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After the bunch of abductors were taken back to the police station, they were interrogated overnight.

Although Gu Ning had already questioned them, only she and Dai Xiongyu heard their answers.

If the police needed solid proof, they needed to interrogate them again.

Because the bunch of men had already confessed to their crime to Gu Ning and Dai Xiongyu, they said the same thing to the police.

Their confession wasnt enough to prove who was guilty, but the police needed to interrogate the suspects for a thorough investigation.

It was late, so they decided to go find Pei Jiangchao the next day.

As soon as Pei Jiangchao heard that the bunch of men was caught, he was filled with anxiety.

He was afraid that they might betray him.

It was his own idea.

The Yuan family, his father, and his brothers didnt know about it at all.

He was eager to achieve something to prove himself.

After the Pei family successfully replaced the Chang family, his father might attach more importance to him because of his great help.

In that case, he would be able to become the Pei familys heir.

No one could say no to power!

The Pei family also heard about the abduction that Dai Xiongyu had experienced, but they had no idea that it was done by Pei Jiangchao.

“I wonder who did it.

Its so stupid to abduct Dai Xiongyu at this moment.

Obviously, the Dai family has the Leng familys support.

Nobody wants to mess with the Leng family.

They failed halfway, which proves they have no ability to go against the Leng family.

I cant imagine what punishment the mastermind will receive once hes exposed,” Master Pei said.

In fact, he hoped that the abduction could have succeeded, since it would be great if the Dai family was in trouble, since it would be a chance for them to prepare.

Unfortunately, it failed.

Hearing that, Pei Jiangchao was even more anxious.

He hesitated to tell Master Pei the truth.

His mind was in chaos and he could only hope that those men didnt betray him.

He honestly had no idea what to do next.

Therefore, he wanted to be honest with his father, so that they could help him out.

“Yeah, if it succeeded and caused a sensation, it would have done us a big favor, but unfortunately it failed,” Master Peis eldest son said.

“The Dai family wont stop looking for the mastermind behind the abduction.

I dont think its over yet,” said Master Pei.

As they chatted, they noticed something was wrong with Pei Jiangchao.

Master Peis eldest son, Pei Jianghai, asked him, “Jiangchao, whats wrong You look distracted.”

“Oh, n-nothing.” Pei Jiangchao immediately came back to his senses and responded.

However, he was obviously lying.

Mater Pei and Pei Jianghai were both very smart people, so they clearly saw that Pei Jiangchao wasnt right.

And they somehow had a feeling that it might have something to do with the Dai family.

As a result, Master Pei got mad and said seriously, “Tell us if youre hiding anything.

Were at a key moment now.

No mistakes should be made, or well fail.”

He hoped that Pei Jiangchao didnt affect the Pei family.

“I…” Pei Jiangchao wanted to tell them, but hesitated when he was about to say it.

He didnt know how to handle it on his own, and his father wouldnt believe that he had done nothing wrong.

The longer Pei Jiangchao hesitated, the more nervous Master Pei and Pei Jianghai got.

After that, other members of the Pei family exchanged a glance.

Was it possible that Pei Jiangchao did something really bad

“You two, go to the study with me,” Master Pei said, then he stood up.

If Pei Jiangchao really did something terrible, he might not want to say it in front of other people.

After all, their wives and kids were in the living room as well.

They could be aware of things, but they shouldnt be involved in everything.

Pei Jianghai immediately stood up too.

Pei Jiangchao hesitated for a second, then had to stand up and follow them.

The three of them went to the study.

After the door was closed, Master Pei asked again, “Jiangchao, what is it Tell us.

I noticed that something was wrong from your reaction.”

“I…” Pei Jiangchao was still thinking about it, because he knew his father would surely blame him for it.

“Tell me, I dont want to ask you a third time!” said Master Pei seriously.

This time, Pei Jiangchao didnt dare to hesitate again, so he summoned up his courage and said, “Dad, Im sorry, it was actually me who planned to abduct Dai Xiongyu.

I just wanted to help.

I didnt know it would fail so easily.”

“What You did that”

Hearing that, both Master Pei and Pei Jianghai were shocked, then they got furious.

“Why did you do that without our permission Dont you know how dangerous it is Do you want our family to be in trouble” Master Pei angrily criticized Pei Jiangchao.

“How could you be so impulsive If it was helpful, father would have done that already.

Why did you make such a stupid decision on your own” Pei Jianghai also criticized Pei Jiangchao.

He even had the impulse to punch his younger brother.

He understood that Pei Jiangchao wanted to impress their father, but he must be smart! If he did something that he shouldnt do, it would only harm the Pei family.

“I just wanted to…” Pei Jiangchao wanted to explain and felt aggrieved.

“Shut up!” Before he could finish, Master Pei snapped at him.

“Dont tell me you did that for our family.

Im not an idiot.

You did that for yourself! If you really want our family to be better, you should have talked to me about it before you took action.

“Learn from your older brother.

Perhaps you think he doesnt have his own ideas because he asks about my opinion every time he wants to do something, but hes very mature.

Dont you know why your older brother is always being promoted faster than you It cant be achieved just by our family and my support.”

Pei Jiangchaos ambition wasnt a secret in their family and Master Pei had taught him how to deal with things many times before, but he never satisfied Master Pei.

Actually, if Pei Jiangchao could deal with things on his own, Master Pei wouldnt waste time teaching him again and again.

After all, Master Pei did it for his good.

However, Pei Jiangchao felt uncomfortable whenever Master Pei taught him.

He didnt think it was good for him.

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