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Sierra's indifferent facade also broke as she frowned. She knew this guy was new, but never expected that he would look down on her.

She dashed towards with a ruthless kick towards Arkhen's head. She was quick! Her stats were also between 30-35, with her agility being highest at 35.

But Arkhen was a master. He easily saw through her attack and dodged with minimal movement to a side, took a big step forward, bent down a bit, and palmed her stomach.

Sierra was pushed back several steps, her eyes filled with shock.

"Come," Arkhen said with a smile.

In the next ten minutes, Sierra failed to land a single hit on Arkhen but took a one-sided beating from him.

The people watching had their eyes bulged out and many of them were impressed with both Arkhen and Sierra.

"Despite taking so many hits, lady Sierra never backed down or even muffled in pain. If I was in her stead, I would be crying in pain."

"Seriously, although I am impressed by Arkhen, the fighting spirit shown by lady Sierra is admirable."

Arkhen dodged another attack easily and grabbed her wrist before pulling her towards him abruptly and sliding her leg such that she almost fell, but Arkhen supported her with his other hand. "Good match. But I need to go now. Bye," he said before she let go of her hand after standing her up by pushing her back.

"Wait," Sierra said when she saw Arkhen turn around and leave.

"How did you do that Why was I not feeling any pain after you hit me Instead, it…"

A tiny shade of pink appeared on her cheeks, but it quickly disappeared. "What did you do"

Arkhen looked at her with a faint smile and let out a chuckle. "Each time I hit you, I also pressed an acupoint with a tiny amount of uni energy unnoticeable by you and healed the pain using my massage art. That's what I did."

After saying that, he turned around and left.

[3 points are deducted. Work done]


Sierra continued watching him, feeling strange. She never thought she would encounter such a young martial art master with such high proficiency and knowledge in taijutsu and body acupoints.

'Just who is he'

After Arkhen returned home at 4:20, he visited his father's company today. But Zoe and Evelyn went to Queen's Crown.

Arkhen, Mark, and John talked about some things and told Arkhen about the company. An hour later, the three of them were having coffee in the top-floor garden of the building.

"Father, I have something for you," Arkhen said with a smile as he took out the skill stone of the skill.

Mark and John were surprised to see such a mysterious icy stone with icy blue sparks in it.

"What is it" John asked curiously.

"This can make you a superhuman," Arkhen said as he dropped a bomb.


Mark and John were shocked.

'Velshi, how do I do that'

[Just put the skill stone on his forehead]

"Stay still, father. Let me awaken this power in you," Arkhen said as he stretched his hand and let the skill stone touch Mark's forehead.

"A-Are you sure" Mark was nervous and excited both while John was looking on with envy.

Two seconds later, the skill stone disappeared into Mark's head.

Mark closed his eyes as he felt something. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and pointed his hand at a flowerpot.


The icy cold mist released from his hand and froze the flower pot!

"I-I can really use supernatural power," Mark stammered due to excitement before laughing out loud. He stood up and hugged Arkhen. "Thanks a lot, son!"

"Cough…Dear nephew, do you have more of such stones" John asked with a cough.

"I'll give you when I get one," Arkhen said with a smile.

"Oh…hahaha, I look forward to that," John's face turned bright. 'I think it's not a good idea to kill this nephew. Not that I can kill anyway, I think. Hmmm…he is superhuman and can even give supernatural powers to others…'

John was thinking of how to curry favors with Arkhen because he wants a personal superpower as well.

"Son, I can feel something else. It's like some kind of energy is entering my body," Mark said as he touched his stomach.

[My lord. Mark has awakened metaphysical energy. The skill that consumes stamina can also be used by consuming metaphysical energy.]

'Is the process the same as other energies'

[Yes. Just teach him how to create a metaphysical core]

"Congratulations, dad. You have successfully awakened metaphysical energy," Arkhen said with a smile. "Now you can slowly grow stronger. Both this skill and your body can be strengthened."

Mark and John were shocked even more. John even vowed to take the best care of Arkhen and curry flavors. He can't afford to get on the bad side of his nephew if he wants to become superhuman.

Arkhen spent the next hour teaching Mark about various things and helped him create the core.

At 7 pm, he left his father's company and went to Queen's Crown.

"Mom, get ready for a surprise tonight. Dad will give you one," Arkhen said with a smile.

"Why What happened" Isabella asked curiously.

"Haha, that's a surprise," Arkhen said with a laugh before he asked. "By the way, where are Zoe, Evelyn, and aunt Grace"

"They are on the top floor for some work. Since Zoe and Evelyn were free, Grace gave them some tasks. Anyway, I am busy because I have to handle all preparation for the exhibition, so you can go to the top floor," Isabella said while looking at her computer with many papers spread on the table.


Arkhen went to the top floor and helped Zoe, Evelyn, and Grace with some company work.

"I'll be back soon. Gotta use a restroom," Arkhen said as he left the office room.

Zoe and Evelyn nodded while looking at the designs. They had to do some selections and were helping with which products to display in the exhibition.

A minute after Arkhen left, Grace looked at Zoe and Evelyn who were absorbed in work, and quietly left the office room.

After Arkhen **ed her for twenty minutes in a private room on the top floor, he went back to the office first while Grace had to take her time because of the mind-breaking sex with Arkhen.


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