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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 22 - Recruitment Storm

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Chapter 22 - Recruitment Storm

As more players started going there, Shi Fengs area turned leisurely.

“Brother Feng, Im not seeing things, right Or am I dreaming right now” Blackie rubbed his eyes as he asked with uncertainty.

Shi Feng was speechless. With a bitter smile, he looked towards the three-man party that caused this disturbance.

The newcomer was not just anybody; she was Blackies idol, Goddess Gentle Snow. Gentle Snows body was covered in a suit of gorgeous silver-colored Plate Armor, revealing her fine and curvaceous body. Adding to her angelic beauty and snow-cold temperament, even womens hearts would be moved by her, as well as a large group of men.

Even Shi Feng couldnt help but admit that Gentle Snow was the most perfect woman he had seen before, be it regarding appearances, body, or temperament. There was not a single female celebrity who could match up to her.

As for the two people on each side of Gentle Snow, Shi Feng was very familiar with them as well. He had seen them before on big news channels. They were all famous experts in Gods Domain.

One of them was also an absolute beauty named Zhao Yueru. If Gentle Snow could be said to possess a perfect body and appearance, then Zhao Yueru possessed a devilishly enticing body and appearance. Every one of her movements was like a temptation that could influence a persons heart. Adding on the fiery red robe that she wore, her body radiated a wild-like charm.

Such bewildering charms had caused many men wanting to go over and assault her.

If you really did such a thing, however, then congratulations. Youve just earned a one-way ticket directly to hell.

This was because words such asbig breasts, no brains andas delicate as a flower were not applicable to Zhao Yueru. In Gods domain, she had another nickname of the Flame Witch. The reason why she held this title was that of the mountain of corpses she had piled up using these male players.

There had once been a Guild Leader of a large Guild that had tried assaulting Zhao Yueru. As a result, the Guild that had over a hundred thousand players became no more; Zhao Yueru even hunted their Guild Leader. The incident only came to an end when that Guild Leader was killed back to Level 0. From then on, the title of Flame Witch had been cast on Zhao Yueru.

Compared to the Snow Goddess and Flame Witch, the Priestess by their side could only be considered normal. She was not overly beautiful, her techniques were not bad, and she was also within the top hundred rankings of Star-Moon Kingdoms Priest Leaderboard.

Two absolute beauties plus a great beauty, such a combination had created brilliant scenery in the Deathly Forest. Hundreds of players surrounded them, trying to become acquainted with the three women. Unfortunately, the three beauties did not even look at them.

“Sister Yueru, these people are really scary. How about we return and level up” The timid Xiao Yueer whispered.

“Hehe, Yueer, dont be afraid. With Gentle Snow here, even if you give these hateful, vulgar men ten times the courage, they wouldnt dare come over here,” Zhao Yueru said with a smile, proudly sticking out her chest.

Gentle Snow only nodded her head in reply. Regarding these salivating, vulgar men, she did not even place them in her eyes.

“Although the drops from Elite monsters are not bad, the drop rate for skill books is higher at the Deathly Forest. If we dont grind for a few more skill books, we will level up very slowly in the future,” Gentle Snow quietly said.

Zhao Yueru nodded her head in agreement. Although the three of them had killed quite many Elite monsters, the number of skill books that dropped was very little. Until now, the three of them had yet to learn even three skills. It was really affecting their strength utilization and grinding efficiency.

“Effective party for Deathly Forest, looking for a healer and MT, 3 waiting for 3.” After taking a few looks, Shi Feng continued shouting.

Although Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru were indeed attractive, Shi Feng was no longer a child. He had seen plenty of beauties, especially after he became Shadows Captain; many beauties would willingly throw themselves at Shi Feng. As for Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru, it was good enough to just look at them for pleasure. Such beauties were not something Shi Feng could have thoughts about. His main goal right now was to get down to business.

