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518 The Spiritual Pool of Creation

That process of turning an inanimate object into a living thing was as good as a miracle of creation.

It was unbelievable.

And it was that golden pool that brought about that change.

It contained an unimaginable power of creation.

“If this continued, wouldnt the Straw men be able to expand their population endlessly If their population continues to grow, they will probably occupy the entire Myriad World Continent.

After all, not only can these Straw men come back to life, but theyre also extremely powerful.

Their price to pay is too low.”

Li Xiang was amazed but also knew that the races infinite expansion was impossible.

If there were such a treasure, the world would not have ended like that.

It was evident that the golden pool had some restrictions.

Li Xiang squinted his eyes and looked at the golden pool.

“This is definitely not a common pool.

Its a pool that contains creation!”

He activated his Probing skill and looked carefully.

[Spiritual Pool of Creation, Straw Man]

[Grade: Holy Light Rank 1]

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[Type: Heaven and Earth Rare Treasure]

[Effect: Bestows the Straw man wisdom and soul.

Condenses an undying will to protect.]

[Description: It automatically gathers and absorbs all kinds of energy between Heaven and Earth.

It also fuses and collects all types of soul fragments and distracting thoughts scattered between Heaven and Earth to condense into the Spiritual Liquid of Creation.

It has the effect of enlightening true spirit and creating life.]

[Characteristics: Exclusive to the Straw man race.]

Li Xiang took a deep breath, and his eyes couldnt help but reveal a burning look.

That was the first Holy Light grade supreme treasure he had seen in the hands of a foreign race.

However, that supreme treasure belonged only to the Straw man race, and he could not take it away.

However, even if he couldnt take away the Straw man, it would also be great if he could collect some of the Spiritual Liquid of Creation.

Hell get some first, regardless of its usefulness.

The Spiritual Pool of Creation was clearly the root of the Straw man races survival.

It was the foundation for their existence and races expansion.

Without it, the Straw men could very well face the crisis of extinction at any time.

Therefore, the Spiritual Pool of Creation was as important to the Straw men as the Starlight Shrine was to Li Xiang.

It was irreplaceable.

Unfortunately, that was clearly a supreme treasure that had been born with the birth of the Straw man race.

It was the races guardian treasure and was extremely important to the Straw man race.

However, it might be of little value to the other races.

He estimated that the Spiritual Liquid of Creation would only be effective on the Straw men.

Even if it had any other effects, it would only be a secondary effect.

Just one look at how tightly those Straw men guarded that place would reveal that that was the true forbidden area compared to the valley.

Not long after, the Straw men thrown into the Spiritual Pool of Creation were continuously bestowed with true spirit and wisdom, turning into living Straw men.

They walked out confidently and firmly as they swore to protect.

At the same time, Li Xiang also noticed that with the continuous appearance of those Straw men, the water in the Spiritual Pool of Creation began to decrease at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After a while, more than half of the water was gone.

When all the Straw men had successfully been bred and walked out, only a shallow layer of water was left in the Spiritual Pool of Creation.

Those new Straw men knelt respectfully in front of the Spiritual Pool of Creation, showing their respect for the Spiritual Pool of Creations bestowment of life.

Then, the Straw men followed the golden Straw man and left the cave.

The cave finally quieted down.

The elite Straw men guards were still guarding the surroundings dutifully, even patrolling the cave.

Any slight movement would attract their speedy attacks.

“Hes finally gone.

Its time for me to make a move!”

Li Xiang quickly came to the side of the Spiritual Pool of Creation and took out two gourds.

He controlled the strength and carefully absorbed the remaining Spiritual Liquid of Creation.

After filling up two gourds, he immediately turned around and left without hesitation.

At that moment, the remaining Spiritual Liquid of Creation in the Spiritual Pool of Creation looked different.

If one did not look carefully, it would not be easy to see the difference.

The Straw men patrolling nearby did not notice the changes in the spiritual pool, allowing Li Xiang to leave the cave easily.

The newly born Straw men began to patrol around the rice fields, fulfilling their duties.

“Its time to go.

Ive collected quite a lot of Golden Essence Rice seeds.

The seeds are enough to last me eating for a while, let alone planting.

The chances of them finding out that rice is missing from the rice fields are not high.

After all, only three to five grains of rice were taken from each stalk, so it isnt easy to be discovered.

However, Ive used two gourds to collect 20 to 30 Jin of Spiritual Liquid of Creation from the Spiritual Pool of Creation.

It may not seem to have changed much, but the golden Straw man may be able to sense that something is wrong with the Spiritual Liquid of Creation in the races guardian treasure.

Therefore, its better to leave first!”

Li Xiangs speed was breakneck.

Using the Stars After The Moon skill, he arrived outside the basin in just a breaths time.

During that process, he didnt alert any Straw men, not even the golden Straw man.

In fact, the golden light emitted from the basin in the dark of the night attracted many ferocious birds that tried to snatch the Golden Essence Rice below, and the angry Straw men chased them.

Li Xiang took one last look at the basin.

With a thought, an illusory door of light fell in front of him, and his body silently entered it.

The next moment, he appeared on the steps outside his palace in the City of Dawn.

Under the influence of the black tide, the entire world became darker.

After the black storm rolled, streaks of starlight would burst out from time to time from the Starlight Canopy to resist the erosion and attack of the Black tide.

According to the time, it was already nighttime, so it was no longer the Eternal Blazing Sun hanging in the sky but the full moon formed by the Moon Wheel.

In every city, the crystal street lights were already lit up, but the people on the streets had no intention of resting.

Some were doing business, some were shopping, and some were gathering to chat.

It was a lively scene everywhere.

Especially in the city square, people who came to the City of Dawn from other cities looked around curiously and bought a few items from time to time as a souvenir.

“Country Lord!”

As soon as Li Xiang appeared, Alice immediately noticed him and appeared in the Great Hall.

“Have Sister Mi and the others been here”

“Yes, they have been.

However, they left after finding out that the Country Lord has not returned!”

“Alright! I got it!”

Li Xiang didnt go to Yang Mi immediately.

Instead, he went into the secret chamber and took out the two gourds of Spiritual Liquid of Creation he had newly obtained.

Before he could be at ease, he needed to personally test the effects of that thing.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of such a treasure if he didnt use it after risking his life to get it.

With a flip of his hand, a gourd appeared in his palm.

Without any qualms, he opened the gourds lid and looked at the golden liquid swirling inside.

Then, he lifted it gently and took a sip.

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