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493 The Rescue Began

The new leader was shocked when he saw Alice rushing out.

He didnt know why there was such a strong person.

Couldnt she see that there were tens of thousands of Scorpion Warriors She actually dared to rush in to assassinate the leader.

The leader thought she was simply tired of living.

“Come on! Kill her!”

The leader didnt rush up himself, and there was no need for him to do that.

Alice suddenly appeared to assassinate him.

This behavior was too strange.

He cautiously held his battle spear horizontally in front of him, ready to deal with new assassination methods that his enemy could use at any time.

The Scorpion Warriors who had just left not long ago were now brandishing their weapons, turning around and killing their way back.

Almost at the same time, strange black vines emerged from the ground at the edge of the land where the humans were imprisoned.


One of the vines wrapped around one Scorpion Warriors feet.

“What is it”

He looked down and was shocked.

He immediately raised his spear and was about to attack.

However, in the blink of an eye, more vines of different thicknesses shot out from the ground and trapped the Scorpion Warrior directly.

Even his mouth was shut by the vines.

He looked like a large dumpling.

boxn ovel.


All of a sudden, a gray-white sword light flashed past, and the Scorpion Warriors who had just reacted froze.

Then, their bodies went soft, and they fell to the ground.

The sword light flashed and disappeared, like a jumping elf.

It only flashed here for a moment, and then it jumped to the next place.

In the blink of an eye, it jumped three times, and thirty Scorpion Warriors were killed by the sword light.

Nearby, a young man with a despairing face seemed to have discovered something.

His eyes instantly widened, and he involuntarily sat up straight.

However, the flash of sword light had already disappeared, as if it had been an illusion.

However, the corpses of the Scorpion Warriors on the ground, as well as the black blood flowing out of their bodies, made the young man kind of excited.

“What What just happened”

When he saw these Scorpion Warriors suddenly die, he thought that someone had come to save them.

However, as long as he was still rational, he would think that in this foreign world, there were alien races and Demons everywhere.

Why would someone come to save them for no reason

However, the changes that happened in the next moment made the young mans eyes light up.

All of a sudden, strange black vines emerged from the ground.

Then, these vines twisted together and finally turned into a human figure.

The figure was wearing exquisite black armor and carrying a slender battle sword on his back.

He turned around and saw the excited young man.

The warrior raised his hand to his lips and made a shushing gesture.

Then, without any hesitation, he darted in another direction and disappeared.

“Mom, wake up! Someone is here to save us!”

When these human civilians were captured here, they were only given a strange pill to maintain their vitality every day.

Most of the time, they could only remain still and reduce their movements to save their physical strength.

They were hoping that they could live a little bit longer.

At this moment, the woman who was being nudged by the young man slowly opened her eyes.

She seemed very confused at that time.

“Mom, someone is here to save us!”

The young man quickly leaned over to his mothers ear and said that in a soft voice.

“How is that possible I dont think so! This is no longer the world we used to be in.

Wake up, boy! You must…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw the corpses of the Scorpion Warriors on the ground not far away.

Just as she was about to sit up in excitement, a loud noise suddenly came from a distance.

A terrifying shock wave spread out, and countless Scorpion Warriors were sent flying backward, then heavily fell on the hard ground.


At this time, the young man was not the only one who had noticed something was going on, but none of these people made a sound.

They were all silent.

To them, this was their last and only chance of survival, so they could not be too cautious at this time.

Thus, even though they saw many Scorpion Warriors die, they acted as if they didnt see anything.

However, their eyes were firmly fixed on the dark cave, and they were extremely excited inside.

“Whats going on The Scorpion race is having an internal strife Why do I feel like theyre fighting against each other”

“Nah, someone is attacking the Scorpion race.

It might be our Human Races army.

Perhaps we will be saved soon!”

All the humans in the cave were shocked by the loud noise and looked toward the center of the cave.

At this moment, the sounds of fierce fighting suddenly rang out from the center of the cave, and countless figures charged in from outside.

Many of the figures were clearly human.

This made all the captured humans excited.

Their originally numb and despairing gazes instantly became heated.

Now that they suddenly saw a chance to live, they stopped being hopeless.

Whether these people were here to save the captured or not, at least the captured had a better chance of survival.

At this moment, the Scorpion Warriors surrounding the captured human civilians were either killed by Vine Whisker Demons or by Alicia.

There were even a few teams of Rapid Blade Demons that rushed out to help.

At this time, seeing the changes in the cave, the Scorpion Warriors leader finally confirmed that the enemy that had attacked them this time was actually the Human Race.

Besides, judging from their armor, the Scorpion Warriors leader was sure that they must be from the Kingdom of Dawn.

The armor of the Kingdom of Dawn had a fixed symbol on it, making it easy to recognize.

“Sh*t! Its the Kingdom of Dawn again! D*mn you, Lord of Dawn! Weve already hidden here, but you are still chasing after us.

Everyone, on my command! Charge forward with all your might! Now, there were no Rune Bombs or traps here.

Lets show these lowly humans of the Kingdom of Dawn what a Transcendental race is! Kill them all!”

The new leader of the Scorpion Race shouted loudly, encouraging his subordinates to fight.

He also wielded his battle spear and charged toward Alice.

It was this woman who had attracted his attention.

The new leader hadnt noticed that the imprisoned humans had been rescued, and all the Scorpion Warriors who had been guarding the area had died.

Now, he had lost the last bargaining chip.

He could only fight till death.

He knew that he should not retreat at this time.

If he retreated, his enemy would still chase after him.

If he stayed and fought, his enemy would not be able to use weapons of war such as Rune Bombs that had a wide range of impact and would destroy everything around when there were still captured humans.

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