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Encountering the Light Hero

[You have chosen the Blood Trial. It will begin in three days.]

Su Wan looked on in a daze. She had been just about to press the [Reject] button on the panel when a small, clawed finger had shot out and pressed [Accept].

“Xu Yuan!” she roared.

She gritted her teeth trying to control her anger. Her hero was too infuriating! Xu Yuan, still in Su Wans arms, raised his head and looked at her as though he felt that his actions didnt warrant such a drastic reaction.

“Wanwan, whats wrong You want to make a wish” Shi Linglong didnt know that Xu Yuans name meant “Wish”. She was confused why her friend was screaming for a wish.

Su Wan calmed down after hearing her friends voice. She didnt want to display her inadequacy in front of her friends. If they found out she couldnt even control her own hero, they might just laugh at her.

Su Wan suppressed her anger. “Yes, Linglong. I want to make a wish for all of us to do well and get good rankings in this years freshmen competition.”

Su Wan didnt bother to elaborate. She only had three days until the Blood Trial. She needed to head back to her own territory and prepare for it.

Su Wan left while Shi Linglong bid her farewell with a confused smile.

After leaving her friend behind, Su Wan looked at the hero in her arms. “Why! Why did you choose that”

Su Wan had no patience. She had thought that as long as they worked together, she could just cooperate but seeing him trick her again, she was furious.

The initial talent and the Blood Train were two entirely different things. Even though Xu Yuan had chosen without consulting with her for the initial talent, she didnt mind much because it was absolute. But the Blood Trial… she might die in the Blood Trial!

Xu Yuan looked at Su Wan innocently. “The Blood Trial has good rewards. I am doing this for you. It will help you level up sooner.”

Su Wan was furious. “You have done enough! Trying not to trick me would be good for a start.” She gritted her teeth. “You—”

She was interrupted by someone. A woman with long, wavy hair looked at Su Wan in surprise.

On her side, a golden-haired man in golden armor, like a Golden Saint, held a long spear and stared at Su Wan suspiciously.

“Are you Su Wan” asked the woman. “What are you doing with a lizard and weak skeleton soldiers”

Skeleton soldiers were known to be weak in combat.

Xu Yuan, in Su Wans arms, looked very harmless. No matter how the woman looked at it, Su Wans rapid advancement in the Overlord Plane seemed a little off.

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Su Wan realized that the woman was an influential and powerful person from Stars Academy. Her name was Li Na.

As the heir to the Li family, Li Na had caused a huge commotion on the day of her enrollment. She was popular among men and women.

But when Su Wans information was posted in the school forum, her fame took second place.

Su Wans identity and background were mysterious, and her origin seemed a juicier topic of discussion than the Li family.

In terms of talent, the specific information of Su Wans bloodline was unknown, but an estimate placed her in the S-class.

With Su Wans arrival, Li Na took second place. That thought aggrieved and aggravated Li Na. She had clenched her fists in anger wanting to take down Su Wan once and for all.

Li Na had finally found an opportunity.

In terms of Army type, her troops were all Holy Knights, and Su Wan only had skeleton soldiers which were only good as cannon fodders.

In terms of heroes, her initial hero was the S-Class light hero, Holy Spear Knight, and Su Wans hero seemed to be the dark little thing in her arms.

Li Na compared their strengths. She felt like she had already won.

Su Wan and Li Na disliked each other. But they werent going to physically fight until a persons action changed everything.

Li Nas Holy Spear Knight, stared at Xu Yuan. He raised his spear. Golden light burst everywhere. “Fallen dark creature, prepare to be purified!”

The Holy Spear Knight attacked.

Not only Su Wan but also Li Na was shocked by this. Li Na was jealous of Su Wan but she didnt want to kill her!

The hero went with the attack without waiting for his Lords orders.What a terrifying aura!

The skeleton soldiers definitely werent a match at all.

Su Wan looked at Xu Yuan in her arms. She did not intend for him to fight. “Xu Yuan, run!”

Su Wans first thought was to flee. As long as there were hills and forests, there was still some hope that they could hide and get away. Su Wan swore she would improve in the future and teach Li Na a lesson for this.

Su Wan knew that Xu Yuan was no fighter. But when it came to fleeing, he was the fastest of all.

The moment she told him to run, Xu Yuan spread his wings, rose from her arms and flew away.

Su Wan was stunned. She almost got hit by the golden spear.

After narrowly avoiding the attack, Su Wan heard Li Na trying to stop her Holy Spear Knight.

Su Wan didnt dare remain there. She rushed in the direction where Xu Yuan had fled.

After Su Wan left Li Na glared at the Holy Spear Knight in disapproval. “Why did you attack”

Li Na was very displeased. Her grudge with Su Wan was personal but it wasnt as serious as to be settled with a fight.

The Holy Spear Knight had acted out of his own accord. He was silent. He stood there, with his back straight.

He slowly said, “In the Hero Plane, the war between the light and darkness has gone on for a thousand years. It is our destiny to destroy all dark creatures.”

The Holy Spear Knight explained, “This time, too, countless dark heroes came to the lower realm, so we followed them here. In this era, there are bound to be many heroes of light and darkness in this realm.”

Li Na was a little dejected. She had thought she was extremely talented, so she had managed to get a light hero. It seemed that there were countless light and dark heroes appearing in this realm.

“Then what happened in the era of Xuanji Why did so many dark heroes descend to the lower realm that time” Li Na asked.

The Holy Spear Knights face turned solemn as though he was afraid of something.

The Holy Spear Knight said in a trembling voice, “There is an extremely terrifying dark hero in the lower realm right now.”



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