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Hearing those words, the bad premonition in her heart returned with a vengeance.

Now that she had calmed down, she realized…

‘I’m a Priest.

What’s the point of me gaining Strength and Agility’

Aside from that, Yunuen also realized that her physical strength and vitality had drastically improved.

She was no different to a Warrior with a high-level Bloodline!

‘So, as a Priest, what’s the point of me having a Warrior’s strength’

“This treasure is perfect for you.” Yaeger smiled.

“I… Can I…” ‘Refuse’ Yunuen couldn’t say that out loud.

Although she knew that it was probably something weird or terrible, it was still something [Princess] purposely prepared for her.

Hence, she couldn’t bear to refuse.

She simply couldn’t refuse a gift from the beautiful, dazzling, kind-hearted, and adorable [Princess]!

‘I just can’t do it!’

“What’s the treasure I’m looking forward to it!” She said with a stiff smile.

“Huhu, that’s the treasure.” Yaeger took out [Staff of Tyranny] from her backpack and handed it over.

Upon seeing a staff that was long, thick, seemingly stained with blood, and emitting a foreboding aura—Yunuen’s heart instantly skipped a beat.

Her heart was overflowing with bad premonition!

“This is a gift in celebration of your recovery.

Do you like it” Yaeger asked with a gleeful smile.

“I… Like it…” Yunuen received the magic staff with trembling hands and checked it out.

The remainder of the joy she felt was instantly gone.

‘This… This is really a staff for idiots! Why does it add so little Intelligence Why do I need one hundred Strength I’m a priest! And those Special Effects, are you sure this isn’t meant for a [Berserk Warrior] [Whirlwind Staff] my foot!’

While Yunuen was screaming in her heart, there was still a forced smile on her face.

“[Princess]… This gift… I like it a lot!”

Layna felt amused after seeing her disciple’s expression.

Her lips curled into a smile as she tried not to laugh!

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“Wahahahahahahahaha!” In the end, she failed to reign it in.

“Master, what are you laughing at” Yunuen glanced at her in anguish, which made the latter feel embarrassment.

Yaeger simply ignored it and said, “If you like it, then put it on.

This place isn’t safe these days.”

Hearing that, Yunuen instantly came to a realization and realized that Yaeger did it for her sake.

She felt moved once again.

‘Too nice.

[Princess] is simply too nice to me!’

Although Yaeger had messed up her Job’s stats completely, she was still several times stronger now compared to before.

Such power was enough for her to protect herself! In this game, where the strong preyed on the weak, individual strength was the most important thing of all!

If Yunuen was just a poor nobody and a common Priest, she would definitely be utterly exploited by others.

After Yaeger’s actions, she was now much stronger than most players, as if she had been reborn.

Except for those freaks who participated in the Closed Beta and people like Nangong, there were now only a few players that could stand their ground against her.

No, even a Closed Beta player would be dead if they became Yunuen’s enemy at their current level.

‘One smack with my staff is enough to kill you!’ At this moment, Yunuen’s heroic voice resounded in her own mind.

‘It seems like being a violent healer is fine too.’

“Aside from Strength and Agility, are there any other changes in your stats” Yaeger suddenly asked.

“I… Let me see!” Yunuen instantly dispelled the cool persona of herself in their head and opened her interface.

With a single glance, her jaw almost dropped onto the ground.

“So… Amazing… Health increased by three hundred points, Agility increased by twenty, and Strength increased by fifty! Also, both physical and magical defense has increased by ten percent! Wow! I also got a new Innate Skill, [Berserk]!”

‘Wait… [Berserk] I’m a priest… But it’s not really unacceptable.’

“As expected of the Dragon’s Bloodline.

Even a low-level one is already so strong.”

Yaeger nodded lightly.

If the [Black Dragon’s Bloodline] was used on a Warrior, their stats would definitely break through the ceiling.

However, using it on Yunuen was good enough too.

No, it was actually a perfect match!

She could bash people with the staff at long-range, squish people with her hands at close range, and had the ability to heal herself.

She was fearsome for sure! Indeed, she was now a ‘Priest 2.0’.

A whole new version that nobody had played before!

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“[Princess], I feel so much energy right now.

I’m so pumped up that I can probably go without sleep for three days straight!” Yunuen said excitedly.

Before this, she was utterly fatigued.

But after using the [Black Dragon’s Bloodline], she was so energetic that it seemed like she was given steroids.

“Are you done” Layna spoke suddenly.

At this moment, she was glancing at Yunuen with fire burning in her eyes.

‘If you can stay up for three days straight, then you must be able to refine lots of medicine!’

“We’re done here.

You can continue.” Yaeger spoke.

She came here in order to strengthen Yunuen.

Now that it was over, she would naturally return Yunuen to Layna.

“P… [Princess]…”

The pitiful Yunuen couldn’t even finish her words before Layna covered her mouth and took her away.

If people didn’t know any better, they would assume Layna to be a criminal.

“Yunuen, keep it up.” Yaeger waved goodbye towards them before looking away, “It’s time to handle my own affairs.”

As her beautiful voice echoed around the room, the beauty that was supposed to be here was nowhere to be found.

In real life.

The footage of the duel between Yaeger and Yasa had shocked the outside world.

Because they were akin to individuals on the Grandmaster Realm when they battled! No, they were actually even stronger than the typical Grandmaster.

Especially when it came to Yaeger—she could easily destroy the average Grandmaster.

She was an 18-year-old Great-Grandmaster! Scary! Terrifyingly so!

Of course, her abilities were only limited to the game.

No matter how strong she was inside the game, she was still nothing but a Pinnacle Master in reality.

Her strength would not change much because of that.

That was what most people assumed.

Additionally, at the end of the footage, the battle between Lili and the masked man in black robes garnered less attention when compared to the previous fight.

It was because they were fighting on such a high level that most people wouldn’t understand it.

They just assumed it to be fancy special-effects.


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They assumed it to be CGI.

Meanwhile, only people at Ronald Tian’s level or above would actually understand the strength of those two videogame characters.

A [Martial Saint] and a [Saint].

They represented the highest level of individual strength a human could achieve, respectively in the East and West.

In reality, no such people like them have existed since many years ago.

To their surprise, they actually found people like this inside this video game.

It was simply unbelievable!

Like Ronald Tian, some people were eager to enter the game and find that opportunity to make a breakthrough for themselves.

While others decided to sit on the fence and wait.

In a mansion on a certain island, overseas.

“Damn, I sold it too late!” Vera smacked a pillow with her small fists.

She also watched the duel footage.

She was absolutely livid.

Once this footage was leaked, it meant that the footage she attained by sacrificing her [Doppelgänger], Number 18, was now utterly worthless.

“I hate her so much!” As a hacker—one of the best hackers in the world—Vera had enough money.

However, she loved money.

Instead of seeing it as a number, money had a symbolic meaning to her.

“That video isn’t exactly completely useless.

Forget it, I’ll let Number Seventeen handle it.

The next group of Hitmen are gathering by now, anyway.”

Vera smiled cruelly as she looked at an image of the dazzling beauty projected on the wall.

“[Princess], you will die very soon!”


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