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2348 Daddy, I want to go home ~

“Alright, lets go to the plains.”

The four of them took a turn and went to the grassland.

During this season, the weather on the grassland was particularly cool.

The helicopter landed the family in a herdsmans house on the grassland.

The herdsmans child had never seen such a real helicopter before.

He looked at the helicopter above him strangely.

“Is this a helicopter”

After ye Jinyu got off the plane, he had a conversation with the herdsman.

In the end, the herdsman agreed to ye Jinyu living in his house temporarily.

For conveniences sake, the herdsmans family built a new yurt for ye Jinyus family beside their yurt.

Little Yuer and little lamb had only seen such a room in books or on television before, so the two of them were extremely curious.

Ruan Mianmian looked at everything in front of her and felt helpless.

There was a little boy in the herdsmans house.

The little boy was dressed in a nomadic uniform and he was carrying a bucket in his hand.

“Im going to milk the goat, do you guys want to come”

When Xiaoyu heard the little boys words, she jogged to his side and obediently reached out her hand.

“Hello, my name is little Yuer.

Whats your name”

The little boy had never seen such a fair and tender little girl before.

Her hair was black and bright, and her skin was as white as the bright moonlight in the sky.

“Im BA tu.”

The little lamb was worried about Xiaoyu being alone.

Therefore, even though she did not like to milk the sheep, she still walked over to BA tus side.

Along the way, BA tu secretly looked at little Yuer.

Every time he looked at her, his face would become even more shy.

“Little sheep, why is brother batu so dark-skinned”

thats because the ultraviolet rays in the grasslands are strong, ” the little sheep said.

“Then what should we do I didnt bring any sunblock spray.”

Xiaoyu thought about what she would do if she turned black.

The little sheep took out a hat and put it on Xiaoyus head.

“I dont have to worry about getting tanned now.”

As they spoke, the flock of sheep arrived.

Hundreds of sheep were huddled together, bleating.

“Wow, so many sheep!”

Little Yuer was like a curious baby, exclaiming from time to time.

BA tu squeezed into the flock of sheep and casually found a female sheep.

He placed the bucket he was carrying under the female sheeps stomach.

The milky white goats milk dripped into the bucket little by little.

Little Yuer was amazed.

“Wow, this is amazing.”

The little sheep nodded slightly.

The milk from a female sheep was not enough.

Batu picked a few more ewes and squeezed out more than half a bucket of sheeps milk.

“Eh …”

Little Yuers face was sullen and she did not dare to move.

The little sheep asked in confusion, ” whats wrong ”

Little Yuers eyes turned red and she looked as if she was about to cry at any moment.

She said coyly, ” little sheep, I think I stepped on sheep poop!

Batu put the bucket aside, grabbed a handful of dry grass, and wiped the sheeps feces off the little sheeps shoes.

“We can go now.”

Little Yuers eyes were red as she said in a sweet voice, ” thank you, big brother batu.

BA tus face, which had been tanned by the sun, was slightly red.

“Brother batu, do you need my help”

In fact, batus bucket of goats milk was very heavy.

Although the little sheep was silent and didnt speak much, it also shared the weight of the goats milk after batu squeezed it.

Back at the herdsmans house.

A woman was talking to ruan Mianmian.

“Mommy, Auntie ~”

Ruan Mianmian heard her little princess ask gently,”little Yuer, is it fun to milk sheep”

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