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637 Daoist Sus Request, Lord of the Six Domains (2)

In the past countless years, the Six Immortal Domains and the boundless starry skies they covered had only produced seven experts above the Ninth Dao Realm.

Now, another one had actually appeared out of thin air.

It was really shocking.

“It should be an expert from the outer realm invited by Daoist Su.” Li Jiu picked up the large gourd on his back and took a sip of wine.

He said to Lanzhi, “Looks like Daoist Su is going to do something big this time.”

“Youre saying that this is a helper he found from the outer realm and wants this person to support him at the banquet” Lanzhi said in surprise.

“In that case, it must be a huge plan.”

“Thats right.

I wonder what topic he wants to raise.” Li Jiu nodded gently and suddenly said, “Daoist Su had even sent his Dao Child over to look for that person.”

At this moment, they were not the only ones paying attention to Cui Heng and Daoist Su.

Everyones attention was focused here.

However, Daoist Su acted as if he did not feel anything and completely treated these gazes as if they did not exist.

He brought Qingxu and Qingxin to Cui Heng.

“Greetings, Dao Brother.” Daoist Su cupped his hands and bowed.

His voice was not loud, and it could even be said to be very soft.

However, the way he addressed him as “Dao Brother” shocked everyone present.

Many peoples jaws dropped in shock.

These people were all experts of the Upper Three Dao Realms.

They were supreme existences that could be called ancestors anywhere in the universe.

Now, they were all shocked by the way Daoist Su addressed Cui Heng.

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Dao Brother!

What did this mean!

Was Daoist Su indicating that the cultivation realm of that “newbie” was above his!

If that was the case, it was too ridiculous.

Experts above the Ninth Dao Realm like Daoist Su were existences who had cultivated to the peak in their understanding.

Now, there was actually someone stronger

Was it just that his methods were stronger or was his strength greater

It should be the latter…

“Thank you for your invitation, Fellow Daoist.” Cui Heng cupped his hands and smiled.

At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The strength above the Ninth Dao Realm had indeed far exceeded the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

It even had some characteristics of the Peak Soul Formation realm, but it was still not comparable to the true Peak Soul Formation realm.

Of course, such a cultivation realm was not weak even to Cui Heng.

As long as Daoist Su could increase his strength by hundreds of thousands of times and use some extremely expensive and powerful secret techniques to attack with all his methods, he would be able to make the corners of Cui Hengs clothes tremble slightly.

To Cui Heng, who had already stepped into the Peak Soul Formation realm for more than 2,000 years and was increasing his strength every moment, it was already very, very rare for someone to be able to do this.

“However, the gap of hundreds of thousands of times shouldnt be too big.

Perhaps he only needs to break through two or three small realms.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “If the Dao Realm has 12 levels, then the Peak of the Dao Realm might be able to barely compare to the Peak Soul Formation realm or a nerfed Peak Soul Formation realm.”

Seeing Cui Hengs kind attitude, the smile on his face deepened.

He nodded and said, “Dao Brother, this palace will only open when the other experts above the Dao Realm arrive.

Can we talk in private”

“Of course.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and pointed at an empty area of chaos in the distance.

He smiled and said, “Please.”

“Dao Brother is straightforward.” Daoist Su laughed and flew towards the chaotic area with Cui Heng.

Qingxu and Qingxin stayed where they were and waited.

Li Jiu, Lanzhi, and the others watched this scene and could not help but make plans in their hearts.

Something big was going to happen.

Daoist Su who did not attend the banquet normally suddenly became so proactive.

He even specially invited someone over and talked with him before the meeting began.

It was too abnormal.

… .

Cui Heng and Daoist Su arrived at the empty chaotic area.

The surroundings were immediately enveloped by a violent chaotic airflow, isolating the transmission of information from inside and outside, preventing the possibility of the situation here being investigated by the outside world.

“Fellow Daoist, what did you want to talk about” Cui Heng asked with a smile.

