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Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 3

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[Move to the left and take three steps back]

But suddenly, an instruction appeared in front of him. Fu Chen hurriedly moved to the left and took three steps back as the kick passed in front of him.

“Player, think ofyes in your head to learn the first stance.” The little pixie spoke in his head once again, making him a little confused. This was the exact reason why she decided to override most of the instructions set in the system.

As an A.I., she has the ability to think about the situation. And, she found Fu Chen basically knows nothing about the system. Thats why she constantly tried to help even though these were just some basic instructions.

‘Yes! Without any hesitation, Fu Chen said yes in his mind. He naturally doesnt know any of these. But, he knew he should follow the advice of the legendary pixie. He has never met one, not him, almost no one of current age has ever met Pixie.

He even doubts thats the reason why he isnt allowed to reveal anything about this thing.

But as soon as he said yes, his brain flooded with new information and experience. In just a few seconds, he has completely mastered the first stance to a certain degree. But, an overwhelming pain struck his head. He wanted to scream but he held on until the pain disappeared.

“Trash, die!” At this moment, Zhu Tan no longer cared. He erupts his spiritual qi once more and slapped his foot on the ground. His body leaped in the air as he stretched his arm.

“Second Stance- Pouring Blood Claw!”

The qi around him formed the image of a tiger and formed a claw of a tiger on his hand. He moved down while slashing his claw towards Fu Chen.

[Use First Stance twice, and raise your leg to kick your opponent]

As soon as he got the instruction, he clenched his fist and let out a roar. Seeing this action, everyone felt that he was sending himself to death. But, at this moment, the shadowy figure appeared behind Fu Chen. It was the shadow of a tiger but without qi, it was only the momentum that can be felt but not seen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His fist smashed his claw twice. His skillful mastery helped him use his fist with ease and he also raised his leg as he kicked Zhu Tan to the ground. Although he didnt have the qi at the beginning, it was during the moment he struck when he burst out an immense wave of qi.

“What What happened”

“Why is Senior Brother Zhu getting kicked”

“What happened to him”

“Hey, look at the shadow behind him. Its Martial Spirit. He is finally going to enter in Body Tempering Realm.”

At this moment, everyone was left with a stunned expression. There was a huge hurricane of spiritual qi around Fu Chen. His body started glowing with faint red light and a faint shadow of a snake appeared behind him.

But, this snake was continuously evolving until it finally condensed into a massive blue snake with glittering blue scales all over it. Fu Chens body rose to the air as the body of the snake slowly gets smaller until reached the size of Fu Chens body and entered his body.

Inside his body, there was a small space under the naval. The space wasnt just an empty space. It was inside a small peculiar muscle that was connected with three blood veins. These blood veins were much thicker and used to transfer spiritual qi into this space thus they were called a meridian.

The blue snake floated through his body and reached that space. This space was called dantian and it was almost like a life force to cultivators. Without it, a person cant cultivate.

Body Tempering Realm was divided into three stages; the first stage, the second stage, and the third stage.

There was a fourth stage, but it was not called Body Tempering anymore. It was called the Blood Condensation Realm which consists of the fourth, fifth, and sixth stages. After the sixth stage, it was another realm which was called Bone Forging Stage.

It consists of the seventh, eighth, and ninth. And, all of it combined was called Foundation Establishment Realm.

Inside his dantian, the blue snake opened its mouth and a large amount of spiritual qi entered his body. It moved from every pore of his body to one of the meridians connected to the dantian.


Normally, cultivators take time and slowly unblock their meridian with spiritual qi to reach the first stage of Body Tempering. Once a person reaches the first stage, his physical strength will increase to the strength of a tiger which is a great transformation.

And, breaking a lot of This is why Fu Chen was suffering too much pain.

“Fu Chen, die!” Suddenly, out of nowhere, Zhu Tan appeared and pushed his fist toward Fu Chen. But, just before it could reach Fu Chen, a figure stood in front of him and caught his fist.

