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After obtaining the two other devil fruit, El has no more fear about this world that has not been completed in his previous life.

Just imagine, when you have the three talents that are one in a billion(Appearing all at once), the ability to play with gravity and let the object you touch float forever then boast them a hundred times in all aspects.

With such a comprehensive ability, even the Gum-Gum Fruit cannot be compared with it.

With the arrival of pure gold, El decided to find Carina and Nami to bid farewell to his lonely life.

The plans formulated for eternal life have all been realized and there is only the last Immortality Operation left so that all of them can get rid of the limitation on life expectancy, then their group will completely dominate the world, making it possible to let them do whatever they want, with any of their action can change the direction and future of the world.

Then with the passage of time, their's group will surely become a more mysterious and great existence than Im, who is suspected to have lived for eight hundred years.

As for the Immortality Operation, El is not in a hurry, with the pure gold, they still have hundreds of years to spare.

For these hundreds of years, it was an extremely simple thing to let all the members of their crew get rid of the lifespan limit.

El can now be said to have all his dreams come true and become a winner in a carefree life.

With no goals worth fighting for, El's time is spent like a salted fish.

( a metaphor for people who have no intention of doing anything.)

So, what does a person who is in puberty and about to have his 18 birthday soon with no life pressures, does he do every day

No one knows about this except Carina and Nami who have a close relationship with El.

They only know that when the year 1519 of the Sea Circle Calendar comes to an end and turns into February 3, 1520, of the Sea Circle Calendar, El has completely let go of his restrain that he don't cross in the past years.

As a result, Kuina who had already become an adult earlier than them and become colder in the eyes of outsiders and people who are not familiar with her has her face flushed from time to time in the following days.

Especially in front of Carina and Nami, Kuina couldn't lift her head for several days, because it was so embarrassing, her strength is clearly ranked second in the City in the Sky but when she fought El she was defeated in a few minutes.

Not long after the two started the battle, Kuina was beaten to the point of unconsciousness.

No way, who made El endure from his previous life to the age of eighteen in this life, so how could Kuina be his opponent

When the time came in the middle of 1520, El even fought Carina and Nami who had just joined the battlefield together with Kuina.

Seeing that they can't defeat him, El fought more and beat Robin, who joined last, and Yamato, who was tricked in by Carina and Nami, making her beg for mercy.

In the days that followed, in addition to fighting with the girls every day, El was traveling around the world in the City in the Sky.

-(ten thousand words omitted)-

It's no wonder that when Sanji saw El, he would hug his thigh in admiration and ask El to accept him as a disciple.

While El was living a happy life, the time was temporarily pulled back to May 1520 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

May 5th is the birthday of a boy named Monkey D Luffy in the Foosha Village of the Goa Kingdom.

After this day, he is a 17-year-old boy and the number 17 is a very important number for him because according to his agreement with his two brothers, Ace and Sabo, they will go to sea when they are seventeen years old.

Although Sabo broke his promise first because of his death, he and Ace still abide by this agreement.

When May 6th came, Luffy, who couldn't wait to go to sea, said goodbye to Dadan and the villagers, then he drove a boat with only one canvas, a wine barrel full of food to the sea.

Luffy, who has a weakness in seawater and didn't even have any sailing knowledge started his adventure after smashing the sea King who ate Shanks's arm with a punch.

It was also on this day that the World will, who had been caring for El, welcomed two sons, and began to shift the attention that always fell on the 'elder brother' who had already overdeveloped into the two little brothers.

The first younger brothers are the real Son of Destiny, Monkey D Luffy who went to sea today.

The other is located in the new world, after killing Thatch to get the Dark-Dark Fruit, he is escaping the pursuit of the second division captain, the villain in this era, Marshall D.

Teach, aka, Blackbeard.

With the arrival of the new decade, if El doesn't exist, then the next few years would undoubtedly belong to the era of the two of them.

To be precise, these two Sons of Destiny, who were favored by the world, only took three years to turn this Era of great pirates that lasted for 20 years into their era.

Especially Luffy, the real Son of Destiny.

Not counting El, who reached the top of the world at the age of 17 and then broke the ceiling of this world at the same age, Luffy's progress is undoubtedly an astonishing development.

After going to sea at the age of 17, he became a pirate with a bounty of tens of millions Belly then it took only half a year to go from a novice pirate to a supernova with a bounty that exceeded 300 million Belly.

Two years later, his bounty increased from 500 million to 1.5 billion Belly, and he even defeated Kaido, the strongest creature in the world, and reached the top of the world.

From the trash fish that can be seen everywhere in the new world, he becomes one of the pirate emperors in the new world, this boy only spent about three years.


This Is The Last Chapter.

I Rather End It Here.


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