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Strongest Offline Cultivation Chapter 28

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“Disciple Fu Chen Vs Disciple Tan Tan”

The elder referee shouted the names of the next two contestants. After he heard his name, Fu Chen stood up from his bench and walked toward the battle stage.

Opposite him, there was a girl walking toward the arena. She was only five feet and she had two cute buns on her head. She had a blade on her back which was almost the size of her own.

After they arrived on the stage, they bowed in front of each to show respect and the elder referee got off the stage.

Tan Tan held her massive blade with both of her hands and lifted it. Just as she swung the blade, she almost lost her balance.

“Hahaha! Is she crazy”

“That blade is almost the size of her. Does she think a stronger weapon can give her the win”

“Go down! Go down! Go down!”

The people started making fun of her after seeing her situation.

Fu Chen raised both of his hands and got into the fighting position.

“Give it your all!”

Tan Tan nodded her head and put the blade in front of her. She was still holding the hold with both of her hands, but the next moment, she looked at the sky and screamed.


Everyone got confused for a moment but as she screamed, even more, her body released an intense aura. This aura spread out like a powerful hurricane, slamming on the disciples who were previously making fun of her.

Slowly, her black hair rose and slowly changed. It turned red. And, her body also got bigger. From five feet to six feet and she became a lot bulkier than her petite body.

“Whoa! I guess I will regret giving you time to get ready.” Fu Chen was shocked by her transformation. She changed from a normal girl to a six feet tall buffed girl.

“You certainly will.” Tan Tan finally let go of her blade hilt and hold it with her right hand. She swung her blade and this time each swing released a powerful wind.

“Here I come!” Tan Tan shouted as she dashed toward Fu Chen at an extreme speed. She raised her blade and slashed toward Fu Chen


“Storm Steps!”

Fu Chen used his mastery of Storm Steps and dodged her. Tan Tan didnt expect him to be so fast. Her blade fell down and struck the stage, making a crack on it.

Fu Chen looked around and dashed behind her. When she saw him coming from behind, she swing her blade once again. This time he jumped up and landed on her blade.


The next moment, he slammed a kick into her jaws.

Her body flew out off the stage but she smashed her blade on the stage and managed to hold on. Fu Chen instantly reacted as soon as he saw this. He tried to knock her out but this time, she balanced her body with her blade in mid-air and slammed a kick from his left.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Fu Chen managed to use his arms to block the strike but he couldnt block the impact. He slide a few meters away until he reached the edge of the stage.

Tan Tan finally landed on the stage safely and spit out blood. She stared at Fu Chen and said.

“You really dont know any mercy to women, do you”

“I dont plan on losing. Thats all!” Fu Chen answered and clenched his fist.

“Then, dont expect me to hold back!”

Tan Tan screamed and dashed towards him. She held her blade tight and swing it with all of her force. This time Fu Chen released a bit of spiritual qi into his arm and crouched down.

As soon as her blade reached above him, he slammed it. His palm contained an immense power that managed to knock her blade away. As soon as he got the chance, Fu Chen slammed a kick on her stomach.

Whoosh! Bang!

Tan Tan flew out off the stage and collided against the wall. Before she knew what just happened, she had already lost.

[Duck and smash the blade]

[Use spiritual qi to enhance your leg strength and kick]

Fu Chen glanced at the panels that appeared just when she moved. Its not that he could move fast but he knew what she would do. So, he was prepared for it.

Because he acted at the right time, it felt like he acted just too fast. Only a few people managed to understand this.

“Did you see that” One of the elders standing on the top of the building asked.

“Yeah! Not only he can copy others movements, but he can also predict their next movements. But I guess its only because she was moving too slowly. If she had used a small blade or sword, her movement in that form wouldve been much faster.” The elder standing next to him spoke.

“What do you think, Elder Wei Do you want to make him your disciple” The same elder turned to another elder who was standing next to the wall while keeping the grass in his mouth like usual.

Elder Wei walked up to the corner from where they could see the stage. After looking at Fu Chen, he shook his head.

But, when he looked at Tan Tam his eyes narrowed a little especially after he saw her giant blade.

On the stage, Tan Tan had transformed back to her normal form as she went to the stage to retrieve her blade.

“That was a nice battle.” Fu Chen spoke as he was standing next to the blade.

When he spoke, she looked at him with surprise. In the previous two battles, he hasnt spoken much so she thought he didnt like speaking to others.

“But, you still defeated me with ease.” Tan Tan answered while picking up her blade with both of her hands.

“Thats only because your hand movements were very slow and also because of my Eye Talent. If it was someone else, he wouldve been smashed by your strike.” Fu Chen replied and finally left the stage.

Tan Tan didnt even get to ask anything. She also returned back and the next battle quickly started. After a few battles, Zhu Tans turn came for the third time as well.

This time his opponent was someone who has won two battles consecutively.

As soon as both of them reached the stage, the elder dropped down from the stage.

“Roaring Tiger First Stance”

“Crushing Fangs!”

Without wasting a single second, he instantly started the battle. But, his opponent already knew he would do such thing. So, he was prepared. He also released his spiritual qi and condensed a spiral rune in his palm.

Zhu Tans fist was covered with the tigers phantom while the spiral rune in his opponents palm was slowly growing bigger.


Both of them collided against each other and at this moment, both had no choice but to rely on their physicals to push each other.

Unlike Zhu Tans, his opponent was only Peak-Tier of First Stage, so he got the advantage and started pushing his opponent out of the stage.

His opponent also got the hint and immediately stuck his foot in the hole made by the giant blade that Tan Tan held. Because of the hole, he was no longer pushed back.

But, this didnt stop Zhu Tan. While he was still using his previous attack, he condensed his spiritual qi into his left arm. His red spiritual qi condensed a claw around his arm and the phantom of the tiger roared even louder.

“Second Stance- Pouring Blood Claw!”

Splash! Bang! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Seeing his left claw, his opponent instantly let go of Zhu Tans fist and tried to block his slash. But, when he let it go, Zhu Tans claw had already reached his chest.

Only part of his arm blocked the slash and more importantly, Zhu Tan took a step forward and punched his chest with his right hand.

His fist was still covered with the tigers arm, giving him immense strength. His strike flew his opponent out of the ring. He collided against the ground a few times until his body finally stopped getting dragged.

After defeating his opponent, Zhu Tan grinned and looked at Fu Chens resting spot but he didnt find Fu Chen watching his battle.

He clenched his fist and his eyes got red. He turned around with anger and returned back to his resting spot.

“Nice one, Brother Zhu! You got three consecutive wins.” One of the disciples praised him but Zhu Tan simply ignored him and went to his bench.

Soon, the day came to an end and the first round also ended.

After the end of the first round, Fu Chen returned back to his house. When he entered his house, he found a man sitting on his bed.

“Nice to meet you, Disciple Fu Chen! My name is Xue Pun. I am here to make an offer to you.”


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