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However, the power contained in the Thunder Mark was too terrifying.

It was a divine art and divine power condensed by the Power of Law.

With the support of Li Xiangs genuine Qi, even the ocean of books was suppressed and kept shaking, showing signs of collapse.

“What the h*ll is going on Are the two of them in a fight Why do I feel like the entire platform is going to collapse Can we survive”

Ye Qiu, who was lying on the ground in a sorry state, asked loudly.

Fu Mingxue also stabbed his long blade into the ground.

His expression was very unsightly, and he was extremely shocked.

However, Alice and Alicia were not worried about this.

At this moment, the two of them were flying in the air.

Even if there was a bottomless abyss below them, they were not afraid at all.

Their eyes were fixed on the battle in the hall.

If their master god was in danger, they would instantly rush there and join the battle.

“What a terrifying Li Xiang! His destructive power is already close to the limit of the divine realm.

Its a pity that our lord doesnt allow us to interfere, or else we might be able to end the battle quickly.

The divine power of the elder in the sea of books is truly unfathomable!” Alice said in amazement.

“Our lord has become stronger again!” Alicia said.

“Of course! And Im sure that the lord hasnt used his full power yet.

Otherwise, His Highness might even fight with a true god at the Holy Light grade!” Alice said with pride and admiration.

Alicia rolled her eyes at Alice.

She was not pleased with Alices nonsense which was full of superiority.


In the hall, the Thunder Mark and the ocean of books were still entangled.

It could be seen that the ocean of books was constantly dimming under the pressure and attack of the Thunder Mark.

Then, countless golden characters flickered.

The ocean of books was unable to withstand the power of the Thunder Mark and completely collapsed.

The ocean of books collapsed!

The moment the Thunder Mark fell, the Lip Spear and Tongue Sword were suppressed and shattered on the spot.

It then appeared above the elders head without any hindrance.

Just when everyone thought that Li Xiangs attack would kill the elder in the sea of books, the Thunder Dragon that had been wreaking havoc around suddenly returned to the Thunder Mark.

Then, the Thunder Mark turned into a phantom and disappeared.

The shockwaves and power that filled the hall also dissipated.

“It seems like the master has shown mercy to the old man!” Alice was very dissatisfied with the old mans action of stopping the master from taking the true god library, so she didnt show any respect in her tone.

The elder in the sea of books expression turned ugly.

He said coldly, “Its not a wise move to show me mercy! Just kill me! Theres no need to waste your energy.

I would rather die than submit!”

Li Xiang knew the bad temper of these scholars, and the reaction of the elder was completely within his expectations.

“If Im not wrong, senior must be the God of Books and Immortal of Books born from countless ancient books, right It can be said to be a type of true spirit!”

Li Xiang took a deep breath and calmed the boiling genuine qi and blood in his body.

At this moment, the attribute panel of the elder had already appeared in front of his eyes.

[Book Spirit]

Race: Spirit race (Special race, not included in the foreign races.)

Grade: Rank 8 of the Divine realm

Level: 283

HP: 150000

Defense: 100000

Talent: The body of tens of thousands of books.

Able to read all books, regardless of language or race.

Able to extract knowledge that is beneficial to oneself from the books and gather wisdom.

Skill 1: God of Books Space.

As long as its a book, it can be stored in it.

There is no limit to the number of books.

Skill 2: Deduction Repair.

An incomplete book can be repaired as long as enough time is given.

Skill 3: Lip Spear and Tongue Sword, the divine art of the scholarly faction.

Skill 4: Ocean of Books.

It is formed by countless books that one has read and understood the essence of.

It has endless potential.

The elder in the sea of books concealed the truth and said, “Thats right, Im a Book Spirit!”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “Senior was born in thousands of books and records.

You were born close to books and have an inseparable connection with them.

You are the guardian of books.

Therefore, the books in the true god library are connected to your life.

Once you lose the books, youll also suffer a fatal injury or completely dissipate.

Therefore, senior will never allow me to take away the books here, right”


The elder spoke bluntly.

His eyes were full of hostility as he looked at Li Xiang.

When they first met, he thought that this kid was a little pleasing to the eye.

Hence he agreed to let him take three books.

He didnt expect that he would ask for such an exorbitant price and even want his life.

How could he not risk his life then

“As long as I dont agree, hmph, you wont be able to take any of those books with you! I can destroy all of them in an instant before I die, and you wont get anything!”

The elder sneered.

Even if he couldnt beat this kid, he wouldnt let him have an easy time.

Li Xiang laughed and shook his head, “No!” You are the Book Spirit and your mission is to protect these books.

You love books more than yourself, so how could you destroy them I bet you wont destroy a single book even if you die!”


The elders expression froze.

He had originally wanted to threaten Li Xiang so that he would back off but he did not expect him to see through him.

But even so, the elder still showed a determined attitude.

He didnt want to surrender.

Li Xiang said with a confident smile, “Actually, you cant stop me from obtaining the books here anymore.

However, I dont have any intention of killing you, nor do I intend to leave you to sink or swim after taking the book away.

Thats not something a human should do.

Im thinking that you can just leave together with these books.

As long as the books arent damaged in the slightest, you shouldnt be too badly hurt, right Isnt this the best of both worlds”

He knew how harsh the conditions were for a Book Spirit to be born, and how long it would take.

Looking at the special race of the elders attribute panel, which was not listed as a foreign race, one could tell that this was a magical race born by nature.

He was extremely rare and precious, and he was kind and did not like to fight.

If he could be subdued, it would be of great benefit to Li Xiang and the Kingdom of Dawn.

The Book Spirit loved books as much as his life, and he needed countless books to cultivate.

He had a kind nature and endless potential.

Li Xiang had no reason to kill such a living creature, as it would harm his luck and merit.

It would only harm others without benefiting himself.

He would never do such a thing.

Li Xiang didnt know how long it had been since the elder was born, but he estimated that it shouldnt have been long.

After all, this kind of race was naturally favored by the world, and their rate of improvement was very fast.

If they were given more time, he would be surpassed in a few years.

If that ocean of books had accumulated enough power, even gods and demons would tremble in fear.

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