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Li Xiang wanted to subdue a rare intelligent being like the Book Spirit if he had the chance.

Once he grew up, he would be one of the top combat forces in the Kingdom of Dawn.

There was no reason to let go of such an existence who would definitely become a powerhouse, let alone kill him.

The influence and benefits he would bring in the future were countless, and killing was the stupidest thing to do.

There wasnt any hatred that couldnt be resolved!

If the Book Spirit left the books, his spirituality would dissipate and he would die.

In that case, it would be better to bring him along with the books in the true god library.

This way, there would be no risk of it dying.

All he needed to do now was to convince the elder.

Of course, if he couldnt convince the elder, he could only choose the books in the true god library.

That was the worst outcome.

“I dont want to be associated with a greedy person!” The elder in the sea of books said disdainfully.

When Li Xiang heard this, he didnt get angry.

He just calmly said, “Is there a misunderstanding Did I take these books for my own sake Youve seen my strength just now.

Although there are many precious inheritances in these books, do I need them The reason why Im taking them away is not that Im greedy, but because of the billions of humans under my command! Moreover, Ive said that whether its greed or desire, it doesnt matter as long as theres a limit and a bottom line.

Arent you greedy for these books If were talking about greed, were no less greedy than the other!”

“You bastard!” The elders face changed greatly after hearing Li Xiangs words.

His eyes were full of anger as he said, “How can a book lover be called greedy Only I, the Book Spirit, can protect these ancient books well and take care of them.

How can this be called greed”

“If thats the case, then I cant be called greedy.

Ill store these books in a top-tier rare treasure Scripture Library, which will protect them even better.

At the same time, they can also benefit countless people and make great contributions to the continuation and development of human civilization.

How can such an action be called greed”

Li Xiang had a confident smile on his face as he spoke with fervor.

“Youre being unreasonable!” The elder in the sea of books felt that the more he spoke, the more disadvantaged he was.

In the end, he stopped talking.

“The rare treasure that I mentioned just now really exists, but the books inside are too few and of too low quality.

I dont even dare to call it the Scripture Library but only the library.

However, my Kingdom of Dawn has 400 million citizens.

As long as Im given some time, with the combined efforts of these 400 million citizens, it wont be long before more books are sent to the Scripture Library.

Even if it couldnt be compared to a true gods library, its still valuable.

If youre willing to take charge, you dont have to worry about anything else.

You just have to take charge of the Scriptures Library and manage the books there.

What do you think”

“Currently, the Myriad World Continent is in an abnormal state of chaos.

The black tide is wreaking havoc, and countless worlds and civilizations are being destroyed and fallen.

Every world has countless books and inheritances.

Therere all sorts of crystallization of the wisdom of countless sages.

If there is a chance to obtain them, gather them all in the Scripture Library, and keep them in the top library of the entire Myriad World Continent, itll be of great benefit to me, the Kingdom of Dawn, as well as you.”

“And if you just stay here, not to mention whether you will meet someone stronger and more unreasonable than me in the future, there will also be a limit to the number of books here.

What if you wait until you finish reading all the books here I believe that the number of books you have will directly affect the growth of your cultivation base and strength, right”

Li Xiangs words were clear, reasonable, and emotional.

After listening to him, the elder in the sea of books fell into deep thought.

Just as Li Xiang had said, no matter how many books there were, he would eventually finish reading them.

In such a dark place, no one would be able to help him by then.

As a living being born from books, the Book Spirit naturally had an infinite desire for books.

The more books he had, the better it would be for his growth.

Therefore, Li Xiangs words had a huge temptation for him.

Especially in the future described by Li Xiang, if he could collect the inheritances and books of countless worlds, civilizations, and endless wisdom, it would be a scene that he would be excited and yearn for.

If he could see the increase in the number of new books every day, that would be the happiest thing for him.

At the thought of this scene, the elder in the sea of books heart finally wavered.

In the face of such temptation, he was somewhat unable to resist even with his righteous Qi.

“Hmph! Ill believe you this time!” The old man was stubborn, but he had already agreed with Li Xiangs words in his heart.

With a wave of his hand, the bookshelves and books that had disappeared reappeared.

Three hundred and thirty million books! Furthermore, they were collected by true gods.

Every single one of them was extremely precious and of high quality.

What Li Xiang didnt mention was that although the number of books here was limited, it would be enough for the elder in the sea of books to step on the divine path given the quantity.

There was no need for more.

However, Li Xiang didnt know that the elder didnt care if he could become a god or not.

He only cared if he could read more books and get more books every day.

That would be the best reward for him.

When Li Xiang found out that the elder had agreed for him to take the books away and was planning to leave with him, he was in a great mood.

Without any hesitation, he waved his hand, and the bookshelves in the hall began to disappear one by one.

A huge number of books were kept in the Tower of Stars.

With the vast space in the Tower of Stars, all the books were only a drop in the ocean.

“Hey, be careful.

Dont break them!” the elder yelled.

His love for books was genuine.

“Elder in the sea of books, you should go in too! After all, you cant be separated from the books for too long.

Im restricted by the conditions now, so youll have to suffer for a while.

When we return, the Scripture Library wont disappoint you!”

The elder nodded and did not resist the towers suction.

He entered the world of the Seven-colored Gourd, where the books were stored, and guarded his precious books.

“Phew!” Li Xiang heaved a long sigh of relief only after he kept the old man in the Tower of Stars.

“Ive finally gotten this batch of books.

Although it took me a lot of effort, the harvest is incalculable!”

These books were crucial to the future development of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Since he had encountered them, he had to get them.

Now that this matter had finally come to an end, he wondered if he could absorb this hall and even the entire platform into the Tower of Stars.

After all, the materials used here were precious enough, and it would be a huge profit to take them back and dismantle them.

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