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Spirit Vessel Chapter 1043: First Ancestor Yao Hun

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Chapter 1043: First Ancestor, Yao Hun

This expert from the Yin World originally came from a mythical tribe in Eighth Central.

This was a mighty branch among the humans, famous for having many arms. Not all members could gain eight arms. The majority had two like regular humans. Fewer than few could have four; these were all top dogs of this tribe. Someone with eight arms could become a lord right away.

The fact that this expert has four arms was a testament to his status and power.

“Gu Zhaxi, hes the fourth ancestor of the Liu, dont underestimate him.” Eighth said nonchalantly. Not long ago, this was a being above his station.

“Just a junior, no big deal, haha.” Gu Zhaxi laughed and began fighting.

Each arm held a different spirit treasure. He used all of them at the same time and cracked the ground. Buildings nearby collapsed instantly.

The paragons from Crimson hurriedly prepared defensive barriers to protect their young descendants. Otherwise, they would die from the shockwaves.

Both Fourth Ancestor and Gu Zhaxi were top paragons, far exceeding the first level.

Eventually, Fourth Ancestor retreated, clearly being one step slower. His chest was bleeding after being struck by a claw strike.

“Keke, die, brat!” Gu Zhaxi spun fast enough to create a tornado, wanting to kill Fourth Ancestor.

Though Fourth Ancestor has lived for several thousand years, he was only a junior compared to Gu Zhaxi.

“This is a residence of Crimson, not a place for you to do as you please!” An old voice roared.

First Ancestor of the Liu summoned a divine bowl. It shot out a seven-colored beam and forced Gu Zhaxi back.

The latter didnt expect to be injured after a single move.

“Not bad at all, to have someone this strong outside of their territory lord.” His injuries werent serious. An evil light flashed and they disappeared without a trace.

First Ancestor slowly appeared, looking around forty years of age. His eyes were still bright. He wore a buttoned robe, looking like a court official.

He was the number one among the ancestors, having lived for more than seven thousand years yet still looking strong and vigorous.

Fourth and Sixth Ancestor have only lived for several thousand years yet were old looking. The disparity was obvious.

The group consisted of eighteen ancestors and would change members every eight thousand years. This didnt mean that he was the strongest in history, only the strongest within the last eight thousand years.

Nonetheless, to stand out in this clan meant being capable of sweeping through regular paragons.

“First Ancestor, the Yin World has pushed us to the limit. The first princess… has fallen…” Liu Suhongs maid came over, kneeled, and sobbed.

First Ancestor glanced over at Liu Suhongs corpse and then stared at those from the Yin World. He then declared: “Ten paragons shall be buried with her, the rest will have their cultivation crippled and become slaves.”

“Haha, Liu Chuanxu, who do you think you are Even the Azure doesnt dare to underestimate us.” Eighth addressed him by his real name.

“Impudent junior, you will not be leaving this place alive!” A paragon from Crimson wanted to kill Eighth.

“Count me in!”

“Massacre them!”

A total of three paragons rushed forward. They were normally busy with cultivation but today, this matter forced them to come out.

Eighth showed disdain toward the three combatants. He sent out a trigram seal and sent them flying. All three vomited blood, unable to stop a single blow.

“Shit! Is the fusion complete Is this a new king of the Yin World”

“Eighth is no longer the same as before, he can kill last-gen paragons now.”

Those from Crimson couldnt believe it and had a terrible feeling about this.

“Dont worry, First Ancestor is here. They wont be able to do anything.” One of them said.

Suddenly, a large phantom crossed through the air. This newcomer sat on a throne made from dragon bones. Of course, they were nine flood dragons, not real dragons. He landed next to the other Yin experts.

“Greetings, Sir Yao Hun.” Many kneeled toward him.

The ancestors of the Liu became aghast after hearing this name.

“The seventh disciple of King Zhuanlun”

“King Zhuanlun had eight disciples ten thousand years ago. All of them were monsters but time spared no one, only the seventh disciple is still alive.” A senior recognized this person.

This meant that this man was more than ten thousand years old - a true master. According to the rumors, he even killed monks from the immemorial shrines and cannibalized them.

“Youre still alive.” First Ancestor spoke.

The phantom sitting on the throne couldnt be seen. No light could get close without being absorbed.

“How dare you stand before me, Junior Kneel.” Yao Hun snorted and raised one finger.

Lightning bolts gathered in the air. Some paragons from Crimson couldnt handle the pressure and felt their knees buckling.

In fact, suppressing a paragon and forcing them to kneel was harder than outright killing one.

“If you wish to be so unreasonable, Senior, don't blame me for not holding back.” First Ancestor raised both hands and flames appeared behind him. This successfully severed the lighting pressure.

“The Liu has someone capable of severing my soul lightning I see, I will take your soul and devour your flesh to make me stronger.” Yao Hun said and raised his hand.

The bones of the flood dragons descended down like a mountain range.

First Ancestor remained calm and shot out golden flames from his sleeve. Inside was a golden crow with an unbearable heat capable of devouring everything.

This was one of their defining treasures - Golden Crow Wheel. It was at the fifteenth rank. Just one strand of energy from it could pierce a paragon.

The bones of the dragons were crushed and fell to the ground.

“Golden Crow Wheel This immemorial weapon shall be mine!” Yao Hun became determined to kill First Ancestor.

The two combatants were extremely strong. A fight between them would massacre both sides so they leaped into space to fight.

“Men, kill everyone here.” Eighth ordered.

The Yin World came prepared with numerous masters.

“Daoist Fiend, didnt you die in Heavenscar!”

“Shangguan Shang, didnt Daoist Gate cripple your cultivation!”

Evil cultivators that were thought to be dead have shown up again. It seemed that they had escaped to the Yin World.

“They came more than prepared, we wont be able to stop them. Sixth Ancestor has opened a wormhole for us to leave first.” Liu Suzi came over and told Feiyun.

The latter was still holding Liu Suhongs corpse. A cold aura continued to emanate from him.

Liu Suzi pulled his hand, not wanting him to die here.

Feiyun handed her the corpse and then tapped her shoulder: “You go first, I have something I must do first.”

“What are you going to do They are monsters that have lived for ten thousand years.” Liu Suzi tried to persuade him.

“Haha, wretched half-demon, you thought that you could change your status by marrying Liu Suhong. Now, both she and her clan shall be destroyed by me, you will become nothing more than a homeless dog.” Eighth stared at Feiyun with contempt.

“I will kill you first today and destroy the Yin World later.” Feiyun calmly responded.-

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