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“Ding ding ding ding…”

The Lip Spear and the Tongue Sword carried unparalleled intelligence.

Under the command of the elder in the sea of books, they changed and cooperated with great tacit understanding.

At times, they were like swimming dragons, and at other times, they were like thunderbolts.

They made use of every gap and created the possibility of the impossible.

Each strike contained an incomparably terrifying power.

In every instant, there were countless attacks launched from all angles.

Everyone could only see streams of light surrounding Li Xiang and attacking him from all directions.

At the same time, the Black Dragon Spear in Li Xiangs hand also turned into a mysterious spear shadow, forming a powerful spear domain, which protected him tightly.

No matter how fast the Lip Spear and the Tongue Sword was, how strange the angle was, or how strong the power contained in it was, it could always be firmly resisted by the Black Dragon Spear.

Nothing could get in within a radius of three feet.

Li Xiangs experience in the Holy Dragon Spear Technique Inheritance was also constantly increasing.

His usage of the spear technique had always been driven by the system.

At most, he had integrated the laws that he had comprehended himself into it.

It was powerful but he lacked an understanding of the technique.

It was rigid and lacked spirituality.

Under the storm-like attacks of the elder in the sea of books and the immense pressure, his understanding of the spear technique had increased rapidly.

There was no time to think about which skill to use at all.

All of his attacks and defenses were instinctively mobilized, and his understanding and comprehension of the spear technique were accelerated.

“Ding ding… clang clang…”

The battle between the two caused cracks to appear on the ground around the hall.

This was a treasure house set up by a true god, and the materials used were all of the highest quality.

An ordinary battle would not cause any damage to these materials.

The power erupting from the Black Dragon Spear in each collision was enough to make the Lip Spear and Tongue Sword shake.

In the beginning, it barely managed to block it.

But later on, they were at a stalemate.

In the end, Li Xiang was at ease and could even integrate the Power of Law that he had comprehended into every attack.

As a result, the divine light on the Lip Sword and Tongue Sword began to dim and dissipate after countless collisions, as if it would collapse at any time.

If it wasnt for the endless righteous Qi pouring into it, it would have been completely shattered.

Li Xiangs strength had long reached the divine realm.

He had even ignited his divine fire and stepped into the demigod realm.

Although he was only at level three of the divine realm and was slightly inferior to an expert like the elder in the sea of books, his physical strength had greatly improved after the thunder baptism in the path of thunder and lightning.

In addition to his strength, the destructive power he exploded with was terrifying.

Every strike seemed to have the power to destroy the world and tear the sky.

Fortunately, the Lip Spear and Tongue Sword were used by the divine expert, the elder in the sea of books.

Otherwise, it would have been completely shattered.

However, the speed of the Lip Spear and Tongue Sword were too fast, and the frequency was also outrageously high.

Even though Li Xiang had made great progress in his spear technique, he could only defend instead of attacking.

It was very difficult for him to take the initiative to launch a counterattack.

As long as there was a slight flaw in his defense, he would be caught in the Lip Spear and Tongue Sword and would face a fatal crisis.

Even though the elder did not show any killing intent, he still wanted Li Xiang to be severely injured.

If that was the case, then there was no hope for him to take away the entire true god library.

After realizing that Ye Qiu and the others had been sent far away in the aftermath of the battle, Li Xiangs eyes flashed with a cold light.

He said resolutely, “Since therere only the two of us, then take my newly comprehended divine spell- Thunder Mark!”


In an instant, a purple seal flickering with lightning suddenly condensed above Li Xiangs head.

It was covered with strange and mysterious patterns, and an ancient aura of destruction and vitality spread out at the same time.

The shadow of a Thunder Dragon appeared on the Thunder Mark and let out a roar.

Along with the dragons roar, the Thunder Mark suddenly flew up and expanded in the wind, turning into the size of a millstone.

The thunder on it burst out and pressed down on the elder in the sea of books.

The seal was born with the ability to suppress and imprison.

At this time, it was also accompanied by the destructive Thunder Power.

Its power was beyond imagination.

The moment the elder saw the Thunder Mark, he felt a strong sense of fatal danger.

When the Thunder Mark came above his head, he felt that the surrounding space was confined, and his spirit was locked.

The whole world seemed to have become a cage that he could not escape from.

At the same time, the shadow of the Thunder Dragon in the Thunder Mark suddenly swam out.

It turned from illusionary to real and was completely composed of Thunder Power.

It was fully covered in scales and carried a terrifying dragons might as it pressed down.

With every inch of the Thunder Marks descent, the pressure it brought was terrifying beyond imagination.

It was as if a terrifying divine mountain was crushing down.

“Book ocean!”

The elder in the sea of books felt that the time and space outside his body had been confined.

He could not break free at all.

If the Thunder Mark fell on him, he would die without a doubt.

Therefore, he didnt even think and used his strongest divine power.

Then, an illusory ocean expanded with him as the center.

This was not an ordinary ocean, but a sea of books.

Every drop of water was made up of ancient books.

These ancient books included bamboo slips, beast skins, and paper.

All of them gathered together to form an ocean.

The waves in the sea were turbulent.

Meanwhile, the sound of countless students reading was transmitted from it, gathering together to form a tsunami and storm.

The ocean of books looked big, but there were not many of them.

The main reason was that only after the elder obtained it and understood the books content could he integrate it into the ocean of books and become his power.

With the support of the righteous Qi, it had infinite power.

This was the top divine power of the scholarly faction.

A sea of books could suppress almost everything.

The prerequisite was that the ocean of books had to be large enough, the quality of the books integrated into it had to be high enough, and the power comprehended had to be strong enough and sufficient in quantity.

The elder in the sea of books had controlled the true god library for so long.

He naturally had read a lot.

However, it was extremely difficult to comprehend all the contents and integrate them into the ocean of books.

It required too much time and energy, and it was not something that ordinary people could do.


Following the appearance of the ocean of books, huge waves rose into the sky, constantly crashing against the Thunder Mark in the air.

Every time it struck, it would shake the Thunder Mark as if it could be overturned at any time.

The collision between the Thunder Mark and the ocean of books caused the entire main hall of the true god library to start shaking.

Even the platform outside was greatly affected, and the earth was shaking.

The terrifying aftershock shook Ye Qiu and the others so much that they couldnt stand still at all.

They could only lie on the ground with their faces changing wildly, afraid that they would be thrown off if they werent careful.

This was the void platform.

If he were to fall from the void, that would be so unfair.

In the ocean of books, not only were there huge waves crashing against the Thunder Mark but the chants also converged into a violent tide and turned into a storm.

They constantly eroded the Thunder Mark and stimulated the mysterious patterns on it to flash with lightning.

From time to time, thunderbolts would explode.

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