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I Lost Xu Yuan

Shi Linglongs territory might be destroyed! Su Wan was anxious after seeing the message in the group chat.

Even the joy she had felt in destroying the barbarian stronghold was no longer there.

[Lin Yao: Linglong, what are the coordinates of your territory I will see if I can come for your help.]

After Shi Linglong sent the coordinates, Lin Yao and Zhao Qingrong sent a series of ellipses. Shi Linglongs territory was too far away from them.

[Zhao Qingrong: Sister Yao, cant we let the senior students help Linglong]

Zhao Qingrong believed that if she sent Shi Linglongs coordinates, some seniors would definitely want to help her.

They had only just become Lords and didnt have too many resources to help Shi Linglong. Besides, the territory was too far away.

However, it was different for the senior students. They had been Lords for a long time, so they would have some special tools in their hands. Perhaps one of them would be able to teleport to Shi Linglongs territory to help her!

[Lin Yao: Normally, that would be possible. The Lords do help each other. But we are new students, and we are still at the trial stage.]

Lin Yaos words shattered their hopes. Their teacher had informed them that aside from other freshmens assistance, no other interference would be tolerated at the trial stage.

Just when they were feeling hopeless, Su Wan compared the coordinates.

[Su Wan: Your territory seems to be near mine! Linglong, hold on! I will come help you.]

Su Wan didnt blindly suggest it.

If the Barbarian leader was wandering around Shi Linglongs territory, it was very likely that he would destroy the core of the territory. At that time, Shi Linglongs future would be over!

But if Su Wan could support her even if she cant beat the barbarian leader, there will be some hope.

Su Wans territory was hidden in a cave. It would be very difficult for the barbarian leader to find it.

If the Territory Core was still intact, the skeleton soldiers, and even the Lord could be resurrected using the Territory Core!

After considering these factors, Su Wan decided to take the skeleton soldiers to help Shi Linglong.

Su Wan looked at Xu Yuan who was still sleeping on the ground. She hesitated then carried him in her arms. Xu Yuan opened his eyes and looked at Su Wan.

Su Wan hurriedly explained the situation to him.

“Please dont misunderstand. I am just taking you with me so you can gain experience and level up.”

Xu Yuan didnt resist and let Su Wan carry him out of the territory.

Su Wan counted the number of skeleton soldiers she had. Thirty-three of them had fallen in the fight. Now, only sixty-seven remained.

I have no time to revive them. I have to hurry and help Linglong!

Resurrecting the troop required time and resources. Right now, every second was precious. Su Wan took the remaining skeleton soldiers with her.

According to the coordinates given by Shi Linglong, Su Wan found her territory.

Shi Linglongs territory was in a lush forest. There was even a lake nearby.

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This was the place Su Wan had imagined and fantasized about!Should I call it a blessing in disguise Su Wan wondered.

Su Wan realized that although her territory wasnt pleasing to the eyes and lacked resources, it was still safely hidden from enemies.

Furthermore, the skeleton soldiers seemed to be hiding some secrets of their own. They could transform into black skeleton soldiers and blow up the barbarians.

Shi Linglongs opening was pretty good, with mountains and rivers. But she was unlucky because the barbarian leader was on her trail.

Su Wan was lost in her thoughts when the skeleton soldiers in front of her faltered.

Su Wan looked in front of her and found that the skeleton soldiers and the barbarians had collided.

The skeleton soldiers at the front were very brave. They didnt care about death. They charged at the barbarians.

“We are done for!” Su Wans blood pressure rose a little.

She was very clear that her goal was not to eliminate these barbarians, but to chase them away, so that Shi Linglongs territory would not be attacked.

Su Wans plan was to find the barbarians and formulate a strategy to lead them away somehow. In the end, these brainless skeleton soldiers had charged recklessly.

Xu yuan opened an eye to gauge the situation, then closed it lazily.

Xu Yuan silently cast the Demon Dragons Blessing on the skeletons.

In an instant, the skeleton soldiers that were kicked away like sandbags turned into black skeletons with tripled attributes!

“They transformed again!” exclaimed Su Wan. “I dont understand how they do that at all!”

Su Wan stared at the skeleton soldiers but still couldnt find an explanation.

How did they transform What is causing them to transform Su Wan wondered.

When she came back to her senses again, she discovered that those black skeleton soldiers had been defeated. They were retreating.

“There are too many barbarians. Theres a barbarian leader nearby. Its a big tribe!”

Su Wan realized that the barbarians they fought were different from the ones they had fought before. This tribe was far larger and stronger in numbers.

Therefore, even the black skeleton soldiers that had destroyed the barbarian stronghold easily before were being forced to retreat.

Su Wan looked at Xu Yuan who slept in her arms with his eyes closed. She carefully placed him under a tree and went to join the fight.

She used Steel Shelter to increase the remaining skeletons resistance and fought the barbarians with them

Although there were too many barbarians, they still had a fighting chance!

A barbarian threw a spear at Su Wan. She dodged it with her agility attribute but realized that the spear was now heading toward the tree where she had set Xu Yuan under the tree.

Su Wan was terrified that the spear would hit Xu Yuan. “Be careful!” she shouted.

The spear struck the tree, but it did not hit Xu Yuan. Su Wan sighed in relief.

Xu Yuan, who was sleeping with his eyes closed, was a little impatient. He yawned. “Keep it down, will you I want to sleep!”

Su Wan wondered why he was sleeping so much. She thought he must really be sick or cursed with something. Maybe that was why he was always drowsy.

She was angry at the barbarians now. Just as she was about to attack, a mighty figure appeared a distance away.

She saw a two-meter-tall barbarian appear in front of her.

“The barbarian leader!” Su Wan was so scared that her face turned pale.

The black skeleton soldiers were no better than trash in front of the barbarian leader. They were just kicked away.

Su Wan realized she couldnt win. Even if she could resurrect herself, it would be foolish to charge at the barbarian leader for a fight.

Su Wan commanded the skeleton soldiers to occupy the barbarian leader while she ran away.

She followed the direction Shi Linglong had given her and found a small cave where Shi Linglong was hiding. They finally met!

“Wanwan, you really came to help me! I am so touched. Thank you so much for helping me!” said Shi Linglong.

She asked Su Wan about her hero. Su Wan froze. “Sh*t! I left Xu Yuan at the fight scene!”

Su Wan didnt have time to think. She gathered the few remaining skeleton soldiers with her and went to look for Xu Yuan



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