“Elder Zhu, I suppose I can break his hand, right” The figure standing in front of Zhu Tan was none other than Miss Xue. After catching his fist, she turned her head towards the old man walking out of the wood and coldly spoke.

“Miss Xue, this is just a childrens fight. Why are you getting us involved in it” Elder Zhu was an old man was of short height, wearing a purple robe. His expression was ugly but he tried to keep his expression calm.



But, Miss Xue heed no attention to his words and break his fist. The pain made Zhu Tan scream wildly.

“Miss Xue, are you testing the old mans patience” Elder Zhu shouted while releasing his immense pressure against Miss Xue.

“Old man, dont try to use your words to threaten me! I already know what he has done to Fu Chen. Before Fu Chens existence mean nothing to the sect but now it means something. So, if you want to start right now, I will accompany you.” Miss Xue clicked her tongue and disdainfully expressed her view without even bothering to think that Fu Chen was hearing her words.

When her words entered his ears, Fu Chen was left stunned. At this moment, a few words that his father taught him rang in his mind.

‘Son, no matter how hard you work, no matter how good you are, if you dont have talent, you will be nothing but a mere existence to others. You might be good to others but they wont be good to you no matter how persistent and hard working you might be because without talent your existence means nothing to them. You have to accept this fact to survive in this cruel world.

At this moment, Fu Chen couldnt help but grit his teeth with unwillingness. No matter how much he worked hard, no matter how much he behaved, nothing happened.

This cruel world is only after talent, not the people.

‘Father, you are right. This world is truly cruel and I have learned my lesson. I promise I will be very strong, so strong that talent wont be able to measure me. Legendary Pixie, thank you for giving me this chance.

With gratitude in his eyes, Fu Chen clenched his fist that was overwhelmingly filled with spiritual qi. Unlike Zhu Tans red qi, his spiritual qi was blue. It was just like his martial spirit.

Only then, did he remember that Zhu Tans martial spirit is actually Fire-Tiger. It was a powerful beast whose power was related to flames.

‘Does this mean my powers are related to water The Blue Snake seems weak but those scales and the size makes it incredibly different. Right now, my body seems to have the strength of even more than one tiger.

‘The first stage of Body Tempering following the second and third is to adapt his body with the martial spirit, improving my overall physical strength at once by unlocking the three meridians. But, only in the fourth stage, ones physical strength improves by a lot.

‘Condensing blood energy inside the blood keeps strengthening the body constantly and this process is quite long as well. For now, lets not think too far. I have only reached the Early-Tier of the First Stage. I still need to cross Middle-Tier, High-Tier, and Peak-Tier just to reach the second stage.

Just when he was thinking to himself, a huge impact shook the ground and send a powerful shockwave. Fu Chen turned around and saw a middle-aged man blocking two palms made out of spiritual qi with his hand.

He was wearing majesty black clothes.

“Isnt it shameful for two elders to collide in front of the disciples” The middle-aged man stared at both of them while turning his head back and forth.

Hearing his words, Miss Xue and Elder Zhu slightly bowed their heads and said “Sorry for causing this ruckus!”

“Elder Zhu, take your grandson and heal him.” The middle-aged man turned his head at Zhu Tans body and asked. His body was quite far from them and it was Miss Xue who threw him away.

Then, the middle-aged man turned to Miss Xue and asked “Can we check the rank of his Martial Spirit”

Miss Xue shook her head and said “If his Martial Spirit is good, you can find it during the competition.”

Hearing her words, the middle-aged man nodded his head and walked away.

Miss Xue turned around and walked near Fu Chen. When she reached near him, she saw some confusion in his eyes.

“A blue snake is a water-type monster with a very weak talent. But, your blue snake was not only immense but also had dragon-like scales. This is why they wanted to confirm your Martial Spirit Rank. If it is high then it would be good for you.”

“But….. if it is low, then it would be detrimental for you.”


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