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“What Didnt you just hear me I told you he is fine. He is a cultivator while you are mortals. He doesnt need my protection. You two need it. Why are you giving up so much for your son” The fox couldnt understand why they were so invested in helping their son to the point where they would deny their own protection.

Hearing her words, both of them looked at each other and smiled. Fu Chens mother turned her head and said “This is something he told us. Even though it seemed quite unbelievable, we believe in him.”

“When he was small, he met a group of people who were trying to kill a mother wolf who had just given birth to a child. Seeing this, he acted out of instinct and hit one of them with a stone.”

“When the man who got hit by the stone such our son, he chased after our son. Fu Chen was a smart kid. As soon as he hit, he ran so that he could disturb but he didnt notice that they were cultivators.”

“He was quickly caught by that man. After getting caught, he was slapped and beaten a few times. Although he was full of pain, he just smiled because what he wanted worked.”

“While they were distracted by him, the male wolf arrived at the spot. With his overwhelming strength, he killed everyone but spared our son. Of course, the female wolf saw everything and helped him.”

“While this was happening, I was searching for him all over the place. For three days, I couldnt find him, and only on the fourth day, I arrived at one of the places where he often goes to play.”

“There, I found my son playing with the baby wolf and two other wolves. When they saw me, they tried to attack me but he asked them to stop and they listened to him.”

“After that, he told me the entire story. We returned back and decided not to tell anyone about this. A few weeks later, he went to that place. But, they were no longer there, at least only one of them was there.”

“And, it was that male wolf who had lost his one eye, his wife, and his child. Even though he lost everything dear to him, that wolf didnt lose his sense and attack my son.”

“My son stayed there for the entire day and returned back. When he came back, the first thing he said was about his dream. He saidOne day, he will make a world where monster beasts and humans can live in harmony and peace.'”

“Although his dream was great, I forbid him to speak about this dream to anyone. No matter who that person might be, I forbid him to tell anyone. Instead, I told him to become a cultivator so that he can truly fulfill his dream.”

“As a parent, we failed to give him the talent to achieve his dreams. So, we are going to give him everything else in order for him to achieve his dream. So, please protect our son until he can grow stronger.”

Hearing her words, the fox stood up on her rear leg and flicked her forehead with so much tiny force that it only caused her pain.

Fu Chens mother didnt understand why she did that.

“Look, a cultivator whom you try to protect until he grows will never be able to fulfill his dream. So, I am not going to protect. I dont want to prevent such a big dream happen.”

“First, you two are my benefactors, so I will protect you. Second, without my protection, you two will die which will make him drift away from his own dream. Third, I decided to help him achieve his dream as a Monster Beast.”

“So, I am going to wait until he achieves my strength.”

When both of them heard those words, they widened their eyes. Fu Chens mother excitedly asked.

“Does that mean you agree to be my daughter-in-law”

“W-w-what What When did I ever say I will marry your son” The fox hits her head on the ground and shouted at her. Then, she looked at Fu Chens father and roared.

“What is wrong with your womans mind”

Fu Chens father stiffly turned his head and whispered “My mother used to say the same thing to every female friend. This is what you can mother ultra instinct.”

“I am not going to marry your son, woman. So, dont bring that subject ever again.” The fox speechlessly listened to his words and turned her head at Fu Chens mother, roaring at her.

“What are talking about This is the first time I talked about it.” Fu Chens mother looked at her with confusion and spoke.

Hearing those words, the fox turned her head away with red blush appearing over her nose. After the fifth time, every time Fu Chens mother mentions her daughter-in-law in front of her, it felt like she was telling her to be his wife.

“But, didnt you say you would help him And, if you two get married then it would just be best to achieve that dream.” Fu Chens mother once again added the oil to the fire.

This time the fox got so mad that she didnt speak for a long time. As her anger fall down, she finally spoke “Woman, I am telling you. Dont bring that subject in front of me.”

“And, I am a monster. He is a human. Even if we are married, h-h-how are….. you understand me, right There is no way we can marry. I am just going to help him achieve his dream.”

Hearing her words, Fu Chens father suddenly spoke “I know this is not my place and not something that I should say now. But, in case he ever does get strong enough to force humans to stop fighting with monsters, and if you decide to stand from the monsters side, wouldnt your status be unequal if you two dont marry”

“I have worked in City Lord Palace as a guard and I have seen City own pets who are simply the tamed monster beast. When you two managed to do something about that dream, then the world will see you as his pet if you dont marry him.”

“It wont be a harmonious relationship anymore. Of course, it might never happen. Who knows what would happen in the future but what if it does happen Would you marry him to be seen as his equal or not marry him and seen more like a pet”

“Stop it! Stop it! You two….. Argh! Alright, if he ever gets strong as me, if he ever achieves his dream, I will marry him. Can you two stop talking about that I cant kill you because of what you did to me but if you keep talking like this, I will just leave and never come back.” The fox finally couldnt bear so she decided to agree.

She has never been in such a conversation all in her life. When the couple heard her words, they giggled but didnt show it to her.

Fu Chens father calmed his mood and said “You should rest. The faster you heal, the better it will be, right”

The fox nodded her head and said “Yeah! I really need to heal completely right now and try to awaken my bloodline.”

Fu Chens father nodded his head and walked out of the house. His wife went to the kitchen to prepare some food for her.


[Ding! Congratulation on completing your first hidden quest!]

[Quest- Harem of Strongest Offline Player

Description- As the host of the strongest offline system, you should have the harem of one of the women who are among the strongest people in this world. So, buckle up in the ride to find the women who are made for you and you alone.

Quest Rewards- Mystery Box, 500 Stat Points, 500 Skill Points, Immortal-Tier Cultivation Technique, Immortal-Tier Martial Art, and Immortal-Tier Weapon (Locked)

Quest Punishment- Like a humane system, we cant punish the Host for something he doesnt even know.

Quest Time- If the Host doesnt even know about the Quest, how the hell is he supposed to learn about the Time.

Note- Mystery Box holds something that the Host requires the most.]

“Huh” *2

Both Fu Chen and Ysla twisted their heads in confusion.

“What the hell” *2

Both Fu Chen and Ysla cursed at the same time.

“What happened” This time it was only Fu Chen who spoke.

“You completed the hidden quest which even I didnt know about. And, it feels frustrating that I dont even about the system that I control.” Ysla replied with a grudge in her tone.

“But, what happened What is harem” Fu Chen had no clue about harem so he immediately asked.

“Dont you know about Harem Its every mans dream. Even those who hate harem only hate it because they cant have it. Just imagine sleeping with a different girl each day. Thats what harem means.”

“But, for you, it is simply the marriage with the most talented and strongest women because you are the Host of the Strongest Offline System. Anyway, dont think too much about it. Open Mystery Box! I bet it will be a great help to you. Just commandOpen Mystery Box.” Ysla explained.

“Alright! Open Mystery Box!” Fu Chen nodded his head and commanded.

[Mystery Box Unlocked]

[You got bloodline awakening]

[Your partners bloodline is currently unawakened. Strongest Offline System shall start its surgery and awaken her bloodline.]

[As a partner connected by the Strongest Offline System, you will receive some blessing of the bloodline. Strengthen your mind and body to receive it]


The moment the last panel appeared, Fu Chen grunted with a painful expression on his face.


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