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Hearing his words, Xue Le clenched her fist as she looked at the elder but she didnt do anything. The top elders also looked at him because they didnt understand why he said that.

After all, he had already lost his face.

Unfortunately, Elder Zhang wasnt going down that easily. He wanted to take down Fu Chen and he had planned for it. He walks in front of the elder and points at Fu Chen.

“Elders, he might not have trained it by sneaking on Zhu Tans training session. He might have got this with his talent. But, he did break the laws in the end.”

“No matter what he says, that martial art is still the property of the sect. And, as a Trainee, he is still not a part of the sect. So, even if he learned this martial art through his talent, he still stole in one way or another.”

“He should be punished for training a sects property without the authorization of any elders. Elder, let me ask you a question. He isnt the only one who can copy our martial arts, right”

“So, if someone from another sect copies our martial art, can we let him live He is not part of our sect yet. So, he doesnt deserve to learn a martial art. Not even a single elder approved his existence when he learned the martial art.”

“So, no matter what anyone says, in my eyes, he still broke the sects rule. He should be punished for that.”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

At this moment, Elder Zhang suddenly trembled because he heard the clap from behind just like how he did it before. He turned around and saw Xue Le clapping for him with a mocking smile just like he did before.

His face turned green with anger but he still calmed down.

Xue Le walked towards him while clapping and speaking.

“What a great argument from a man who is nothing without his family support, a man who joined the ranks of elders because of his family support Can you tell me something, Elder Zhang Without your family, what worth do you have”


At this moment, everyone sucked out cold air in shock and awe. They never thought Xue Le would reveal Elder Zhangs background so cruelly.

Elder Zhang was angry. His aura was immensely coming out of him but Xue Le was easily holding it down. Others didnt even make a move.

‘Hey, shouldnt we do something The lady elder used her sound transmission and talked to the other two elders.

‘Are you kidding me Things are finally getting interesting out here. How can I stop it now Let them continue. One of the elders immediately disagreed and watched them with excitement flashing in his eyes.

‘Although I would love to… no, dont stop! I like this. Dont stop it now. Let them continue. Another elder also joined the excitement making the lady elder speechless.

But, she didnt do anything because it hasnt gotten out of hand yet.

“Disciple Xue, what are you trying to imply” Elder Zhang gritted his teeth and asked when he saw no one making a single move.

Xue Le let out a mocking smile and said “Isnt it obvious I am saying that you dont deserve to be the Core Elder when you dont have the strength of that. You dont deserve to be the part of elders when you dont have a talent for that.”

“Seriously, without your family, what are you You are nothing. You are an egg. Just drop it and it will break at any moment. And now that you saw someone who has talent hundred, no thousand times better than you, you cant digest it.”

“There is something that has kept me curious for a long time. Our Sun Dragon Sect is the second-best sect in the entire kingdom so why did the Royal Family send a talentless, strengthless person like you to be our elder”

“I can only think of two things. First, they sent you here so that some of the major disciples of the sect wont receive proper guidance. Or, did they send you here just to show that they have no respect for the sect”

Xue Le turned her head at the three elders and said “As an inner disciple, I dont have the qualifications to say this but as a disciple who will become a core disciple in a month, I want to leave this statement to the Respected Elders.”

“Please ask Royal Family to send some qualified enough to teach the new Core Disciples! Because I dont want an elder weaker than me to teach me about my future cultivation.”

As she stopped speaking any further, a voice rang from behind.

“Damnnnnn! She got some sharp tongue.” One of the elders murmured with a low voice but because it was completely silent, everyone heard him. He quickly realized it and smiled.

“Oops! Sorry about that!”

“Disciple Xue, are you disregarding the status of the elder in front of other elders” One of the elders gave her a sharp look and asked. He was a tall elder with a grey hat on his head. He had grass in his mouth.

Xue Lee shook her head and asked “I am not disregarding the status of the elder. I am just saying that a person without the strength and talent that even comes close to yours has the same status as yours doesnt deserve that status.”

“Elder, do you really want someone who cant even make you lift your finger and doesnt have talent like you to share the same status as you”

When she asked that, Elder Zhangs face turned green. Among the elders, he was the weakest when it comes to the core elders.

The elder with a grey hat shook his head “Oh! If you say it like that, it does make me feel bad.”

He turned his head at those three elders and raised his hand.

“Respected Elders, I support her viewpoint. I dont want to share the same status with a person who cant even match me in strength.”

Hearing his words, Elder Zhang clenched his fist furiously and shouted “Are you trying to prove that you have better status than the Royal Family”

“No, of course not, I cant say such a thing. But.” The elder with a grey hat sharpened his gaze and asked “You are in the middle of the Five most dangerous regions. Do you really think Royal Family has any power here”

“Elder Wei!” At this moment, the lady elder finally raised her voice. As soon as she spoke, Elder Wei immediately lowered his head. Elder Zhang and Xue Le were no exception.

Three elders looked at each other and discussed using their sound transmission for a while. Nobody even dared to speak at this moment. After a few minutes of discussion, the elder in the middle spoke.

“It seems we have got enough evidence to cherish Disciple Fu Chens talent. From the record we have read, he is a hard-working disciple and now after awakening his talent and martial spirit, he can perform better than most. So, Sect will give him the full support.”

“Disciple Fu Chen doesnt need to participate in the competition but he will still hold the benefits of Top Ten. And, even if he does participate, we have already seen his strength.”

“Miss Xues punishment has been canceled due to her excellent support for such a talented and hard-working disciple. And, Disciple Fu Chen has been granted full access to use his ability in order to learn any art or technique he desires.”

“This is his innate talent and sect will give him full support to use it.”

When Fu Chen heard those words, his eyes widened. He was already grateful that he didnt get into any trouble. But now, not only he get to enjoy the benefits of the top ten without participating, but he also got an extra privilege.

This didnt surprise the elders. The Sect had always cherished talented people. Except for some circumstances, most of the time, the sect has always protected talented geniuses.

“Thank you, Respected Elder!” Xue Le pulled Fu Chen and made him bow as she signaled him to thank them together with her.

Three elders nodded their heads and finally two of them left. Elder Zhang gave him a deadly glare before they left but he didnt care. He had something else in mind.

As soon as they reached outside the Law Enforcement Committee boundaries, Fu Chen asked “Miss Xue, why is everyone so respectful to them I thought they were equal to the Core Elders.”

Xue Le shook her head and said “No, in fact, their strength and status are much higher than any other elders. If combined, their decision is even higher in status than the decision of the sect master.”

Fu Chen opened his eyes wide as he asked “But, isnt sect master supposed to be the highest of all”

“Individually, he does have the highest position. But, there are some positions that count even higher than him especially when they are backed with enough strength.”

“A couple of elders with status are….”


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