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RebornIm A Dragon Girl With An OP System Chapter 2 A New Life

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“Its a baby girl!” I heard a voice yell out along with a cry of happiness.

I had no idea what was going on. I was having a bit of trouble even opening my eyes. It actually took a few minutes to open them, and when I did, I realized something was off.Yeah, this is not right….

In my peripheral vision, I could see my name, Faith, and under that were two bars, one blue and one red. The red one had numbers in it that read: 10/10. But the blue one was a bit abnormal. It just showed an infinity sign. I was not sure if this was a bug or not.

While I did not play games much, I can say for sure that this was a mana and health bar. I mean, any novel about online games had such things.

When I shifted my gaze to the old woman looking at me with a concerned look, I suddenly realized something was very wrong. I was not sure why but the old woman seemed very very big… Almost like a giant.

It may sound crazy to say, but it was truly my thoughts at that time, that I had entered a world of giants. It actually took me a few minutes to realize the baby girl they were talking about was me. I had just been born. But what I did not understand was why the old woman was staring at me as if I had seven heads.

“Mr. Cyrilia, you should take a look at this….” The old woman said before I felt my body being handed over to someone else.-.

To be honest, I was not expecting that I would be blinded by the handsome man who came into view. He had fiery red hair and orange eyes that looked strong yet soft at the same time as he gazed at me. “Looks like our little lady has inherited our ancestors blood… This is troublesome….”

His words gave me a bad feeling. I started feeling like I might end up being discarded. I had no idea what kind of deformities I had, but I was sure whatever they were was not good, at least going by the expressions I was seeing. “Doesnt matter….” After a few moments of silence, the man spoke. “She is my daughter, and I will care for her as such. Nothing will ever change this fact. She is and always will be my precious daughter. We can only hope and have faith that she will be able to overcome the things that happen in the future.”

While the last part of what I am now sure are my fathers words, did sound ominous. I now know that my father is a good man who seems to love me even with whatever defect I might have. While I am scared to know what is wrong with me, I am sure I will figure it out as time goes by, I mean I do feel something is off with my body. Hopefully, its not something serious like I am missing parts of my body or something else. If I could move around better, I could check, but sadly, the most I can do at this time is move my mouth and eyes.Being a baby sucks…

“Have faith, huh Faith, what a pretty name! Darling, lets name her Faith.” I could hear a young womans voice. For some reason, I could feel a strong attachment to this voice. I instinctively knew she was my mother. I was also surprised that my name was now going to be the same as before. In a way, I was very happy. This was the name my parents in my previous life gave me, after all.

Six months passed, and I was now able to sit up on my own. I had to work really hard at it as my current body, well, you know, baby bodies are not all that strong. It was not like I was idle during this time. While a little embarrassing, I had to get used to the nanny changing my diapers. It was quite embarrassing to have to tinkle in my pants. But after a while, I did get used to it. As they say back on Earth when in Rome do as the Romans do.

I found out my parents names. My fathers name was Sander Cyrilia, and my beautiful mother, who had strikingly white hair and deep blue eyes, was named Lilith Cyrilia. They were a very happy and loving couple, and they both showered me with love. While I still loved my parents from my past life, this new life was not bad at all. I would be sure to treat these kind and loving parents before me with the same love and care they are giving me.

We were not rich. The house we lived in was very simple wood construction, two bedrooms and not much in the way of furniture. But I do not mind. I would prefer to be poor in a loving family than in a rich family where everyone was cold.

Another thing I found out was that I was not a single child. I have a five year old brother. He always stayed many feet away from me when he was alone. It seemed he was afraid of harming me. Although I did grip his finger one day and giggled at him which caused him to smile. As I am a baby, I should at least act like one, right To be honest I have no idea what I am doing as a baby but since I can not do anything else, I just fake it when people are around. So far things seem to be working out well.

Now for the so called defection of my body. Well I am clearly not fully human. While my parents are, it seems my father has ancestors who were dragonkin. Yes this was a different world. It was definitely not Earth. Magic existed here. My mother and father like to cast small spells to entertain me.

I also learned a lot while sitting in my mothers lap as she taught my big brother Eric. He was a bright child who already knew how to read and write. Well read and write well for a five year old that is. My mother would teach him to read, write, history of the world I now live in, and math. In terms of math, it seems that magic needed a bright mind who could easily do math to conjure up magic circles. While there was simple addition and subtraction, the world also had its own branch of math that was far beyond me, but I was learning slowly. I did find some similarities to math on Earth which was helping me a little bit. My problem was that my little newborn brain was too small to fully comprehend things. I hoped this would fix itself as I got older. The more I tried to learn, the more sleepy I felt.

As for this new worlds history, I found out I am on a continent called Chomoris in a town called Wandermere. The town was situated in the Gravos Kingdom. There was at one point and time a race of dragons who had ruled over the world. No one could stand up to their power. But for some reason, without any reason why, they all disappeared, only leaving the half breeds known as dragonkin. And as I said before, I was not human. I am a one hundred percent dragonkin.

I had a chance to see my own reflection a few times, and I have my mothers hair and my fathers eyes. Besides that, I have a few dragonkin features. Red stubby horns that stick out of the side of my head. Slightly pointed ears. Bumps on my back which my father said was where my wings would grow out, and lastly, a red scaled tail. Yes, I have a tail, and to be honest, Its quite a handy thing to have.

Its not like its just there dangling between my legs. I have complete control over its movements. In fact, I have been using it to help me move around some. But other than these aspects, I looked human. Luckily I should grow up to be a beauty, although there is a slim chance I might grow up to be ugly. It has happened before where all the good looking genes disappear somewhere and are lost in the whole formation of the fetus. If I could cross my little fingers, I would, just to be on the safe side.

Then there was the system. Yes, the system. It seems it is no different from a normal game system. Although it is pretty basic, and I have no spells to be seen. I figured out how to make the system menu come up by saying status within my mind. It showed me my basic stats.

[Name]: Faith Cyrilia

[Age] 0.5

[Level] 1

[Race] Dragonkin

[HP] 10/10

[MP] ∞

[Status Points] 0

[Strength] 0.2

[Vitality] 1

[Intelligence] 5

[Mind] ∞

[Agility] 0.1

I can only guess that my high intelligence is because I am reborn. Vitality is probably due to being a dragonkin. But I am still confused about the mind and mana stat. I mean, why infinity I have no idea if this is actually true. This symbol could be something else entirely. If it does end up being true, then it would be somewhat OP.

Other than this, everything else seems to scale pretty well. I know I have levels and also status points, but I am unsure of how to get any of these. I wonder if I have to kill things. Maybe slimes or spiders Should I be wary of killing some MC from one of the novels I read Well, if I do accidentally kill them in the future, then I will apologize now. Not that with my puny strength, I would be able to do anything of the sort.

Oh yes, it seems my body growth will also naturally grow my stats. When I first opened my status window, both strength and agility were set to 0. But over the past six months, it rose to a whopping 0.2 and 0.1! I am moving up in the world! When I get older, I plan to work out and learn everything I can. I dont want to be some muscle freak, but I do wish to become someone strong. I will need to have something to keep my mind off things anyway. There are no light novels in this world. Sadly my greatest hobby is gone. But I am very intrigued by magic, so I will be looking deeply into that.


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