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Chapter 2242 Matching Sets (Part 2)

“Gods, the view is amazing, the food is delicious, and I can finally sit back without worrying about the kids or the war.” Selia had worn a red cocktail dress for the occasion that emphasized her tanned skin and lithe limbs.

“Yet theres still something that irks me to no end.”

“What is it” Protector asked while wolfing down his meal.

“That I got the dress from Kamila and we are eating Liths food in his tower.

I feel like a cheapskate whose husband puts no effort into their dates.

Heck, ever since weve sat down, you have stuffed your mouth without saying a word.” She grumbled.

“Im really sorry, dear.” Protector put down the silverware.

“Its just that none of this seems real and I didnt want to ruin this date for you.”

“What do you mean” Selia asked.

“War is terrifying.

Ive never been in one before and I hope never to be part of one again.” Ryman replied.

“Dont get me wrong, I fought to the death countless times as both a magical and an Emperor Beast.

“Until now, however, it was always against an enemy who wanted my turf, my food, or something I possessed and they didnt.

I could understand their motivations and more importantly, once I defeated them the matter was over.

“In this war, instead, Im fighting for reasons I dont understand against people who dont want to take away whats mine, they just want the right to have the same things.

To make matters worse, winning a battle means nothing.

“I just get sent to another place and it all starts again.

Im always scared of dying in a faraway land.

Of never seeing you and the kids again.

Ive become so used to being afraid that this…” He circled his forefinger, encompassing the silence and the peace around them.

“Feels like a bad dream.”

“Why a bad dream” Selias stomach turned into a knot.

Ever since Protector had been forced to follow Faluel on the battlefield as her apprentice, Selia had lived in fear as well.

Seeing Rymans smile every time he came back home gave her the strength to pretend that everything was alright.

“Because Im afraid to wake up and discover that this is just an illusion.

Something that my brain has conjured to give me peace until the madness of the war starts again.”

“This is not a dream.” Selia took his hand, holding it tight.

“You are here and so am I.

Id rather talk of whatever demons trouble your mind than see my husband so close yet so distant.”

“Thanks, Selia.” Ryman smiled, returning her soft grip.

“Did I tell you how beautiful you are tonight”

“Not, yet jackass.

Also, its daytime on the m-” A sudden music pierced through the Hush zone, taking Selia by surprise.

It was a soft and slow music song by a man who swore to the woman she loved he would fly to the moon and back for her.

“How fitting.” Selia turned around, noticing that Lith had cleared the area in the middle of the room and was dancing with Kamila.

“Of course, he wrote a song for her whereas you just burped your love for me.

Story of my life.”

“I didnt burp!” Ryman said in outrage.

-n0ve1、comGods, I hate it when Lith shows off so much.

I cant even tell Selia that he wrote squat.

This song is part of his memories from Earth. He actually thought.

“You might as well.” She said with a snort.

“Now stand up and dance with me.

We can resume eating later.”

“Im with Selia.” Salaark snarled on the other side of the room.

“Couldnt you put a bit of effort as well Look what our son did for his wife while you just crashed the party.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“First, you are not my wife.” Leegaain replied.

“Second, just a few days ago I gave you some nice gifts and you almost jumped me in public.

Im not in the mood to repeat the experience.

“Last, but not least, I wrote dozens of songs for you, woman!”

“In the past, though.

The most recent pre-dates the Empire!” She stood up, forcing him to follow her on the dance floor where Selia was congratulating Lith and glaring at Ryman.

“Thanks, but this song isnt mine.

I just fixed it a bit and played it by memory.” Lith replied while sharing the original with Kamila via a mind link.

“See” Leegaain and Ryman said in unison.

“I still love him for being honest about it and for dedicating such a beautiful song to me.

Its just perfect.” Kamila replied while fiddling with the moon pendant on her neck.

“Lith really did fly to the moon for me and gifted me a piece of it.”

“You know what, old lizard I agree with Kamila.” She caressed her own necklace with pride before kissing him.

“Can I borrow your lab for a bit” Protector whimpered while Selia glared at him with an intensity that could bore a hole in a mountain.

He knew to be the one with the short end of the stick and had to get rid of it before he got burned.

“Sure.” Lith nodded.

“Can you give me a piece of moon silver, please” Protector asked Leegaain.

“No problem.”


Be right-” He tried to move away but Selia stopped him.

“Lets finish the dance first, you insensitive jerk.

Also, try to be creative for once.

Kamila has the moon, Solus the star, and the baby the sun.

I dont want a copy of something made for another woman.”

“Sure.” Ryman swallowed a lump of saliva, hoping for the music to last forever.

It was just the right amount of time he needed.


Once everyone was done eating, dancing, and Protector had begged everyone for suggestions, the group took a long stroll on Liths quarter of the moon.

Later in the afternoon, he summoned everyone in the Forge while the non-mages took a nap and the Guardians returned to Garlen.

“Lets see if we can trigger a resonance between the towers set of Menadion and the originals.” Lith said.

Tista had the Mouth appear in her hand while Faluel conjured the Hands and Nyka the Eyes.

“Are you sure this will be enough” Tista asked.

“I mean, the Eyes may be a teaching tool but I doubt that someone other than its master can tap into its full power.

Even if Kalla granted Nyka access, we still need to go pick her up.”

“You are right.” Nyka replied.

“Its the reason my mother asked Baba Yaga to undo her imprint.

Until I go back to Lightkeep, Im the owner of the Eyes.”

“Why did she do that” Solus was flabbergasted.

“Because once she learned about your new moon base, she was on cloud nine.

Can you imagine how excited she was about the opportunity of meeting the Maker of all Liches and her son

“Just by comparing notes, her research would progress by leaps and bounds.

She might even learn how to turn into a Lich or at least have some solid leads.” Nyka chuckled.

“Im sorry, but the more you say the less sense it makes.” Lith shrugged in confusion.

“Why isnt she here”

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