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As soon as my appraisal skill hit max, two new status information popped up. Attack power and magic power. I was finally able to tell exactly how strong my spells and physical attacks were.

[Attack Power] 5100 

[Magic Power] 5100

Just like my health, attack power and magic power were based on one of my stats, and those stats seemed to be strength for attack power and intelligence for magic power. This was something I knew a lot about because most of the novels I read that were based on video games, especially RPGs, were the same.  They used these two stats as a base for your actual magic power and attack power. Sometimes there was a racial bonus, but from what I can see, my system seems to be pretty cheap and is all based on my stats. I just hoped this extra detailed information actually applied to other things as well. “Lets test it out….”

I picked up a rock and concentrated on it. Soon a notification popped up in front of me. 


[Its a rock.]

[Can be used to play games or as a crude weapon.]-.

[Damage 0-1]

[Special effect: 10% chance of annoying the target, causing them to turn their attention to you.]

“This….” I did not know if I should be laughing or crying at this description. While it did give a lot more information, just the fact that it is so detailed was quite amazing. “Okay, enough with the rock. Lets look at the evolution tree again.”

When I opened the evolution tab, I was greeted with a whole new box with information in it. “The evolution system is used in combination with evolution stones in order to allow a being to evolve into a more powerful form taking on that bloodline. An evolved form will come with some good qualities and maybe some bad qualities. Please choose your evolution paths carefully…. Sigh…. This was very easy to figure out from the very beginning…. What I want to know is if my body will…. Wait, why are there three starter evolution lines! Did appraisal open up a hidden line!”

I was seriously stunned. There were never three starting evolution lines. Before there was only Dragling and Dragnoid, but now there was a third line. “Dragonic….” I clicked the name and began reading the information that popped up. “A humanoid race that is half-demon, half-dragon. At some point during primordial times, the two bloodlines merged together flawlessly, taking only the good points of both races and fused them together to make a much more powerful dragon bloodline. The dragonic race is a very long lived race and has the ability to transform into a demonic fire dragon. They can also partially transform parts of their body, giving them an edge in humanoid combat. 

“This is truly an amazing bloodline…. But what would I look like if I were to…..  ” I looked next to the information and saw a small button. I clicked it, making a new, bigger window open up in front of me. “This is me! Wait. its me but not the me of now….” 

Staring back at me was me. But, I had much paler skin, my horns were no longer just smooth horns but scaled horns, and my fingers were much longer as well as my nails. My ears seemed to be a tad bit longer and thinner as well. It was not much of a change but visible to those who knew me. Luckily this was all it was. On the mirror was another button that had an icon of a dragon. I pressed the button, and I swear I almost screamed. I do not mean scream as in frightened but in a more of a fangirl type deal I mean, what I was seeing was just too cool! 

“Just in case… lets check the other ones.” I quickly checked the other two evolution options. Dragling is nothing more than a small dragon. While cute, I would be stuck that way. I am not sure if the higher evolution lines for this evolution gave you a chance to evolve into a higher form or not, but I was not going to risk it. Plus, right now, Dragonic seemed to be my best choice, even if Dragnoid seemed cool. Mainly because it says, it was more powerful. It fits in line perfectly with my obsession to grow stronger. Lastly, I checked Dragonoid, and I must say I am glad I did up my appraisal skill because I would have become a lizard lady….

“I was going to choose it anyway, but Dragonic is my choice.” I switched back and reread the info on Dragonic once more. I now knew for sure that this was going to be what I wanted. I clicked the slot for the evolution stone, which caused two windows to pop up. One was just a single slot in the middle of the window, and the one next to it was my inventory, but only the evolution stone was showing. After taking a couple of deep breaths to calm my nerves, I finally moved the evolution stone from the inventory to the evolution stone slot. There was no confirm button. Everything became blurry as an overwhelming pain shot through my body. “Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!”

I have never felt such pain before. It felt like all the bones in my body were crushed all at once, after someone ripped out the nerves and was twisting them over and over. The jolts of pain caused tears to well up in my eyes. I could only hunch over into a fetal position and try to endure the pain. The last thing I remember was my vision going black.

As my eyes fluttered and opened slowly, the dimly illuminated walls of the cave came into view. “Is it over” I slowly sat up. I felt very sticky, my clothes were soaked in sweat. But the first thing my eyes landed on was my elongated fingers and the claw-like fingernails that extended out past them. My skin was much paler than before. It was exactly the same as what I saw in the evolution screen. I felt perfectly fine, but I still examined my body. I stripped down and took a look at everything to see if anything else changed, but luckily it was all the same. Just the features that I saw in the system had changed. However, the scales on my tail were much thicker and stood out more. But besides that, nothing else changed. 

After getting dressed once again, I let out a sigh of relief and finally opened my status menu to see if my stats had changed. That was when I felt like my eyes were going to fall out of my head.

[Name]: Faith Cyrilia

[Age] 12

[Level] 17

[Race] Dragonic

[HP] 15500/15500

[MP] ∞

[Attack Power] 15100

[Magic Power] 15100

[Status Points] 370

[Strength] 1510

[Vitality] 1550

[Intelligence] 1510

[Mind] ∞

[Agility] 1510

[Skill Points] 6


[Appraisal (LVL 10(MAX))]

“What the hell am I, the last boss!” All my attributes had jumped by one thousand boosting all my visible stats to over fifteen thousand. It is not like I am unhappy but more stunned than anything. I mean, this was much more than I had ever expected. I know the information on the Dragonic race said it was the strongest dragon bloodline, but still, this was just insane. Right now, I truly felt like I was the final boss of some role playing game. 

I sat down on the floor once more and looked through my system menus. Nothing else changed due to maxed out appraisal. Only the two things I had seen so far. Except that the evolution menu has now changed. It now only has the dragonic bloodline evolution, and it was very linear. The other bloodlines had more choices after the first evolution, but this time I only had a single path if I wished to evolve again, but strangely enough, the number of evolution stones tripled that of the other bloodlines from what I remember. I needed nine evolution stones to evolve into a Dragonic Princess. I am not sure if this is some kind of purer version of the dragonic bloodline or what, but it did have the word princess in its name, so I can only think that this was the case. Maybe a royal bloodline or something. I was not quite sure and would need to find some way to research this Dragonic race. 

Sadly my information on certain things about this world is limited to what I have readily available. I hope one day I can gain access to a large library,  then I can shut myself inside of it for a while to read and gain the knowledge I so need about this world. This is also one of the reasons I am leaving home. Hoping to find a place to gather more information about the past and present times. On magic, history, and anything else I can learn. 

If I truly wished to survive in this world on my own, knowledge is a very important thing that needed to be gained in order to survive. It was second only to strength.  “Now then…. I have the inherent ability to change forms. I probably should go deeper into the forest and check this out. I do not want prying eyes to see my dragon form.”

I had to be sure to keep my evolution a secret as much as possible until I find out if other beings in this world are able to evolve as well. I probably would never show my dragon form unless it was absolutely necessary.


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