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Chapter 271 Creeping Evil Hand ② 

Part 1

The 『Institute of Divination and Mystic Arts』――Also known as the Divination Institute is one of the official institutions that exist in the Empire.

There are other institutions in Zebrudia, such as the 『Institute of Relics Research』 which conducts research related to Mana Materials such as Treasure Shrines and Phantoms, and the 『Institute of Magic Science』 which oversees Magic and the technology that uses it, but the 『Institute of Divination and Mystic Arts』 was known as an institution unique from these authoritative institutions.

The 『Institute of Divination and Mystic Arts』 has jurisdiction over all mysteries that are not included in the scope of research by the 『Institute of Magic Science』 or the 『Institute of Relics Research』.

It is one of the oldest institutions in existence in Zebrudia and at the same time the smallest.

Although the institution is nominally concerned with all kinds of mysteries, its main research is, as its name suggests, divination――The art of knowing the future and destiny in advance.

Unlike Magic, most divination does not consume Mana.

Many who call themselves diviners predict the future based on personal abilities and sensibilities that cannot be determined from the outside.

Hence, there are many phonies.

There are many who profess that all forms of divination are false and that there is no way to know the future.

The reason why the Divination Institute is so small despite its long history is probably because its studies and results are something that is very difficult to evaluate.

Of course, the practitioners and researchers at the Divination Institute have been examined from many angles and certified as authentic.

The reason the institution still exists, albeit on a small scale, is that the technology under its jurisdiction was difficult for Zebrudia to neglect.

However, there was no doubt that the Institute of Divination and Mystic Arts was regarded as a kind of heresy among the Imperial Institutions.

Even the students enrolled there are all eccentrics.


“A prediction of a calamity, huh………… Why at a time when we are so busy with this operation against the “Fox (Kitsune)”――” (Franz)

“The Divination Institute’s predictions never come off…… They also manage the 『True Tears (Tears of the Truth)』, so we can’t afford to ignore their warnings.” (Third Commander)

At Franz’s words, the commander of the Third Knight Order, which is in charge of maintaining the security of the Empire, shrugged his shoulders.

The job of the Divination Institute consists of researching mystical techniques and sharing information obtained through divination.

Among these, sharing premonitions has a special meaning within the Empire.

The Divination Institute rarely issues predictions.

It failed to predict the assassination attempt of the Emperor, the conflict between 《Abyssal Fire Destruction (Shin En Kametsu)》 and the 『Tower of Akasha (Akasha no To)』 or the activation of the Key of the Earth.

But on the contrary――Events that could be predicted occur 100% of the time.

In Zebrudia, when a prophecy is issued by the Divination Institute, it is a rule that all the nobles should come together to prepare.

There, Franz frowned and sighed.

“However, the prediction 『There is a black shadow over the Imperial Capital.』 doesn’t tell us anything……” (Franz)

“From the prediction, it doesn’t look like a natural disaster……” (Third Commander)

Predictions issued by the Divination Institute are not always concrete.

Most diviners don’t see clear images, but rather see the future through some abstract image.

But even so, the prediction was too vague.

Franz agrees with the Third Commander.

“If it was a natural disaster, it would not stop at the Imperial Capital.

There is also little chance of a plague spreading.” (Franz)

The prediction this time was almost completely unknown, but the only thing known was its scope.

It is within the Imperial Capital.

A prophecy like this one would not be possible if it were to affect outside the Imperial Capital, such as a major earthquake, and if it was an epidemic spreading, there would be some kind of foreshadowing.

Besides, to begin with――《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》 is already moving.

It is something that made him throw away all concern about the “Fox (Kitsune)” that we worry so much about, so we should definitely assume that it has something to do with the predictions of the Divination Institute, but no matter who he is, he can’t do anything about a natural disaster on his own.

However, no matter how good he was, we could not rely on one individual over and over again.

That would amount to abandoning your duty as an Imperial Noble.

Franz’s duty is to protect the Empire, and if he alone cannot match the Divine Strategies of 《Infinite Variety (Senpen Banka)》, he must exceed it with his organizational abilities.

He cannot afford to be repeatedly astonished by him.


But that man――Does he have a strong connection with the Divination Institute as he receives the prediction before Franz Or――Is it possible that this man’s ability is similar to a diviner

Come to think of it, that man’s eccentricity bears a close resemblance to those arrogant and pompous diviners.

Although there is no fragment of holiness coming from him.


“Order the Knights to reinforce patrols in the capital.

However, we don’t have enough manpower to do so.

We must at least narrow down the time and places of these patrols――” (Franz)

The Commander of the Third Knight Order had an expression as if he had swallowed a bitter bug.

In the past few months, there have been a series of incidents in the capital, starting with the war between the 『Tower of Akasha (Akasha no To)』 and 《Hidden Curse (Ma Tsue)》 and ending with the attack of the Crimson Dragon.

Even though the city is on high alert, if I was told to respond to a calamity in which the details are still unknown, I would also have a headache.

The solution to this problem is not a simple one where repelling an attack is enough.

At the moment when the calamity is here, it will already be the Knights Order’s loss.

The Commander of the Third Knight Order is also a valorous man known for his bravery, but his expression showed obvious fatigue.

His gray hair also seemed to be growing.


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