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519 Divine Spiritual Energy Is Like a Prison

The warm liquid flowed into his body, and a wave of cool air spread and fused into his formless divine soul instead of entering his body.

It was as if a wave of cool energy had cleansed his mind.

It was frosty and cool, and his spiritual will was unprecedentedly clear and condensed.

He could clearly feel his spiritual will growing rapidly.

The divine realm was the last step to the Holy Light Divine Realm, and that step was related to many critical points after becoming a God.

The divine soul was the most important stage.

The divine soul was the foundation for condensing divinity and the carrier of all Rules and Laws.

If the divine soul were not strong enough, one would not be able to comprehend enough Laws no matter how much time and effort one spent.

Even if one did comprehend them, it would be in vain if the divine soul could not carry them.

The feeling of his soul growing was extremely amazing.

It was like a seed blossoming, bearing fruit, and growing into a towering tree in a short time.

His mental power was unprecedentedly abundant, and it was even growing and expanding continuously, almost materializing.

Li Xiangs sea of consciousness was originally in a state of primal chaos, and a silver-white palace was floating in it.

That palace was the Starlight Shrine, both his talent and the prototype of his Divine Kingdom.

At that time, as his soul grew, his sea of consciousness suddenly glowed with golden light, and a rumble sounded in his mind.

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It was as if heavenly thunder had exploded in his mind, and his entire mind went blank.

The silver-white palace not only did not suffer any damage from the explosion, but it also expanded abruptly.

A golden and slightly illusionary diamond-shaped crystal began to condense almost simultaneously.

Although it was still illusory, the impact it brought was extremely huge.

With the appearance of that crystal, the entire Starlight Shrine began to tremble and suddenly began to expand and enlarge.

The buildings that were initially shrouded in shadows began to appear, and his consciousness projection involuntarily appeared on the divine throne.

A mysterious energy was boiling in his sea of consciousness, and it suddenly burst out.

At that moment, if someone were nearby, they would discover a golden light emerging between Li Xiangs eyebrows.

At the same time, the shadow of a golden diamond-shaped crystal appeared on his forehead and slowly rotated.

Simultaneously, a berserk power of oppression began to spread wildly in all directions, with him as the center.

Everyone in the palace of the City of Dawn instantly felt a terrifying sense of oppression land on their bodies, giving them no chance to resist.

Those who were standing knelt, and those who were lying down were flipped over.

Everyones heads were pressed down, and they couldnt lift their heads.

That power was extremely domineering.

It spread out, first through the palace complex and then to the entire City of Dawn.

Countless people working, living, or no matter what they were doing, instantly knelt to the ground under that force.

Even the top-rank powerhouses were shocked and terrified.

Only Ye Xi, Tork, Alice, and the other heroes under Li Xiangs command did not show any fear on their faces after sensing that power.

Instead, they looked ecstatic.

“Divine spiritual energy!”

They were also kneeling on the ground, but they were in a much better state than the others and could even say something.

However, the divine spiritual energy did not stop spreading.

It continued to extend outward, starting from the City of Dawn and spreading in all directions, enveloping all the cities.

Whether it was the people in the city, the fierce beasts, or the Demons in the wilderness, they could only kneel and bow under that terrifying oppression.

The saying,divine spiritual energy is like a prison, was not a joke.

Those who had seen much of the world would naturally understand that, but it was the first time they had actually encountered such a thing.

Who else in the Kingdom of Dawn could condense such divine spiritual energy other than their Country Lord

That oppression lasted for a full 15 minutes before it completely disappeared.

After the divine spiritual energy disappeared, the entire Kingdom of Dawn was in an uproar.

On the Star Web, countless citizens were frantically expressing their feelings about the drastic change just now.

“I knelt.

I really knelt.

There was no warning.

I was cultivating when a force of oppression suddenly pressed down on me.

I immediately changed from sitting cross-legged to kneeling.

What kind of force was that Its too f*cking terrifying!”

“Yours was nothing! I was in the toilet just now when the oppression came.

That scene was indescribable!”

“Could it be that some terrifying enemy is going to attack the Kingdom of Dawn Is it time to prepare for battle”

“You guys know nothing.

You should be glad that you could feel that feeling just now.

Remember that feeling for the rest of your life.

That was divine spiritual energy! True divine spiritual energy.

There is a saying,divine spiritual energy is like a prison! In the face of divine spiritual energy, you can only kneel!”

“Hiss! Divine spiritual energy, could it be that… the Country Lord has become a God”

“I dont think so, but he should have possessed some divine might.

Perhaps it was just the divine spiritual energy that was unintentionally released when he broke through just now and not something that can be spread!”

“In that case, the Country Lord has become even more powerful!”

“Hahaha, thats great.

Wont our Kingdom of Dawn become a Divine Kingdom in the future”

Countless citizens were discussing fervently on the Star Web while the higher-ups of the Kingdom of Dawn gathered in the meeting hall to wait.

On the other side, Li Xiangs consciousness gradually returned.

However, the changes in his sea of consciousness also shocked him so much that he almost couldnt close his mouth.

His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“This is…”

It was not his physical body that awakened but his consciousness in the Starlight Shrine.

But at that moment, the changes in the Starlight Shrine were so unbelievable that they shocked him.

Although the Starlight Shrine had always been huge, and the square outside wasnt small either, it had now completely transformed into a palace just like the one in the City of Dawn.

If it werent for the fact that he could clearly sense his physical body, he would even have the illusion that he was already in reality.

His figure moved and came outside.

He immediately saw that the palace complex in front of him was completely the same as the outside one.

Even the size and proportion were the same.

The only difference was that the palace here seemed to be cast from silver-white metal, with exquisite and gorgeous patterns.

At that moment, he recalled the Lord of Darks city that flew in the sky.

It was a Divine City refined by the Lord of Dark.

It could fly thousands of miles with him and had great power.

And now, Li Xiang could sense that he could now completely merge his current palace with the palace in the outside world to form his own Divine Palace.

But in reality, other than that palace complex, the city outside also overlapped with the one in reality.

When he flew up into the sky, he looked at the distant cities shimmering with starlight standing in an even more distant place.

He couldnt help but be greatly shocked.

The Kingdom of Dawn, the entire country, and the 150 million square kilometers of land had appeared entirely in his sea of consciousness.

He didnt just own a palace or a city but an entire country.

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