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Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 4

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“You have worked very hard. The opportunity never came to you before. But, now it is here. So, grab it and practice even harder. Although talent is everything, hard work can still give a good result.”

Hearing her words, Fu Chen nodded his head with a flash of determination in his eyes.

“Alright, I will come here tomorrow and teach you martial art. It seems you are good at copying people. I want to see the limits.” When Miss Xue left with those words, Fu Chen was stunned. He didnt know Miss Xue was watching him getting beaten from the start.

But, he had no time to think about it. He sighed and walked towards his house. But, his house was ruined due to the impact of the two battles.

“Haha! Junior Brother, it seems you are hiding so much.”

“Yeah, we never knew you were this good.”

“Junior Brother, how about we help you fix this house”

Suddenly, those disciples who were there put fake smiles on their faces and tried to establish a relationship with him.


Fu Chen glanced at them and sneered. This is the first time he had met such shameless people.

“Humph! Just because you have awakened, you think you are powerful. Dont forget there is ten of us here.” One of the disciples snorted at him while walking toward him.

Whoosh! Bang! Thud!

“Gah!” Suddenly, Fu Chen smashed his foot on the ground and rushed towards him. The disciple also saw his movement and threw a solid punch. But, the instruction panel appeared in front of him and asked him to move his head to the right and throw a punch.

His punch smashed that disciples left stomach. The disciple flew out with an incredible speed and fell to the ground. Fu Chen didnt stop. He had already seen the response from the elders.

Unless you are someone who is beneficial to the sect, your existence is like trash.

Bang! “Gah!”

Fu Chen reached near him. The disciple was still on the ground. He clenched his fist and smashed his chest. The disciple blows out blood from his mouth. Seeing this, the disciple who was near got frightened and run away.

But, one of them still stood there.

Fu Chen stood up and walked toward his house. But, he suddenly stopped and turned his head at the disciple and asked “Why didnt you run away”

The disciple stared at him and spoke “Someone must bring him to the bed!”

Fu Chen nodded his head and walked towards his house. But, since his house was ruined, he had to complete it first. Suddenly, he raised his right leg and gave a round kick to that disciple.

[Use your right leg for a Round Kick!]

Bang! Thud!

His kick smashed the disciple to the ground. He turned back and stared at the disciple murmuring “Now, who will come to take you back to the bed”

His kick made him unconscious. Ignoring that man, Fu Chen started rebuilding his house. The foundation was still there and only wooden walls were destroyed. It took him nearly two hours to rebuild it.

While this happened, two disciples came and picked those unconscious disciples. Although they were at the Middle-Tier of the First Stage, they didnt disturb Fu Chen for some reason.

After rebuilding the house, he walked inside and cleaned it. It took him an additional half-hour. After cleaning it, he walked to his bed and sat down.

‘Hu! Rebuilding the house is so hard. Well, cultivation is even harder. But, why couldnt I find that locket Did it got buried But now I cant think about it. I will find it as soon as the competition ends. For now, I need to focus on increasing my strength. First, lets check this Strongest Offline System. Fu Chen thought to himself and spoke “Legendary Pixie, can you come out”

“Player, how many times do I have to say this I am not the pixie and you do not need to be this respectful to me. I am an A.I. designed to serve the luckiest player.” The little A.I. flew out of his body and sighed.

Its not that she doesnt like Fu Chen respecting her. Rather, she feels quite bad after knowing his ignorance. In this world, there is no such thing as technology so it wouldnt be a surprise that Fu Chen acts this way.

Fu Chen hesitated for a moment thinking it might be a test. But, he quickly breathes in and out before asking “So, what can I call you”

“You can simply call me anything. I do not have a name.” A.I. responded with a slight nod.

Fu Chen thought for a while and said “How about calling you Little A.I”

“….. Umm! I would like to name myself.” A.I. raised her hand and completely annihilated that name from her mind. Thousands of thoughts appeared in her brain as she got herself a name.

“How about Ysla”

“What now” Fu Chen stared at her with confusion and asked.

“Ysla, from now on, my name will be Ysla,” Ysla replied while opening her mouth wide for a smile. For the first time, he saw a smile that was beautiful except it was too small.

“Ys—–la, it feels a little hard to pronounce but I will get it. So, what is this Strongest Offline System What are Stat Points and Skill Points How can you predict someones move And, how did you copy someones move” Fu Chen immediately began to ask.

“Slow down, Host! I will answer your question one by one. These are the basic questions so there are no restrictions but remember, there will be some questions that I wont be able to answer now. So, lets get back to the first question.”

“Strongest Offline System was originally Cultivation: Age of Online Immortals. It was a game designed by a corporation on earth but for some reason, it was brought into this world. Because this world has no connection with the earth and those servers, it went offline. And since due to some changes, it is now called Strongest Offline System.”

“There are three things that I cant answer about Strongest Offline System. First, I dont know how its functions improved to an unimaginable level and also improved my own existence. Second, I am not sure why are you chosen. Third, this is just a system now, no longer a game but I dont know why.”

“As for your next question, Stat Points and Skill Points are basically your cheating abilities. I have checked your talent and comparing it to others, it hits rock bottom. That means you can think of Stat Points and Skill Points as cheats that you can use to get stronger.”

“While others are born with talent, you can still catch up to them with the help of these two functions. Then, there is the prediction function. It is actually not a prediction function.”

“The only reason why it was able to predict those moves is that your opponent was too weak. It was mainly constructed to practice with yourself or someone else.”

“Basically, it can make a clone of someone you want to fight and you can adjust their power level to fight them. Of course, it needs to scan their battle strength first otherwise it cant be used.”

“Currently, it has scanned fifteen people among which only Miss Xue and Elder Zhu can teach you something. Fun fact: This function wasnt added to the game. It unknowingly appeared in your system.”

“Finally, Golden Finger Function includes copy, absorb, and store function. This is another function that appeared out of nowhere. It will allow you to copy any kind of techniques or martial arts and help you learn it.”

“But, the higher those techniques get, the more vitality it will consume.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, what do you mean by consuming vitality You dont mean it will cost me lifespan to learn those techniques, right” Fu Chen freaked in the middle when he heard vitality.

Since he knew nothing about this, he was trying to listen to every word closely so, when he heard that, he panicked.

“Yes, it does consume vitality. Remember, you wont get anything out of nothing. Everything has causes and effects. So, if you use this cheat overwhelmingly, it will suck your lifespan dry. But dont worry, it only costs you three months of lifespan to learn that stance. By the way, you might look at this.” Ysla nodded her head and answered.

[Second Stance of Roaring Tiger Stance has been copied.]

[Would you like to learn Pouring Blood Claw]

“No, no, of course not, I am not going to use my lifespan to learn this martial art. Arent there other ways to learn it Something that wont cost me lifespan.” Fu Chen frantically shook his head and denied it.

“There is another way but even for that, you must comprehend the basics of the martial arts or technique. I will show you an example so that you can understand it better.” Saying so, Ysla swiped her hand and a few panels appeared in front of him.

[Crushing Fangs- Small Accomplishment (Estimated Time: 3 Years)]

[Pouring Blood Claw- Not Comprehended (Estimated Time: 7 Years)]


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