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Gu Zecheng, seeing the frightened faces of the two people in front of him, seemed to be surprised and asked Su Yingqiu, "What Didn't you talk to Old Qiao on the phone some time ago Didn't he tell you that Zixi and I are together"


Su Yingqiu opened his mouth several times and finally choked out a sentence, "I thought...

Brother Qiao was joking with me."


"How could he joke about such a thing Don’t you know your brother Qiao's temperament" Gu Zecheng smiled and patted Su Yingqiu’s shoulder, saying, "If Zixi and I go to O Continent to have a wedding one day, we’ll invite you to be our best man!"


"I...that...okay, fine..." Su Yingqiu's complexion suddenly became deathly pale when he heard Gu Zecheng's best man invitation, and he was in a daze for a long time before he absent-mindedly agreed.

After that he stammered, "I...I have something to confirm with Director He.

I'm...I'm going to look for him..." before rushing out of the RV without looking back.


After Su Yingqiu left without even closing the car door, Gu Zecheng went to lock it.

When he walked back to the bed, he found Lin Zixi supporting his forehead with a hand, so he asked, "What's wrong"


……I just saw with my own eyes the tragedy of being issued a best man card, so I’m full of sympathy.


How miserable Big Artist Su was.


Lin Zixi replied while thinking about it, "I guess my diving scene in the afternoon will be postponed, so I’m reflecting upon myself for causing trouble for the crew."


Thus, young actor Lin, who was ‘reflecting upon himself’, asked for half a day of sick leave and was taken out of the crew by his dad.


After being brought to the hotel and sitting on the sofa in the top-floor suite, Lin Zixi read the scripts that were handed over to him to be selected while constantly casting a glance at Gu Zecheng, who was reading documents in the office area next to him.

Eventually, his slightly uneasy conscience made him speak, "Daddy..."


"What's the matter" Dad Gu raised his head from the documents and looked at him with inscrutable and deeply-concerned eyes.


Lin Zixi caressed Gu Zecheng's eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips with his gaze several times and finally, with a bit of ‘early death and early reincarnation’ mentality, said, "Su Yingqiu, he towards you..." 


To his surprise, Gu Zecheng did not wait for him to finish speaking and interrupted him, "I know."


"You know!" Lin Zixi was upset, staring at his dad with wide eyes.


"I didn't know that before.

But..." Dad Gu sighed, got up from his seat, walked over to him, and said, "He suddenly called Qiao Weidong and came back in a hurry this time.

I guessed it as soon as I saw him."


"Then you...

Then you still said something like inviting him to be the best man!" Lin Zixi asked, dumbfounded.


"There’re some things that I can't let him speak since I know them, otherwise..." Gu Zecheng sat beside Lin Zixi and took him into his arms before continuing, "We mayn't even be able to keep the 'friendship' in our memories."


"Then..." Lin Zixi paused before asking softly, "Don't you regret it"


"What do I regret" The man hugging him asked.


"Regretting that you didn't confess to Su Yingqiu at that time.

You two clearly liked each other then." When Lin Zixi spoke, his gaze seemed to look into the bottom of Gu Zecheng's eyes and heart.


Gu Zecheng looked at him calmly, "I liked him, but it’s just like.

Since I chose to be with your mother in order to escape from my own feelings, my feelings then were doomed to not come to fruition….

When it comes to feelings, a thing like not being brave enough doesn't exist at all.

Some people just don't like it enough."


After speaking, Gu Zecheng hugged Lin Zixi to his lap, held his hand, and stroked it lightly while asking him gently, "Baby, you should be reassured now, right"


"Be...cough...be reassured what" Lin Zixi was halfway through his words and realized that he was going to suffer, so he hurriedly acted stupid.


"Be reassured..." Gu Zecheng sneered.

His face suddenly changed, and he pinched Lin Zixi’s chin as he said word by word, "That Daddy will ** you forever!"


Then Lin Zixi was held down and **ed hard, in all kinds of position that would not hurt his legs, by his dad.


From the sofa to the desk; from the dining table to the bathroom….

Young actor Lin not only cried and admitted his mistake to Big Boss Gu of not trusting him enough, in the end, he even confessed the matter of asking for a breakup fee after he was supposed to be dumped.


After the two of them played crazy for an afternoon, Lin Zixi was carried back to the sofa like a ragdoll by Gu Zecheng.

Dad Gu fed him seafood porridge one spoon at a time and then wiped his mouth with a handkerchief before saying, "Without a breakup fee, I can also arrange resources for you, and I’ll give free rein to you to choose the director and the script.



Gu Zecheng tapped his nose and asked, "Do you know what to do"


Lin Zixi slowly licked his lower lip and leaned into his dad's ear, saying in a low voice, "What President Gu wants to play, I'll risk my life to accompany you."


Then, President Gu sighed and slapped the butt of Big Star Lin, whom he planned to ‘keep’, "I mean you have to study hard and perform well.

At that time, losing money is a small thing, but getting scolded by the audience with poisoned eyes is really shameful."


"President Gu...

You're playing your cards not according to reason." Big Star Lin looked at his father speechlessly.


Gu Zecheng raised his eyebrows and smiled, "If I played my cards according to reason, could I hire my own son to be my younger brother and then ** him into my little lover while planning to be his gold master as well as wanting to grow old with him and spend the rest our lives together"






"Daddy’s right!" His ‘younger brother’, son, little lover, little star, and future lifelong partner thus replied.







TL's note:

I'm so happy to finish this translation because nearing the end, I lost most of my enthusiasm, so translating felt like a chore.

Fortunately, the story isn't long, and I manage to finish it this year. 

In case you're looking for more stories to read, I've posted the list of danmei novels I read (via MTL) in 2020, 2021, and 2022.




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