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The elder in the sea of books almost blew a fuse.

His eyes were full of anger.

“Then lets try!”

Li Xiang didnt back down and said decisively.

As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward.


The entire hall trembled with this step as if it was about to shatter.

At the same time, he drew a line in the air with his palm and turned it around.

Then, he suddenly clenched his hand into a fist.

With a “weng ” sound, he punched out from a distance, causing a space fold to appear.

In an instant, a huge and terrifying fist shadow shot out.

The violent momentum seemed to be able to break the sky with one blow.

The elder in the sea of books did not panic when he saw this.

He frowned and said indifferently, “What a young man! You fight in such an important place like the library.

If you damage the ancient books here, what will you pay for it”

With a wave of his hand, the entire hall instantly became illusionary, and all the bookshelves disappeared like broken phantoms.

Li Xiangs eyes flickered slightly and he thought to himself,As expected, many of the contents of the ancient books I read before were blurry.

I can now confirm that these books are illusionary existences or projections.

They are not real entities!

His mind was full of thoughts, but his hands did not stop moving.

He continued to hit the elder.

“Hmph! Youre so stubborn!”

As soon as the elder finished speaking, a long spear shot out of his mouth.

It was a spear as white as white jade.

As soon as it appeared, it enlarged rapidly like a sharp arrow more than ten meters long.

It condensed a strong sense of righteousness and stabbed toward the fist shadow, instantly piercing through it.

The divine power of scholarly faction- Lip Spear and Tongue Sword!

This white spear was a Lip Spear.

It was condensed from righteous Qi and was extremely positive and strong.

It was indestructible and could break anything!

It was like the sharpest arrow in the world, able to pierce through peoples hearts, time and space, and everything!

Even Ye Qiu and the other three, who had already retreated from the main hall, felt a piercing pain in their souls.

They could not dodge or resist, and could only endure it.


The radiance of the fist instantly exploded, and a violent force erupted.

However, it did not cause any damage to the Lip Spear.

It continued to stab toward Li Xiang.

Li Xiang didnt retreat at all, and his fist met the tip of the Lip Spear head-on.


A drawn-out sound appeared in everyones mind and soul.

The expected scene of the spear piercing through the fist did not appear.

Instead, the first and the spear collided, producing an extremely clear sound of impact.

The six-colored divine light on Li Xiangs fist flickered and firmly resisted the Lip Spear without retreating.

The elders righteous Qi was extremely positive, overbearing, and boundless.

Li Xiangs six great Power of Law condensed and merged into a divine light, which also formed the strongest fist aura.

Not only did it resist the sharp stab of the Lip Spear, but the divine light also constantly vibrated and retaliated.

The two violent and terrifying forces collided, instantly erupting into a strange light ripple.

Wherever it passed, the space was destroyed, turning into a black hole.

Then it instantly closed up and the processes repeated.

At the same time, a shockwave spread out, sending Ye Qiu and the others flying back several dozen meters.

In the divine light that destroyed space, a faint bloody mark could be seen on Li Xiangs fist, but it quickly healed at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“Oh Hes a demigod expert who has already ignited his divine fire!”

The elder in the sea of books was surprised.

At the same time, Li Xiang could also tell the old mans strength.

He was also in the divine grade, but he was at least at the seventh level and could even reach the eighth level!

His understanding and application of the Power of Law far exceeded Li Xiangs.

This meant that the other party had only mastered one type of Law of Power, but his comprehension level was at least 30% or more.

Otherwise, Li Xiang would not have been at a disadvantage and even suffered a little damage.

Moreover, the law that the other party had comprehended also made Li Xiang very wary.

This was an extremely rare and difficult law to comprehend- the Law of Wisdom.

For a strange intelligent life born in a sea of books, it was only right for it to comprehend the Law of Wisdom.

The Law of Wisdom was not the top among the many laws, but the strange thing about this law was that it would become stronger when it met a strong person and weaker when it met a weak person.

It was extremely difficult to deal with, and one mistake would lead to defeat.

Although the two of them were both in the divine grade, Li Xiang was only at level three.

Even if he had comprehended the Law of Thunder, his strength was still very far from level seven of divine grade.

Moreover, the power of a scholarly magical artifact like the Lip Spear and Tongue Sword seemed to have no limit after being supplemented with the righteous Qi.

As long as there was enough righteous Qi, it could even pierce through the sky.

With the strength of the elder in the sea of books, he had actually been merciful with his attack just now.

Otherwise, if he had used all of his righteous Qi, Li Xiang would have had to use his trump card to resist it.

“Hmph! What a powerful attack! You had comprehended so many laws! However, its still not enough to covet the treasures in the true gods library!”

The elder snorted coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, another white-jade-like lip spear shot out, followed by a snow-white sword light.

The sword light shuttled through the void at a speed that was difficult to be seen by the naked eye.

It arrived first even though it was launched later, and directly slashed at Li Xiangs neck.

This was the Tongue Sword of the divine artifacts!

For transcendent cultivators of the scholarly faction, both artifacts could attack at the same time.

One was to attack head-on with extreme positive strength, while the other was to launch a surprise attack as fast as lightning.

The entire hall was filled with the righteous Qi emitted by the two artifacts.

The terrifying and sharp aura was firmly locked on Li Xiang.

Ye Qiu and the others, who had been sent flying several dozen meters away, were intimidated by this even more powerful force and could only continue to retreat.

Alice said angrily, “Alicia, the old man dared to attack the lord.

Lets attack him together!”

With their strength, it wasnt that they couldnt withstand the aftermath of the attack, but there was no need to resist it head-on.

On the contrary, they might be injured.

Therefore they leverage the force to retreat.

Their situation was much better than Ye Qius group.

Alicia furrowed her brows slightly and the sword in her hand had already appeared.

Just as she was about to rush forward, Li Xiangs voice rang in their ears.

“Dont move, leave this to me!”


“Dont worry, I know what Im doing! If I really cant take it, Ill call you!”

Li Xiang didnt explain much.

Although the attack of the elder was fierce, he didnt feel any killing intent from it.

It was obvious that the other party didnt want to kill him, but wanted him to retreat.


Li Xiangs figure was like a stream of light as he dodged the swords attack in an instant.

At the same time, the Black Dragon Spear appeared in his hand and he quickly deflected the incoming Lip Spear and Tongue Sword.

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