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And so two years passed. I have learned a lot in the past two years. Well, I mainly concentrated on learning what I could about the makeup of magic circles. I have officially gone from being a bibliophile to being a magicliophile. I know I made up a word, but there was no other way to describe it. The concept of magic in this world really intrigued me. Magic of this world was not all about chanting spells and creating things like in the fantasy stories I read back on Earth. Casting can be done instantly as long as you know the runic equation that created the spell. At least, this is what I have learned so far. I really want to try magic, but I am also afraid I might mess up. So until I can get proper lessons like my older brother, I will have to wait.

My daily life is pretty simple, and to be honest, after living sixteen years having to go to school and studying all the time, this kind of carefree life is not bad. Although I am sure, I would definitely be even happier about this kind of lifestyle if I was even older before I died.

I still think back to my old life from time to time which brings me to tears when I think about the people I left behind. Unlike novels where the protagonist somehow forgets everything that happened in their past lives, their parents and friends, everything seems to fly out the window the day they show up in a new world. I mean, it would be different if they had nothing in the past lives, but a lot of the novels I read, these people had families and friends, yet as soon as they come to a new world, they start yelling slay the demon lord and what not.

Luckily there is no demon lord in this world… At least, I do not think so. Nothing I have heard so far mentioned anything about some supreme evil. Then again, my doting parents might just be keeping these bad things from my brother and me.

Speaking of my brother. He is turning into a handsome young man, and he is always bringing me things back from his time outside. Anything he finds shiny, he will bring back to give to me. For some reason, he thinks I have an obsession for shiny things. I could reject his gifts, but when I see his shining eyes, I can not bear to say no.

I am able to walk and run around now. My stats have also risen as well.

[Name]: Faith Cyrilia-.

[Age] 2

[Level] 1

[Race] Dragonkin

[HP] 30/30

[MP] ∞

[Status Points] 0

[Strength] 2

[Vitality] 3

[Intelligence] 5

[Mind] ∞

[Agility] 1

My strength rose a lot, and so did my vitality. My intelligence is still the same I am not sure if it is just harder to raise because it is already high or that I might actually be stupid. I hope it is not the latter. What I found out about my stats is that my vitality is actually linked to my health, which was good to know. As for my mana and mind, they still show an infinity sign. I can only hope this doesnt mean something like null. With my current interest being magic, I would hate to find out that I cant even use it.

Today is a special day for me, though. I can finally go outside. I am actually quite excited because I have been locked up indoors. My mother and father said that going outside is very dangerous due to the monsters that roam around. While we may live in a small village, monsters, do sometimes roam through it. In other words, monsters will be searching for food, and I would be a prime appetizer.

“Eric, you are not to leave the yard with her, and you must keep an eye on her at all times. Also..” My mother was lecturing my brother, but for some reason, her voice went quiet, and she began whispering into his ear. My brother was also nodding his head with a very serious expression.

I waited patiently by the door as Eric walked over and took my hand. “Faith, make sure you stay close okay I do not want to lose my cute little sister.”

His words made me smile. My family were truly caring and loving people. “Mmm! I promise.”

I had finally learned to walk well enough during the winter. And as the snow began to melt, my little legs finally allowed me to run. During this time as well, when no one was looking, I was also doing things like pushups, situps, and squats. Although I cant do more than maybe five of each at this time. I was still able to build up some strength. I was actually almost caught a few times but played it off as if I was dancing. Luckily it worked.

The outside world I could see through the window of the house. We lived in a village that was located on a high grassy ridge. Because there were no trees blocking the view, You could easily see far off into the distance. One day I hope to see the sights of this world. At first, it was unique because there were two suns and three moons. Although I am used to seeing them now, it is still an amazing sight for me.

As I walked out of the house holding my brothers hands, my bare feet touched the soft grass, which felt like I was walking on clouds. It was soft and springy and tickled my toes as the blades wiggled their way into between them. My tail swayed as my brother brought me to the side yard. It was a small yard with a short stone fence warped around my familys small wooden cottage. It was a simple life, but to be completely honest, I love every bit of it. The air is fresh, and the sounds of the songbirds singing in the morning were music to the ears. I was fully enjoying this new life.

I sat on the soft grass, enjoying the warmth of the day. I plucked some long blades of grass and began weaving them together. This was something I used to do with Jen back on Earth when we were young. By doing this, I feel like I am a little closer to her. “Faith, what are you making”

“A wreath! Brother, do you want me to make you one too” I asked while smiling at my most handsome brother, for someone who was only seven years old. I felt slightly bad for the girls who fell in love with him. Eric was the serious sort and always said things bluntly unless it came to me. Even with our parents, if he did something wrong or if they did something that did not seem right, he would point it out flatly without holding back. But when it came to me, he would always tiptoe around me, afraid of making me mad. He was very cute.

“If you want to make me one, I will gladly accept,” Eric replied. I could see the anticipation in his eyes which made me giggle inside. I flashed him a wide smile and nodded my head. “I will make you one then!”

While I worked on my brothers grass wreath, we talked and laughed. I felt lucky to have a brother who was willing to keep me company so I could play outside like this. But who would have thought that there were bullies in this world

“Oi! Eric, why are you hanging out with that halfling for Dont you feel disgusted for having such a monster in your family!” I heard a boy yell out over the fence. I looked up to see a pudgy young man wearing fine clothes standing there glaring at me.

If I was truly of the mentality of a two year old, I would have probably started crying due to this brats harsh words, but luckily I am not. I have always expected this since the day I was born. And I think this was also the reason why my parents did not allow me outside. I know they were not embarrassed due to my looks but more concerned over my well being. They did not want anyone to affect my self esteem. Sadly, no matter which world you live in, bullying seems to be something that will always appear.

“Trent, I do not care if your grandfather is the village elder. If you say one more thing bad about my sister, I will not hesitate to beat you up.” My normally calm brother suddenly yelled out in anger. Seeing him stand up in front of me to protect me made me feel warm inside. He was definitely a good big brother.

“Whats going on Trent, did you say something to my daughter!” Ah… Mother is mad. That voice is the voice she would yell at father with. I peeked out from behind my brother to see the big bullys face turn pale. It seemed he was afraid of my mother. Humph! Serves him right. To be honest, I think I will grow up to be very beautiful. Wait until he sees me then. And if he still tries to pick on me, then I will just beat him up myself.

“Mrs. Cyrilia! I was just stating the truth!” Trent finally spat out. He seemed to have summoned up all his courage to say that before turning around and running away. His courage only lasted a few seconds. I figured as much. All bullies were like that when faced with someone stronger.

After the brat ran away, my mother came over and picked me up, trying to console me. Not sure if she thought I was sad or what, but her embrace was warm, so I didnt say anything. “Eric, you did good. If anyone tries to pick on your sister, you must protect her, okay”

“Dont worry, mom. I will always protect Faith.” My brothers righteous reply made him look like a little man just then. He will surely make his wife happy in the future.

Speaking of wife, it seems in this world, girls and boys reach adulthood at fifteen and normally have a family going by sixteen. It may seem young, but this was just how it was. Of course, you will not see me with a husband by that age. I will be too busy with magic. Although this seems to be more of a thing for poorer families while the upper class will have engagements at fifteen and then married at eighteen.

But like I said this is far beyond me, and I do not plan to get married anyway. If I am able to use magic, I will do nothing but work hard at learning everything I can so I can study magic even further. Hopefully, that day will come soon. But for now, I will just enjoy my quiet days.


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