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Chapter 1125 No One Was Safe!

One of the most fearsome and nightmarish cosmic creature in the universe was merely thousands of kilometers away from their planet!

Com...Commander, what do we do! His subordinates stuttered with clear panic in his voice as he eyed those dreadful tentacles keep pushing outside the void rift.

Fi...FIRE! FIRE EVERYTHING AT IT!! Commander Robinkett shouted loudly, trying his best to hide his agitation and fear from showing up.

He was appointed commander of Liniliv\'s security for any extraterritorial attacks for more than five millennium now.

Yet, never in his life was he put in front such an impossible challenge!

The subordinates delivered his orders to the rest of the security fleet, causing everyone to come in front of the void rift and create a formation with thousands of end-generation warships!

All of them pointed their plasma canons at the cosmic nightmarish tentacles and fired at will!

Before anyone could blink their eyes, countless mini-suns emerged on the Symbiote\'s tentacles, making it almost impossible to see anything.

Yet, the destructiveness force of the combined red and white plasma weapons made every soldier feel hopeful about the end result, believing that the Symbiote would have its tentacles cut off and scared away.

Alas, their hopes and wishes were dashed away at the unforgiving horrifying sight before them...Instead of the tentacles blowing up, they absorbed the plasma energy and grew even bigger!

The security fleet\'s most powerful attacks were treated as mere snack by the Symbiote...

Haha...Haha, of course, of course it\'s able to absorb even plasma energy...

We\'re actually doomed...Our planet is doomed...

My daughter! I have to get my daughter away from the planet!

Commander Robinkett could only watch with a dazed expression as his subordinates and soldiers lose their sh*t, having no clue what to say to gain control over them.

No one could understand his situation and feelings at the moment...In the blink of an eye, he was the sole person responsible over the safety of the entire planet and everyone in it.

In fact, he was already certain that the only reason he was still alive was an act of mercy, so he could evacuate at least the civilians.

Now that his most powerful retaliation failed to produce any positive results, he knew deep down that only one choice was left.

I can\'t believe I will be the leader of the vampire\'s race fall... Commander Robinkett smiled bitterly for a brief moment before his expression turned hardened again.


The moment his subordinates heard that term, they didn\'t know if they should feel relieved or discontented.

They knew that black protocol signified the complete abandonment of the planet in case of an apocalyptic scenario...



With one final shout by Commander Robinkett, everyone stopped moping around and began operating just like how they were trained for this protocol.

\'Good, he isn\'t mad enough to kill everyone for honor or ego.\' Felix sighed in relief after seeing the security fleets retreating to the planet.

He might have started the war, but he refused to cause any unnecessary deaths...Five days was enough to get at least the civilians to safety.

\'How did The Ruiner and Meriam\'s teams do\'

\'The Ruiner and his squad have succeeded in assassinating all the high-profiled Astrians.

Including their Empress Urris.

Right now, they are threatening the last remaining authority figure to order an exodus for his civilians with The Dreamer N3.\' Candace reported.

\'As expected of the Ruiner.\' Felix was greatly satisfied by the Ruiner\'s performance...He knew that assassinating Empress Urris was actually much more difficult than his mission.

After all, the Astrian Empress should always have a passive gravity field protecting her from anything.

Yet, the Ruiner got rid of her nevertheless.

It wasn\'t really that surprising...Believe it or not, the Ruiner was the strongest individual in the void nation, surpassing even Felix!

Annihilation Fiends weren\'t like void succubi, Djins, or Imitators...Their pride sin allowed them to believe themselves to be the strongest in the entire universe, and they were much better than everyone at anything.

This helped them become immensely strong before those weaker than them...Hence, why were they known for destroying planets and killing many civilizations in ancient times.

The only way for them to lose their imaginary strength was if they met someone with greater pride than them, and they acknowledge it.

In this universe, only the primogenitors, unigins, and such superior races were capable of making them feel this way!>

That\'s why Felix used only them as the main assassins.

\'Unfortunately, Mammon and Meriam\'s team failed to assassinate King Tyrdag.

He was hiding in darkness, making it impossible for them to touch him.\' Meriam added with a deep frown, \'They are now considering swarming his planet with voidlings to force him out.\'

\'I see.\' Felix ordered, \'Tell them to keep him busy instead of focusing to kill him.\'

Felix knew that attacking three planets at the same time wasn\'t going to go smoothly 100%.

After all, he couldn\'t expect all three leaders to be in the open at the time of the assassination.

If they didn\'t take them at the same time, they were bond to find out quickly that they were under attack and be on alert.

So, he was satisfied with at least getting two out of three.

\'Felix, check the network.\' Asna called out, \'You have made a mess again.\'

With the invasion developing to this stage, it was obvious that the news had already spread far and wide throughout the universal network.

Thankfully, he already had many wisps connected to the UVR, allowing him to switch his main to one of them without needing to exit void realm.

Oh my, I really halted the celebrations on everyone. Felix remarked after seeing that every news outlet is covering the invasion on those three races.

Articles were generated at the speed of light.

Streamers switched to reacting to videos, showing the perfect assassinations of vampires and astrians nobility.

Reporters halted their current stories on The Great Reset to focus fully on the war.

Social Media was lit in fire as every notable celebrity was sending their prayers and wishes like they would be helpful for sh*t.

Wherever Felix scrolled, he found news about this...Even his social media posts by his agent Emma were filled with new comments related to the war.

[This is so scary! How can someone control those freakish cosmic creatures!]

[Dear lord! Three capital planets of one of the top strongest races in the universe are on the verge of being deleted from existence! What the hell is going on!]

[I am crapping my pants right now! Is my planet next!]

[Am I the only one freaking out at those intelligent void creatures! They f*cking killed Duchess Alina and even Empress Urris! How many is there of them Why have no one knew about this before!]

[The Alliance needs to step up quickly and save us from this evil invasion!! This is a war against all of us!]

When Felix read the last comment, he knew that the writer must be one of the three targets.

It might seem like he was being delusional for asking everyone in the alliance to help out, but Felix knew that his statement was correct.

Since his Void Nation was considered as an outsider force, attacking those three races meant attacking the entire alliance as a whole!

However, he did his research and concluded that every race in the alliance was forced to contribute a percentage of their armies based on how big it was.

As for those in close alliance with his targets They would naturally be forced to send even more.

If he didn\'t know that this was going to happen, he wouldn\'t have been always refereeing to this as a Universal War, which was going to involve everyone one way or another.

\'Felix, our spies have informed me that Spider Kin Race, The Centaur Race, Metal Race, and Marine Race, and more are starting to prepare their fleets to send out.\' Candace informed.

\'Release the Voidlings armies on them.\' Felix smiled coldly, \'This will show them that anyone daring to get involved will receive our love at his home grounds.\'

Arthur and the war room didn\'t spend five years on just recruitment before they met Felix...He was smart to focus on Wrathful Creators and capturing as many voidlings as possible and then positioning them near key planets of each powerful race in the alliance!

His original plan was to force out those races to focus on defending themselves instead of helping out the human race.

Now, his preparation was being used for the same purpose but for different targets!

With a single order, tens of gigantic void rifts were opened near each capital planet of those races, finally allowing the ocean of gathered voidlings to seek out food!

Under the stunned eyes of the authoritative figures of those races, tens of millions of voidlings surged akin to water from a broken dam and started traveling towards their planets!

The prepared fleets meant for providing assistance were all forced to halt in their place at this sudden terrifying invasion!

When the news reported this, everyone felt chills course on their spines after a horrific realization had finally hit them.

No one was f*cking safe from the void invasion throughout the entire alliance\'s territory!!

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