at the ogre’s legs, and I activated my skill at the moment when the ogre jumped.

“I won’t let you escape.

[Voltaic Fire].”

I fired a flame thunder at the airborne ogre and gave it a finishing blow.

Since Aoi and I had been through quite a number of battles together, our coordination had become smoother.

Although it still hadn’t reached the level of perfect harmony, it felt like it was getting close to it.

Lately, we no longer had trouble defeating opponents around the level of ogres.

So, our growth could be felt clearly.


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