However, Shi Fengs shouting did not yield any replies. Not a single player had even glanced at him. All of them were staring and salivating at Gentle Snows group of three. Even Blackie was no exception; his eyes had nearly popped out of their sockets from staring.

Shi Feng sighed, helplessly shaking his head and continued shouting and recruiting people.

“Crap, what is this fool blabbering about Do you really think anybody would commit suicide together with you in the Dungeon”

“Quickly scram, you Level 1 noob! Stop distracting me from looking at beauties.”

Quite a few players started to express their discontentment. Two high-quality beauties had already shown up, yet instead of trying to get closer to them, Shi Feng was actually making noise here. What would you do if those beauties were scared off

“That person is interesting. He can actually attract the hostility of so many people. Did he do something immoral before” Xiao Yueer revealed a crescent moon-like smile, giggling as she pointed at Shi Feng.

Zhao Yueru aimed her eyes over as well. She felt nothing special from Shi Feng. He was even dressed in tattered clothing. Zhao Yueru felt that Shi Feng was just trying to seek attention from the crowd. She suddenly said in disdain, “He is definitely doing so to grab our attention. Lets not bother with him and quickly party up 3 people to dive the Dungeon.”

Regarding the number of men who had tried to attract their attention, there were just too many of them. Zhao Yueru had seen all kinds of methods these men had used before, and Shi Fengs method was not a rare sight at all, but instead outdated.

Gentle Snow did not voice out any opinions, only taking a look at Shi Feng. She felt an odd feeling coming from Shi Feng; this was the spirit of a hidden sword. Gentle Snow was especially concerned about the fire poker hanging around Shi Fengs waist.

“Gentle Snow, what happened to you” Zhao Yueru curiously looked at Gentle Snow. She did not understand why Gentle Snow would keep staring at the extremely ordinary Shi Feng.

“Its nothing. Maybe its just my imagination. We should hurry up and recruit some people to dive the Dungeon.” Gentle Snow shook her head, no longer looking at the fire poker at Shi Fengs waist.

Originally, Shi Fengs party already had trouble recruiting for people. However, because of Zhao Yuerus single sentence, nobody else had paid attention to Shi Fengs party; even if his party had an expert present.

Shi Feng expressed his helplessness when seeing the hundreds of players queuing up in front of Zhao Yueru. The three womens arrival had really bad timing.

“Brother Feng, why dont we go over there as well,” Blackie shamelessly suggested.

“Scram! What do you take me for” Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Blackie. This fellow was just too shameless, forgetting friendship after finding love. Instead, Lonely Snow was the better one. He was a truly honest man. In the beginning, Lonely Snow had only taken a few glances but stopped after giving out a few praises. He had even helped Shi Feng in recruiting people by his side.

Blackie did not dare to speak again after being scolded by Shi Feng. He could only silently look on in envy at those players in the queue.

Over ten minutes later, Shi Feng still had not recruited a single person. Similarly, Gentle Snows party had also not recruited a single person. However, in Shi Fengs case, it was because nobody had come to join his party. Whereas for Gentle Snows party, it was because the players that wanted to join did not match up to their specifications. One party was in heaven, while the other was on earth.

Shi Feng had no more choices. He could not just continue dragging on in such a way; his time was precious. He could only make exceptions in recruiting.

“Efficient party for Deathly Forest, we have an expert leading the party, clear in one try, no limit to levels, looking for healers and damage dealers, 3 waiting for 3.”

However, Shi Fengs words had caused many players to send over looks of disdain.

Even if you were trying to attract attention, you should have a lower line!

Currently, there had already been tens of Level 2 players who had died out of the Dungeon. Every one of them had said the Deathly Forest was impossible to clear. On the other hand, Shi Feng said his party had no level limits. Then wasnt he trying to say that he only needed one person to clear the Deathly Forest Was this possible

However, Shi Feng lower line had still attracted some players attention. Within a few moments, a group of Level 1 players had come running over to join.


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