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Rebirth from the ashes The vicious couple takes revenge chapter 3

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After a year

Location: London

in a huge and luxurious villa ....

The heavy thuds of leather boots can be clearly heard on a glassy marble floor. The sound of footsteps were smooth and steady. And that sound was enough to feel the power of the person.

"Thinking about tomorrow huh!"

A smooth and melodious voice startled a certain someone who was sitting on the large and comfortable sofa and staring blankly at the flower vase.

She laughed.

"Not thinking more like planning"

"Relex love we are just returning and here you are already planning to scare them off "

Aarons slightly amused and lazy voice rang into the luxurious bedroom .

Lalisa snorted and replied lazily

"Isn this a right time for them to realise who is in the control this time?"

"Tch tch what should I do my wife is really ruthless and all she likes is to make one suffer"

Jungkook stated with a pout teasing her.

ava s mouth twitched .

if anyone sees this cold man like this they will surely suffer a heart attack .

She laughed in her mind.

Well its ok as far as its only for her .

"You should tie her to the bed and teach her a lesson"

she replied with a smirk ,clearly seducing him .

Jungkook just raised his eyebrows and scooped her up from the large sofa.

"Your wish my command"

"You are shameless when did I say that it is my wish?"

"Just now "

"No I was just giving you an advi-....

Before she could say anything his cold lips meet hers and made her unable to talk further.

she rolled her eyes. But also accepted his kisses

he put down her on the bed gently and kissed her forehead.

"Lets sleep, tomorrow s a big day " he ordered gently yet firmly

"Hmm" she replied a little dazed from the kisses

"Good night love"

"Good night ron "

Ava s pov:

tomorrow they will be returning to the china . When they returned to London almost a year ago grandfather was so happy that he almost passed out from smiling...ofc grandfather already knew about their parents wickedness.their parents never once called them ... asking if they are okay or still alive . anyway they don care about our lives . either we are alive or dead they will never care. I actually don want them to care. they are living peacefull without any worries. grandfather is spoiling her and Aaron too much .... He also helped her and Jungkook in business and successfully both of their businesses reached top in whole Asia. She was glad and happy about that because once they will return to china they will be not able to handle their company smoothly. As for their revange they will just go with the flow thats why she decided to attend her family reunion tomorrow in china she just wants to give them a suprise or a scare maybe . She will announce herself as CEO of L.I.P.S . And Aaron will also take over two companies of grandfather. In the past life grandfather forced him to take care of these companies but he gave away to his father so listening that he wants to take over it willingly grandfather happily gave him And yes how can she forgot about the gift.... Grandfather will be the scary gift for them . Ofc they will be scared to the death because grandfather was the elder and in the Mo family there is nothing that grandfather can do Although grandfather said that he will not take role in every thing related to their revange but having him on our sides was the best thing and our best shield.

Feeling excited and happy she eventually drifted into the dreamland..

The current chapter in their life Is :


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