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2913 She Must Pay for That

After making sure that Chu Peihan didnt feel anywhere uncomfortable, Han Chenglin was finally relieved.

Because Chu Peihan was injured, they didnt go anywhere else after eating.

Instead, they went home.

The police was very efficient, and quickly interrogated the man.

The man told them who the mastermind was, but the police still needed to investigate further to verify it.

The man claimed that he was the cousin of an actresss assistant.

He owed other people five hundred thousand yuan and couldnt pay it back so he was in trouble.

Once the actress heard about that, she met him and promised to give him six hundred thousand yuan if he could help her ruin Chu Peihan.

Using the six hundred thousand yuan, he could pay back his debts and the rest of the money was the remuneration for his time in jail.

As for the reason, he could simply say that he hated Chu Peihan.

Every celebrity had haters.

Such terrible accidents had happened before, so they would believe it was a persuasive reason.

Therefore, the man indeed said that he hated Chu Peihan, so he did it impulsively, but he couldnt give them any details.

Since he hated Chu Peihan, what part of her annoyed him

During the interrogation, the police found that the man hardly knew Chu Peihan.

He couldnt tell them why he hated Chu Peihan so much.

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As a result, the police werent persuaded by his words.

If he barely knew her, why did he suddenly hate her so much and even want to ruin her

The police continued to interrogate him and even used some tricks.

In the end, the man confessed.

Although there was no evidence to prove that his words were true, the police still reported the result to Han Chenglin right away.

After the accident happened, everyone believed that it had to be the idea of an actress who had a grudge against Chu Peihan, but they didnt have a name, because Chu Peihan had conflict with many actresses.

Therefore, Han Chenglin wasnt surprised by the result, but he was furious.

He felt that the mans words were probably mostly true, otherwise the man wouldnt tell them the actresss name.

Most importantly, it was easy to find out whether the man was the actresss assistants cousin.

Given that, there was no need for the man to lie.

However, it was also possible that someone used their familial relationship and bribed the man to pin the blame on the actress.

Anyway, before the final result was out, he wouldnt do anything yet.

He would leave the case to the police.

When Han Chenglin received the call from the police, he was on his way home with Chu Peihan, so Chu Peihan heard their conversation too.

After Han Chenglin hung up, Chu Peihan said, “The only conflict I had against Wu Yiwei is that a director chose me for a leading female role in a show.

The role would have been hers, but she became the supporting actress afterwards.

Because of that, she picked on me during the filming, but it wasnt too much.

I thought it was over after the show was done.

I cant believe she harbored a grudge against me.

Anyway, there is no evidence to prove that shes guilty yet.”

“Its highly likely.

Dont worry.

No matter who it was that did it, I will definitely put them in jail once the results come out.

Ill shut them out of the entertainment industry.

I wont allow anyone to hurt you,” Han Chenglin said with determination.

“Thanks!” Chu Peihan was happy to see that Han Chenglin was so protective of her.

She didnt think he was wrong, because she had the same idea.

If anyone dared to scheme against her, she would make the person pay a heavy price.

After all, if she was weak, she would have been disfigured.

Without Gu Nings help, her life might have been ruined.

If it wasnt serious, she might be able to recover through plastic surgery, but if it was serious, she would have to live in pain.

Therefore, the mastermind should be shut out of the entertainment industry and put in jail.

“I didnt go to document the injury, so the mastermind wont be sentenced to a long time in jail.

Especially since I was able to make a full recovery within a few days,” Chu Peihan said.

“No matter what, they wont live a good life from now on.

Dont worry.

Just leave it to me,” Han Chenglin said.

In fact, it was already illegal that the actress paid someone to ruin her.

Whether they succeeded or not, they would be sentenced to between one to three years in jail.

Although Chu Peihan didnt go to document her injury, there was a video and pictures, which was enough.

In addition, they had connections, so it was easy to get injury documentation.

Whether or not Wu Yiwei received a light or serious punishment also depended on their connections.

The police didnt go to see Wu Yiwei or her assistant right away, but collected evidence through the criminal first.

The evidence included the surveillance video of their meeting, their call records, and transfer records.

Wu Yiwei didnt directly contact the criminal, but her assistant had met the criminal these past few days.

There were call records and transfer records too.

Wu Yiweis assistant transferred money from her bank account, so it could prove that she was the mastermind.

With the evidence, the police went to see Wu Yiwei.

It happened the next afternoon.

Wu Yiwei was worried that the man might betray her.

Although she wanted to shirk responsibility, she felt anxious after breaking the law.

However, she still couldnt accept the result when the police showed up.

At the same time, she blamed the man for everything.

Why did he betray her She had given him so much money.

If he wasnt satisfied, she could give him more.

Wu Yiwei kept on saying that she was innocent and that she did nothing illegal.

“Miss Wu, if youre innocent, well surely clear your name, but the suspect told us that you paid him to do what he did, so you must come to the police station with us now,” a policeman said.

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