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Chapter 430: Luck Wyrm

Chapter 430: Luck Wyrm

Unfortunately, it was a Holy Light grade weapon, which was not something Li Xiang could use at the moment.

He had heard of some treasures that could lower levels, but most dropped only a few.

However, he was only Rank 200 now.

If he wanted to use it, he would have to lower its level by 100.

That was too big a difference.

It was like the difference between a mortal and a God.

As for Characteristic 2s description, Li Xiang was shocked.

Whether gathering luck, suppressing it, or turning it into a Country Guarding Divine Weapon, they were all heaven-defying abilities.

“This trip to the divine tomb is really worth it.

For these two treasures, its worth the risk.”

Li Xiang could imagine that with those two treasures, even if a true God descended, the God could be killed if he entered the countrys territory.

With that, the Kingdom of Dawn finally had the most powerful trump card and was not afraid of any threat.

“Hmph, if the Foreign Race Army dares to invade the Kingdom of Dawn, Ill let them experience the power of the Country Guarding Divine Weapon!”

Li Xiang couldnt wait to integrate the Sun Wheel and Moon Wheel into the Lords Cornerstone.


The entire Kingdom of Dawn trembled again, but it wasnt the ground shaking then.

It was the entire space of the Kingdom of Dawn.

At the same time, a red sun and a bright moon appeared in the void.

Lunisolar Brilliance.

With the addition of the Eternal Blazing Sun, the Kingdom of Dawn now had two suns.

Li Xiang came outside the Great Hall and saw such a strange scene.

He raised his eyebrows and thought, “As the saying goes, there cant be two suns in the sky, and no man serves two masters.

It is a bad omen to have two suns in the sky.

However, I can merge the Sun Wheel into the Eternal Blazing Sun.

The two have similar attributes, so perhaps it will be more powerful.”

“However, the Eternal Blazing Sun is only a treasure of Rank 3 of the divine realm.

Its inferior to the Sun Wheel of Holy Light Rank 1, but the impact isnt huge.”

As Li Xiang thought about it, the two suns in the sky merged.

Instantly, warmer sunlight shone down, making everyone feel warm and comfortable.

They didnt feel any heat or discomfort.

The Moon Wheel disappeared from the sky.

Almost at the same time, in the sky above Li Xiangs palace, countless invisible luck power began to gather and gradually condensed into a Wyrms phantom.

That phantom instantly attracted the attention of countless people.

“A true Dragon of luck!”

Those who were knowledgeable were dumbfounded when they saw the Dragon-shaped phantom.

Although the true Dragon of luck was still a Wyrm and was only a phantom, the fact that it could take form meant that the heavens and earth had recognized the force that had condensed the true Dragon of luck.

The country could advance gradually as long as the true Dragon of luck didnt disperse.

One day, the entire country would be able to step on the path of the Divine Kingdom with the Country Lord, and the countrys people would also become Divine Citizens.

Compared to commoners, the status of a Divine Citizen was self-evident, especially in a place like the Myriad World Continent.

Having the identity of a Divine Citizen was equivalent to getting rid of a fatal threat.

Many Itinerant Cultivators who had wanted to wait for a while after entering the Kingdom of Dawn became anxious.

“Hurry, hurry, go to the Civil Affairs Department and apply for a permanent identity card to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Otherwise, I dont know when Ill have the chance to do so again.”

“Its inevitable that the Lord of Dawn will become a God Lord.

The Kingdom of Dawn has now condensed a true Dragon of luck.

Even if its only a Wyrms phantom, its future is still very bright.

We must take this opportunity to become citizens of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Then we will have the chance to become Divine Citizens in the future!”

As the Lord of Dawn, Li Xiang naturally sensed the Wyrms phantom condensed from luck.

However, he had initially thought that after gathering 400 million people, he would be able to form a physical Luck Wyrm even if the luck he had accumulated could not reach the level of a true Dragon.

But now, it seemed that he had only condensed a Luck Wyrms phantom.

That was beyond his expectations.

“It seems like things are complicated in this world! Even the luck from 400 million people could not condense into a real Luck Wyrm.

Judging from its phantom degree, it would probably take at least 100 million more people to condense into a physical body.

Moreover, this Luck Wyrm is only ten meters long, which means that the Kingdom of Dawns luck isnt as stable as we thought.”


A Dragons roar resounded in the minds of countless people.

Not only did they not feel any pressure or influence, but they also felt a burst of clarity in their minds, which was very comfortable.

Li Xiang looked at the highly excited Luck Wyrm in the sky as it gradually disappeared into the void.

No one could see the Luck Wyrm again except for him.

Of course, those who practiced special cultivation techniques or eye techniques could still see it, but they were scarce.

“It can only condense into a Luck Wyrm now, not to say its only a phantom.

The only possibility is that the Kingdom of Dawn is still too weak.

It has a small population and a small area.

But Ive never heard of any mighty nations in the Myriad World Continent.

Back then, though what I saw in the void was only the tip of the iceberg, it cant be such a coincidence, right”

Li Xiang fell into deep thought.

“Perhaps these countries have already hidden themselves, or they are really out of my sight, far enough away.

From the looks of it, the Alliance of Gods is probably just a slightly bigger power in the corner of this world.

It might be insignificant in the entire Myriad World Continent.”

Li Xiangs gaze flickered.

From the Luck Wyrm that his country had condensed, he suddenly made many connections and confirmed a lot of information.

Previously, he had always thought that a true God backed the Alliance of Gods and that its influence must be huge.

Even if its influence could not cover the Myriad World Continent, it could at least affect a large part of it.

But now, it seemed that his foresight and knowledge were too shallow.

He thought that the heaven and earth he saw were the whole world.

In truth, the Alliance of Gods only had enough influence in the region he was in.

Compared to the entire Myriad World Continent, it was insignificant.

Otherwise, the true Dragon of luck that his Kingdom of Dawn had condensed would not have become a Luck Wyrm and only a phantom now.

That meant that in the Myriad World Continent, the Kingdom of Dawns scale, strength, foundation, potential, and so on could only be considered a beginner.

Li Xiang returned to the meeting hall and called for his subordinates.

The heroes Alice, Alicia, Yafei, Lys, Tork, Night Light, Mia, Yun Yan, Li Jing, and Zhao Yun, were all there.

As for Internal Affairs, there were Yang Mi, Zhou Yutong, Ning Xiaoyue, Chen Shu, and Tong Qingya.

That was the group at the top of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Their strengths were all above Rank 200.

Even the new members, Tork, Yun Yan, Zhao Yun, and Li Jing, were above Rank 180.

They would reach Rank 200 soon.

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