“I want to seek Fellow Daoists help.” Daoist Sus attitude was very kind as he said with a smile, “Now, the invasion of the Nine Nether is getting more and more serious.

From time to time, Nine Nether God Fiends will possess the bodies of experts of the Dao Realm, causing countless demon disasters.

Many demon disasters cant be resolved with just one or two cultivators from the Upper Three Dao Realms.

Its best if we can gather many experts to resist the demon disasters in a certain place.

However, this requires a unified organization to dispatch them.

Therefore, at this banquet, we plan to nominate a Lord of the Six Domains from the people above the Dao Realm as the leader of this organization.

The Lord of the Six Domains have the right to gather the other experts above the Dao Realm for a meeting at any time to discuss important decisions.

Moreover, if the support behind different opinions are the same, the Lord of the Six Domains have the right to make the final decision.

However, he has to be responsible for the decision.

If we encounter something especially important and urgent, he can directly gather all the Upper Three Dao Realm experts and hold an expanded meeting to discuss countermeasures together.

Again, if the support behind the different opinions are the same, he can also make the final decision.

However, he also has to be responsible for the decision.

Thats roughly the situation.”

“Fellow Daoist invited me here because you want me to support you” Cui Heng looked at Daoist Su and smiled.

“Thats not the case.” Daoist Su shook his head and said, “Im used to being idle, but I cant be the leader.

I hope that Dao Brother can support Lord Tianzhu as the Lord of the Six Domains.

Lord Tianzhu is the most senior among the people above the Dao Realm, and hes also the most knowledgeable.

His martial techniques are also the most abundant, and the Great Dao he cultivates is related to the fate of all living beings.

Hes undoubtedly the most suitable candidate.”

“In that case, after youve coordinated internally, you can just recommend him together.

Why are you dragging me in” Cui Heng said with a faint smile.

“Fellow Daoist, theres something you havent finished saying.”

“Dao Brother, youve misunderstood.

The reason why I invited you over is because…” Daoist Su hurriedly explained, “This banquet meeting is actually an expanded meeting that requires everyone to participate.

Moreover, in order to convince the masses, we will follow the previous rules of the banquet.

We will first raise the topic and everyone will raise their hands to vote.

We will follow the principle that the minority follow the wishes of the majority.

At that time, all the Upper Three Dao Realm experts can vote.

This way, the outcome will be difficult to determine.

Coincidentally, Dao Brothers cultivation phenomenon illuminated the Star Seas, so I had the intention of inviting you to participate in this banquet.

Dao Brother is an expert above the Dao Realm.

A single vote from you is equivalent to ten votes from the ordinary experts of the Upper Three Dao Realms.

If Dao Brother can support Lord Tianzhu, you can completely reduce the variables of this meeting.”

“I see.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and asked Daoist Su thoughtfully, “Fellow Daoist, youve put in so much effort.

What benefits will it bring you if Lord Tianzhu is elected”

He did not ask what benefits he would gain from participating.

Instead, he first asked what benefits Daoist Su would obtain.

If Daoist Su did not even say this or did not have much benefits, there was no need for him to be implicated.

… .

Outside the chaotic void where the Upper Three Dao Realm experts were, there was a gorgeous palace where the Middle Three Dao Realm experts were.

There were pavilions everywhere, and it was beautiful.

Outside this gorgeous palace was an even wider venue.

Lush mountains and rivers, red suns and white clouds, it was filled with a beautiful natural scene.

This was the area where the Lower Three Dao Realm experts were.

Many people had familiar friends.

They gathered in twos and threes and drank good wine and enjoyed delicacies happily.

To them, the Banquet was more of a place to make friends and entertain themselves.

Hong Fugui did not know anyone, but he was also looking around.

His gaze was mainly focused on the women, as if he was looking for something.

Before coming here, Cui Heng had given him a mission to find out if Jiang Qiqi was also attending this banquet.

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