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2912 It Cant Happen Again

Men differed.

If a man understood you, he could understand everything you did.

If not, he wouldnt understand what you were doing at all.

Because Gu Ning was very strong, Leng Shaoting normally didnt need to help her.

He respected her, but he wouldnt hesitate to help her if she needed him.

Honestly, he was happy if Gu Ning needed him.

“Do you need me to help you with the investigation” Gu Ning asked.

“Not now.

Let the police do that.

If they cant find anything, you can help me then,” Chu Peihan replied.

Although Gu Ning could easily find out the truth, Chu Peihan felt that she couldnt bother Gu Ning every time.

“Sure!” Gu Ning didnt insist.

She would help her friends when they needed her, but she wouldnt interfere in their affairs.

Otherwise it would make her seem self-centered to always interfere in other peoples business.

When Gu Ning and Chu Peihan arrived at the appointed restaurant, Han Chenglin called Chu Peihan.

He hadnt finished his work yet, but someone told him that a man had splashed sulfuric acid on Chu Peihan.

Han Chenglin was furious.

He was mad at the man and Chu Peihan as well.

Why didnt she tell him

However, he was more worried about Chu Peihans condition.

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Therefore, once Chu Peihan answered his call, he asked about her condition.

Chu Peihan told him that Gu Ning had already treated her so she was fine now, and would make a full recovery in two days.

Han Chenglin believed in Gu Nings abilities, because he had seen her skills many times.

Han Chenglin was very grateful to Gu Ning, but he felt a little jealous too.

Chu Peihan turned to Gu Ning, instead of him, for help the moment she ran into trouble.

However, he understood that Gu Ning was more useful than him, so he was just slightly upset.

Nevertheless, no matter how unhappy he was, he had to tolerate it.

If he said it aloud, Gu Ning might be offended.

He wasnt dumb, andwould be fine after a while.

After making sure that Chu Peihan was fine, Han Chenglin burst out.

“Chu Peihan, am I your boyfriend or not Why didnt you tell me after it happened I had to hear about it from someone else.

What do you want to do”

“I didnt want to bother you because you were at work,” Chu Peihan said in a low voice.

She wasnt wrong, but she felt a bit guilty.

“Dont you know that youre more important than work to me” Han Chenglin asked.

In that instant, Chu Peihan felt extremely touched.

It was precisely because of that that she felt a little guilty for not telling him.

“Alright, alright, dont be mad.

Im sorry.

I promise Ill tell you next time.” Chu Peihan said to appease Han Chenglin.

“Do you want it to happen again It cant happen again,” Han Chenglin exclaimed.

He was scared when he heard that it had happened, so he would go crazy if it happened again.

“Fine, fine, it wont happen again,” Chu Peihan said at once.

Han Chenglin stopped arguing with her.

After all, Chu Peihan didnt tell him because she wanted to wait for him to finish his work first.

He cared about Chu Peihan a lot, so he was mad, and he immediately put pressure on the police and ordered them to find out the truth as soon as possible.

At this time, Han Chenglin had almost finished his work.

Because he learned that Chu Peihan was fine and that Gu Ning would take care of her, he forced himself to calm down and didnt rush away to see Chu Peihan until he finished the last take.

Luckily, he was filming at the capital, or it wouldnt be very convenient.

No matter what, he would rush to see Chu Peihan now that such a terrible accident happened.

When Gu Ning and Chu Peihan arrived, everyone was present.

Chu Peihan was late because of the accident, but it was only 6 pm.

Chu Peihan had called Shi Xiaoyue, Mu Ke, Yu Mixi, Song Miaoge, Zhang Zikai, and Baili Zongxue to come hang out.

They werent just Gu Nings friends anymore, they were also Chu Peihan and the others friends.

Therefore, they didnt need to invite each other to meet up through Gu Ning.

In other words, they were very close now, so they met often.

When they saw the bandages on Chu Peihans arm, they were scared and asked what happened.

Chu Peihan gave a sigh first.

She decided to be honest with them, so she said, “I just left my house and went into the parking lot, but a man suddenly splashed sulfuric acid on me.

He aimed at my face, but luckily I covered my face with my arm.

My arm was burned, but Ningning helped me treat the wound.

Im fine now, and it should heal in two days.”

Hearing that, everyone was mad.

“What How could he do that Hes so hateful!”

“Right, he should go to hell.”

“What happened next Why did the man splash sulfuric acid on you”

There had to be a reason for that, and they were sure that it couldnt be Chu Peihans fault.

“The police took him away.

They need some time to find out the reason,” Chu Peihan replied.

“Is it possible that an actress is jealous of you or has a grudge against you, so she paid the man to hurt you” Shi Xiaoyue guessed.

“Its possible.

He could also be an actress crazy fan.

In order to please his idol, he hurt Peihan,” Song Miaoge chimed in.

“I had the same idea, but I need to wait till the police find out the truth,” Chu Peihan said.

“Why didnt you ask Ningning to help you It should be quicker,” Zhang Zikai said.

“I dont think it will be difficult to find out the truth, so I dont want to bother Ningning.

If the police cant find out the truth, Ill turn to Ningning for help then,” Chu Peihan replied.

“Alright.” Zhang Zikai answered.

“Oh, does my cousin know” Shi Xiaoyue asked.

“Yes,” Chu Peihan said.

After that, they dropped the topic and began to order.

Han Chenglin arrived while they were eating.

Because Han Chenglin knew they were meeting there, he directly went to the private room once he arrived.

As soon as Han Chenglin walked in, he checked on Chu Peihans body and asked her whether she felt uncomfortable anywhere.

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