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In order to confirm his guess, El let Nojiko create a door to the inner world and teleport to the area where Carina and Violet are located then he took them to a place with no people around and told them about his guess.

"Amazing, it turns out that Nojiko's ability is so powerful!"

As they followed El to the new world, neither Carina nor Violet had seen the power of the Door-Door Fruit.

After hearing El's guess, Carina's eyes couldn't help but widen while looking at Nojiko.

Nojiko, who had known Carina a few years ago, scratched her head a little embarrassedly and showed a shy smile.

Due to Nami meeting El in advance when she was eight years old, it only took less than one year after her adoptive mother was killed to achieve her revenge by virtue of the Flame-Flame Fruit ability.

Therefore, Nojiko did not tattoo her body on purpose as a gesture of sympathy and condolence toward Nami, who was ashamed of her Arlong pirates tattoo.

Now Nojiko is a brave and independent person at the same time a kind and gentle girl.

After Carina recover from her surprise, she immediately ate Nojiko with excitement, and then ate Violet not long after and entered a new version of Asura Form.

After having Violet's Glare-Glare Fruit and Nojiko's Door-Door Fruit, Carina couldn't wait to confirm El's guess, so she immediately raise her hands with an OK gesture and use clairvoyance to cover the Cocoyashi Village with her eyes.

Carina, who dominates the body, also controls the pair of arms that belong to Nojiko and uses the Door-Door Fruit ability to open a door, then she walked toward the door while maintaining an OK gesture with both of her hands with El following behind her.

After the door closed automatically, they came to the inner world with colors that were different from the real world.

"Success!" As soon as she entered the door, Carina discovered that controlling three devil fruit at the same time became much easier, then in the next moment, an open door appears in the inner World.

On the opposite side of the door is not the colorful real world, but the inner world with only one color and when they pass through the door, the scene around El's eyes suddenly changed.

They were originally in the area around the uninhabited alley of Cocoyashi Village but suddenly they appeared around the forest.

When another Door opens, El and Carina, who is in Asura from returned to the real world.

Perceiving a lot of Aura in the distance, El and Carina looked at each other, and then they showed a smile that each other could understand without saying any words.

Then Carina once again opens a Door and takes El into the inner world and after a minute, they reach the final island of the East Blue.

On the coast, a door slowly opened, then two teenagers slowly walked out of the door.

"It's unbelievable, it took us only one minute to travel from Cocoyashi Village to Loguetown."

After creating a door connected here from Cocoyashi Village, Carina speak with a shocked expression.

"The ability of the rule type devil fruit cannot be described with common sense."

El, who has confirmed his guess, was not surprised, but looked at Carina and asked.

"How much stamina did you consume to create a door leading here from the Cocoyashi Village."

"I only consume less than one-tenth," Carina replied and continue speaking.

"Although it will take us two days to reach Loguetown from Cocoyashi Village however their distance is almost one thousand kilometers.

"With my current Stamina, I should be able to complete two teleportations with a distance of up to 4,000 kilometers..."


Twice!" A look of surprise finally appeared on El's face.

If the world was as big as the earth in his previous life, then that means the diameter of the world is also only 12,742 kilometers and the great circles on Earth are roughly 40,000 kilometers all the way around.

(The world, is an as-yet-unnamed planet on which One Piece takes place.)

That is to say, if Carina's physique became much stronger and they teleport a few more times, they can basically circle around the world, because Violet's clairvoyance has only a radius of 4,000 kilometers, this means that for Carina's two teleportations, they can travel a max distance of 4,000 kilometers each time.

If Carina's number of teleportation can break through double digits, then it will be an easy task for her to circle the world.

¸Even if she can only use teleportation two times, if they use teleportation smartly then it would allow them to travel from four seas to paradise and then from paradise to the new world.

Going anywhere within a radius of 4,000 kilometers in less than ten minutes, it's enough for El and his group to go to any area they want.

As long as it's not deep into the sea which is too dark, whether it's the new world, paradise, calm belt, four seas, or even the white sea and White-White sea which is above 10,000 meters, their group can arrive anywhere in one day.

When Carina has mastered the Life Return (Seimei Kikan), or when she became a few years older and her physique becomes much stronger, their group will be able to travel back and forth to any sea area within a day.

Although it has been said more than once, it must be mentioned once again that Rule-type paramecia devil fruit is really outrageous.

If it is said that the Dark-Dark Fruit is the evilest Devil Fruit in the history of Logia type devil then, the Munch-Munch Fruit is the evilest Devil Fruit in the history of the Paramecia type devil.

As long as the Munch-Munch user eats someone with strong devil fruit ability, then the user of the Munch-Munch who has enough stamina will become one of the most unreasonable devil fruit users.

Just eating the users of the Glare-Glare Fruit and Door-Door Fruit allows Carina to combine two devil fruit and develop an ability that breaks through the sky.

With this ability, it allows them to have teleportation arrays that can travel to all parts of the world.


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