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New ability: Dark Fusion

In her territory, Su Wan was studying all different kinds of buildings and preparing resources.

Su Wan didnt notice that Xu Yuan wasnt sleeping in a corner like he usually did.

XuYuan was changing his appearance. Level 5 had given him wings. At Level 10, his body changed again.

In Shi Linglongs territory, he had suppressed the change, but he could no longer hold it back. A wispy blue flame emerged at the tip of Xu Yuans tail.

Why do I feel like Im a little fire dragon Xu Yuan wagged his tail and the blue flames flickered.

[Name: Xu Yuan]

[Demonic Dragons true name: Luphus Olga]

[Race: Dark Demon Dragon]

[Level: 5]

[Strength: 460]

[Spirit: 458]

[Agility: 457]

[Constitution: 460]



[Night Shift LVL1]

[Dragon Gods Slumber LVL1]

[Lord of Darkness]

[Demonic Dragons Blessing]

[Dark Fusion: Fuse two dark creatures of the same race into one creature for 10 minutes. The fused creature will have the combined attributes of the two creatures!]

Xu Yuans eyes lit up when he saw the new ability he had gained from the fire on her tail.

“This is a good skill!”

Fusing with this ability would allow Xu Yuan to make greater use of dark creatures and make them more powerful.

As long as he had powerful subordinates, he wouldnt have to do many cumbersome things, and he could sleep and level up in peace!

[Congratulations to the hero for reaching Level 10. You have received 1 Skill Enhancement Point. You can enhance any skill you have.]

Xu Yuan studied it for a while and realized that Skill Enhancement Points could be obtained for every 10 levels he advanced.

Which ability should I enhance

Xu Yuan looked at his skills. The most important thing was to level up, so he chose to enhance Night Shift ability.

Now, his Night Shift was on Level 2. It allowed him to increase experience by 50% more.

Im leveling up even faster now! Just when he was feeling satisfied, Su Wan discovered his abnormality.

In the dark cave, the blue flame at the tip of his tail was very noticeable. She noticed it at once. It wasnt like his wings which could be hidden anyway.

“Oh!” Su Wan exclaimed. She knelt in front of him and looked at him. “Xu Yuan… why do you look less and less like a lizard now

Su Wan could finally see the way his body had changed. There were the wings, and now the tail with the blue flames. No matter how she looked at him, he was no longer a lizard. Instead, he looked more and more like a dragon.

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However, something was missing.Horns,” Su Wan thought.

Xu Yuan just yawned and closed his eyes. “Huh I dont know,” he said sheepishly.

From the look on his face, Su Wan knew she wouldnt get any answers from him. She realized that her hero might not be as simple as she had thought.

With my skills and talent, it is impossible for my hero to be a useless piece of trash, after all,” thought Su Wan. “Xu Yuan is lazy, but he might not be entirely useless.

Su Wan wondered how she could get Xu Yuan to be more active. After thinking for a while, she decided to take Xu Yuan with her to a barbarian stronghold once again

While completing the Freshmen Trial and earning points, she could get Xu Yuan to be more active and livelier. She would pretend to be of no match and would lead the Barbarian Leader to Xu Yuan.

When the Barbarian Leader attacked, Xu Yuan would have no choice but to attack back. Just like the Holy Spear Knight he met today.

Su Wan recalled the Holy Spear Knights attack. Xu Yuan had revealed his wings that time. She thought that he needed a bit of pressure to reveal his strength.

If she urged him a few more times, maybe he would definitely outgrow his laziness.

“I am going out to find out more about this place. You stay here,” said Su Wan with a smile.

If it was anyone from the academy, they would have fallen in love with that smile. But to Xu Yuan, that smile meant trouble.

What scheme is this woman brewing XuYuan looked at her in confusion

Su Wan left the cave to find a barbarian stronghold to implement her plan.

After Su Wan left, Xu Yuan became active. He looked at the skeleton warriors. Some had fallen but as long as the Territory Core was intact, they could be revived with enough resources.

Xu Yuan wanted to try his new ability. “Darkness Fusion!”

The blue flames at his tail grew brighter and enveloped two skeleton soldiers. The two soldiers fused together to form one majestic skeleton soldier. This skeleton soldier had the attributes of two skeleton soldiers combined!

“Not bad! Its a pity I only have skeleton soldiers here.”

He wished to fuse a skeleton soldier with another species of creature to see what the outcome would be. But all he had now were these useless skeleton soldiers, so he could not experiment as he pleased.

“Fuse!” Xu Yuan fused the skeletons on a whim. He wanted to know if he could fuse the skeletons that he had already fused before.

He tried to fuse two already fused skeletons.

[The current skill level is not high enough to perform a second fusion.]

That meant that as long as he enhanced his skill, he could continue fusing them. He might even be able to fuse all hundred skeletons into one.

As he thought that, he fused the remaining skeletons. The 100 skeletons had fused into 50 now.

It just so happened that Su Wan returned at that time to the cave. Xu Yuan quickly laid down on the floor and pretended to be asleep.

When she saw that there were only 50 skeletons instead of a hundred, she was stunned.

On the Resource Panel, the number of skeleton soldiers was still 100. She was confused.

“Xu Yuan, where did my skeleton soldiers go” she asked.



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