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Su Wan Was Rejected

In front of Su Wan was a lizard-like creature the size of a human baby.

The dark aura it radiated was very distinct. This was a Dark-Type hero! Heroes of Light and Darkness were the top amongst heroes.

Su Wan sorted out her thoughts and calmed herself. Her heart was beating fast. She called out the communication panel.

This was a special panel that the Lords received in the Overlord Plane, allowing them to communicate with the other Lords or heroes.

Its functions were similar to the communication software on the Blue Planet.

In the dormitory group chat that only had four people, Su Wan reported her situation to her roommates.

[Su Wan: Hehe, sisters, my hero is a Dark-Type!]

After Su Wan sent the message, someone immediately answered in the group chat.

[Shi Linglong: Really Wanwans hero is actually a Dark-Type! Thats very fitting. Wanwan is so black-bellied. She is indeed fated to be with dark heroes.]

Shi Linglong, the representative of Su Wans dormitory, was also a living treasure. She was always so mischievous and full of energy. Her favorite thing was to give nicknames to others.

The nickname she had given Su Wan was, “Black-bellied woman”. She would always say that unlike Su Wans cold and beautiful appearance, she had a very dark heart so she had given her such a nickname.

Another of her dormitory mates also expressed her opinion.

[Zhao Qingrong: Wow! Wanwans hero is indeed no simple creature. Is it a humanoid Is he handsome]

Su Wan realized she had forgotten to send them a photo.

So, Su Wan used the function of the communication panel to take a picture of the creature in front of her and sent it to the group chat.

When everyone in the group chat saw the photo of the black, glistening, baby-sized lizard-like creature, they were regretful.

[Zhao Qingrong: Ah, what a pity! It would have been fine if he wasnt handsome. But it turns out it doesnt even look human. Now I am not interested.]

Although Su Wan couldnt see her friends face through the group chat, she clearly imagined the expression on Zhao Qingrongs face.

Among the four people in the dormitory, if Su Wan looked cold on the outside but was actually a black-bellied girl, Shi Linglong was a ghostly little sister, then Zhao Qingrong was a fangirl who was only interested in handsome men.

[Zhao Qingrong: Wanwan, let me tell you. My hero is obviously a handsome guy. Ha ha ha.]

Zhao Qingrong sent a photo. Her hero was a handsome elf.

Shi Linglong sent another message to the group.

[Shi Linglong: Although, Rongrongs elf is a handsome guy, hes useless in anything else except looking good. He will definitely get beaten by Wanwans Blackie!]

When Zhao Qingrong read that, she exploded in anger. The two began to argue.

Fortunately, Lin Yao, the last of the four to appear, smoothed things over between them.

[Lin Yao: Alright, Linglong, dont provoke Rongrong. Wanwans hero is a Dark-Type, so his strength must be extraordinary.]

Although the four of them were in the same class and dormitory, they were of different ages.

The youngest of them was Shi Linglong. She was one year younger than Lin Yao.

Lin Yao was the oldest of the four, and she usually considered herself the big sister. Whenever there was any conflict in the dormitory, she would be the one to diffuse the situation.

[Lin Yao: Wanwan, since you have a dark hero, you have to be careful. Although the dark hero is the best, its not easy to make a contract with it.]

Dark heroes were not to be trifled with. It would not be easy to make a contract with them, indeed.

Su Wan listened to Lin Yaos suggestion. She did not underestimate the black lizard-like creature. She was excited to introduce herself.

“Hello, dark hero,” said Su Wan. “I am Su Wan. Its a pleasure to meet you.”

If those students who thought Su Wan was cold and aloof could see her now…

Unfortunately, the only person who saw Su Wan in this place was Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan raised his head and looked at the human woman.

At first glance, Xu Yuan was very disappointed. The young woman in front of him looked weak.

Once they formed the contract, they would be bonded. Each of their achievements would reflect on the other. The heros growth would benefit the Lord and vice versa.

If one of them decided to pull back, it would affect both their growth.

“Hello,” said Xu Yuan, softly/ He then lay on the ground and closed his eyes again.

If he slept, he would become stronger. He would be unstoppable.

Su Wan was at a loss. She felt that it was indeed difficult to deal with the Dark-Type heroes. Lin Yao was right. It would be difficult to coax the hero into a contract.

It was obvious that this dark hero didnt want to form a contract with her. Su Wan recalled what she had learnt at the academy. Favorability was an important factor.

In the past, many mediocre Lords would form contracts with strong heroes because they found the heroes favorable, and they would help with their own growth.

Su Wan had to do the opposite. She needed to increase her favorability so the dark hero would form a contract with her.

But the problem was, how could she increase her favorability

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Su Wan looked at the little thing sleeping on the ground. She couldnt possibly pick him up and pet him like a cat. Besides, he might get angry at her for treating him so disrespectfully.

After thinking for a long while, Su Wan figured out a way. She had to express her sincerity to gain the creatures favor.

He saw Su Wan cautiously step forward. She crouched down near him. She wanted to lower herself to his level so that he understood that she respected him as a hero.

“Respected hero, Im a first-year student of the Star Academy, Su Wan. I would be grateful if you could agree to the equal contract I initiate.”

An equal contract. That was the method Su Wan went for. There were three types of contracts that could be created between the Lord and the hero: slave contract, master-servant contract, and an equal contract.

In a slave contract, the Lord had absolute control over the hero. The Lord would get 90% from their contract.

As for the master-servant contract, the Lord had the authority to order the hero, and would receive 50% from their mutual growth.

However, in an equal contract, both the Lord and the hero would be equals. They cannot order each other around but only negotiate terms. The Lord would receive only a 10% bonus from the heros achievements.

Su Wans heart was pounding. She was uneasy and impatient waiting for the heros reply.

“I refuse,” said Xu Yuan.

He hadnt even opened his eyes and rejected her outright. Su Wan was stunned.

The grade of the Lord was similar to the grade of the corresponding hero. In most cases, heroes did not refuse an equal contract.

In the current situation, Su Wan felt lost. Nothing in the academy had taught her to deal with such an event.



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