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Li Xiang glanced at his equipment and locked onto the Kings Cloak and Legion Magic Shield.

“Use fusion ability, fuse Kings Cloak and Legion Magic Shield!”

“System Notification: Please select the main equipment.

Attention, the main equipment will retain and add new abilities, and the secondary equipment will disappear.

There is also a certain probability that the fusion will produce new equipment and cause the main and secondary equipment to disappear.”


The Kings Cloak will be the main equipment.”

“Selected completed.

Merging in progress…”

“Merging complete!”

“Congratulations to the king for obtaining new equipment: SS-Rank Grand Armor.”

[ Grand Armor ]

Grade: Legendary

Attack: 400

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Strength: 80

Agility: 54

Equip Level: 5

[ Active Skill 1: “Grand Blessing”.

It can release an S-Rank defensive light shield with a radius of 1 kilometer.

This light shield can defend against attacks below S-Rank.

SS-Rank attacks can be blocked 100 times, while it can block ten times the SSS-Rank attacks.

Duration: 2 hours.


[ Active Skill 2: “Blade of Glory”, when released, will grant all units within a radius of 1 kilometer an invincibility effect when charging.

Duration: 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 minutes.


[ Passive Skill: “Clad in Armor”.

all units within a radius of 10 kilometers will have a 20% bonus panel.



Seeing the two active skills of the Grand Armor, Li Xiangs eyes instantly lit up.

The Blade of Glory and the Grand Blessing was the first defense weapon for charging on the battlefield!

The only drawback was that the range effect was small, so the wearer had to take the lead in charging.

After obtaining the magnificent armor, Li Xiang immediately put it on his bed.

In an instant, all the demons within a 10-kilometer radius of the demon castle suddenly felt their bodies clear.

Whether it was speed, strength, vision, or hearing, they were all greatly enhanced.

All the subjects looked toward the top floor of the castle.

After them, the lord became much stronger.

After obtaining the Grand Armor, Li Xiang turned his gaze towards the newly obtained S-Rank Pearl of Pure Water and the SS-Rank Wonder Lake of Tears.

Looking at the Pearl of Pure Water, to be honest, Li Xiang had the urge to fuse it into the Commanders Sword a few times.

However, after reading its background story, his intuition told him it would be useful in the future.

After storing the Pearl of Pure Water in his storage space, Li Xiang began to think about the wonders of “Lake of Tears”.

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Wonders could add benefits to the owners territory, lasting for a long time and covering a wide area.

That alone was enough to be worthy of the word “wonders”.

Not to mention the other wonderful uses of wonders in strengthening the national power.

However, that was not what Li Xiang cared about right now.

The story behind the “Lake of Tears”.

According to the legends, the Lake of Tears once carried the attachment of an ancient goddess.

At the bottom of the lake, buried the most precious thing in her life.

Legendary Treasure

Li Xiang had never seen an item of this level before.

That could not help but tempt him.


Li Xiang called out.

A graceful voice appeared behind Li Xiang.

The figure bowed and said in a magnetic voice, “Demon Lord, your subordinate is here.”

“Go and call Isabella over!”


Succubuss voice sounded jealous.

Not long after, the high-level Water Fairy, Isabella, arrived before the throne.

Isabella, who had transformed into human form, deliberately put on makeup and wore clothes humans liked.

However, she was nervous.

Water Fairy was born with the ability to transform.

But humans were the head of all creatures, so Water Fairys human form was not much different.

However, every fairys human form was naturally beautiful as a pure elemental fairy.

But Isabella was different.

She was the most beautiful one among her clansmen!

So, in the Core Hub City of the Deathmatch Space, Isabella noticed that Li Xiang had glanced at her.

She instantly thought of the story told by the elder of her clan.

Rumor said that in the other countries of the Myriad World Continent, powerful lords would gather pure elemental creatures for fun.

Among them, the water elemental elves were the most expensive.

Isabella naturally thought that Li Xiang was such a lord.

However, to let her clansmen continue to live, Isabella was willing to sacrifice herself!

“Greetings, Lord.”

Isabella knelt on one knee.

“Come forward!”

Li Xiang said.

Isabella secretly took a deep breath and walked forward.

Just as she was about to take off her clothes, Li Xiang suddenly said, “Do you know the story of the Lake of Tears”


Isabella was stunned.

“Lake of Tears, SS-Rank wonder.

Dont tell me you dont know,” Li Xiang said unhappily.

On the city tower, Li Xiang didnt let the Succubus kill her because he saw she was a high-level Water Fairy.

Lake of Tears was the sacred land the water fairy had guarded for generations.

If Isabella dared to say she didnt know, Li Xiang wouldnt speak to her nicely anymore.

“Uh, I know.”

A hint of shyness flashed across Isabellas eyes, and she secretly put her hand down.

Li Xiang snorted coldly, “What do you think of that story Dont play tricks with me.

You are now my subjects, and I can punish you.”

Knowing that she was not offering herself, Isabella felt much more relaxed, and her tone became more cordial.

She said gently, “Are you trying to find the legendary treasure behind the story, my lord”

“Thats right.”

Li Xiang admitted it straightforwardly.

The Water Fairy Kingdom was his territory now.

He did not need to be sneaky about what a lord was doing on his territory.

“Actually, all the previous kings of the Water Fairy Kingdom had tried to explore the Lake of Tears, but they all failed,” Isabella said.

Li Xiang frowned and said, “Dont keep me in suspense.

Just tell me directly.”

Isabella pursed her lips and said, “The reason was simple.

The Lake of Tears is an SS-Rank wonder.

It naturally requires SS-Rank skills or equipment of the water type.

Otherwise, no one can open the seal.”

Water-type SS-Rank skills or equipment

This requirement was a fantasy for many of the country lords.

After all, SS-Rank was not a common thing.

In addition, it was limited to water type, which made it even rarer.

However, for Li Xiang, the situation was not quite the same.

“Do you have any S-Rank skills” Li Xiang asked.

Isabella nodded and said, “S-rank ability:Shadow of Deep Water.

The effect is to jump between the shadows of the water.”

“No wonder you were the first to rush up the city wall,” Li Xiang thought as he glanced at her.

There was not much water on the city wall.

But blood was all over the place.

Thinking of the girl jumping around in the pool of blood, Li Xiang felt she had a fierce heart under her weak appearance.

“Very well, I have an S-Rank equipment, Pearl of Pure Water.”

Li Xiang took out the Pearl of Pure Water and secretly sighed.

Fortunately, he had not fused this pearl into the Commanders Sword just now.

“But lord, the effect of two S-Rank equipment combined is not equal to the effect of SS-Rank equipment,” Isabella said in a huff.

She suddenly felt she had to tell the lord that one plus one was equal to two, but S S could not become an SS-Rank.

“Who knows if we dont try!”

Li Xiang laughed.

Using the ability of a fusion master to fuse the Pearl of Pure Water into Isabellas S-Rank skill, Shadow of Deep Water, there was a certain probability that Isabella would obtain SS-Rank abilities.

Li Xiang roughly explained his thoughts to Isabella.

After all, if he wanted Isabella to cooperate later, the success rate would be higher if he explained to her.


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