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Even so, they still felt weak all over.

The meridians and flesh of the lower half of their bodies had been damaged by the Thunder Power, and their genuine Qi had been exhausted.

They felt as if they had been hollowed out.

If it wasnt for their faces, they wouldnt able to stand now.

“This path of thunder and lightning is too terrifying.

If it wasnt for Brother Li blocking the majority of the Thunder Power attacks, Brother Fu and I wouldve been turned into ashes.

We wouldnt be able to walk out of this path.”

Fu Mingxue nodded in agreement.

Even though he was very confident in his strength, he didnt have many ways to deal with Thunder Power.

However, it wasnt like the two of them didnt gain anything.

The Thunder Power had caused considerable damage to the two of them, but it had also tempered their genuine Qi and flesh to a certain extent.

When their genuine Qi recovered and their injuries were healed, their strength would be greatly improved.

At this moment, Li Xiangs attention was attracted by the scene in front of him.

They had already passed through the path of thunder and lightning and arrived on a huge floating platform.

On the platform was a huge palace.

The palace might appear extremely gorgeous from a distance, with thousands of auspicious colors, towering and majestic.

However, one would discover that this palace was already in ruins upon closer inspection.

It was as if it had been around for countless years, and it carried an ancient air of decay.

Even so, Li Xiangs eyes still flashed with amazement.

The materials used to build this palace were extremely precious.

Even a single floor tile was a valuable treasure.

“Good lord! This palace is even more extravagant than the imperial palace of an ordinary dynasty! Look, these are floor tiles made of black profound jade, and these pillars are made of glass essence gold! Tsk tsk, could the tiles on this palace be made of the legendary Lapis Lazuli”

Ye Qius eyes lit up as he touched the ground and the pillars.

His mouth was constantly clicking in praise.

“I can guarantee that this palace contains the most precious treasure! Well return with a bountiful harvest this time.”

What was their purpose in entering the underground tomb Wasnt it all for the treasures left behind in this tomb

“As expected of a divine tomb.

The things here are completely beyond my knowledge and imagination,” Fu Mingxue was also filled with surprise.

Any of these items would be priceless treasures if brought back to their world.”

Suddenly, Ye Qiu pointed to the other side and exclaimed, “Look, those Scorpion race members werent annihilated by the blood ghouls! Theyre on the platform.”

Li Xiang and the others turned around and saw a group of Scorpion race warriors swarming up from the platform they had first logged in to.

The leader of the Scorpion race was leading the team.

This time, the Scorpion race didnt look for the human transcendents who were still on the platform.

They had yet to decide which path to take.

Instead, they hesitated for a moment before entering a path.

Ye Qiu saw it and said, “They chose the path of poison! I thought they would choose the path of the ground.

Theyre so good at digging, so the path of the ground is just right for them!”

Li Xiangs eyes flickered slightly, but he was not surprised.

The path of the ground seemed to be easy to pass through, but it was more dangerous than the path of poison.

One had to know that just the Gravity Domain in the path of the ground was enough to make all the intruders suffer.

In addition, the Law of Ground was also called the Earth Law.

There wasnt only the danger of gravity in the law.

On the other hand, the Law of Poison was the same as the Law of Thunder.

Its attributes and nature were relatively extreme and singular.

Although the toxicity was ever-changing, there were also similarities.

It was most suitable for the Scorpion race, which was good at poison.

As they had the highest resistance to poison, there would be no other dangers as long as they could resist the corrosion of the poison.

That path was naturally the best choice for creatures that specialized in poison.

These paths werent sealed, so Li Xiang and the others could see them from above.

The Scorpion race who had entered the path of poison had a layer of black mist around their bodies, resisting the poisonous rain that was falling from the sky.

When the poisonous rain fell on the black Qi, it produced a strange sizzling sound.

The black Qi which was thick enough could dispel the poisonous rain, whereas the thin black Qi would be corroded and the rain would fall on the Scorpion races bodies.

However, the Scorpion races poison resistance was very strong.

With their armor and shells, most of them were able to resist the corrosion of the poisonous rain.

Only a few weak Scorpion warriors were unable to resist.

They let out miserable cries as their bodies were melted into liquid by the poisonous rain.

Compared to the hundreds of scorpions, only twenty to thirty of them had died.

It wasnt even worth mentioning.

Even so, Li Xiang could see that many of the Scorpion races faces had turned black under the continuous erosion of the poisonous rain.

Their expressions were unusually ugly.

It was obvious that it was not easy for them to resist the corrosion of the poisonous rain.

“Scorpions are one of the five poisons, so its normal for them to have a high resistance to poison,” Li Xiang said indifferently, “These three to four hundred scorpions should be able to pass through the passage and reach the platform palace.

Its a very wise choice!”

“Oh my god! Look at the back.

What a big stone man! Isnt it more than ten meters tall Hes using the path of ground!”

Ye Qiu cried out in surprise again as he pointed at the back.

Everyone turned around and looked behind them.

A huge stone man with a huge black stick on his shoulder stepped onto the platform.

The giants body was shimmering with light as if it was made of gems.

Without any hesitation, he stepped into the path of the ground.

In the path, he seemed to be unaffected.

His steps were steady and the voice produced was like thunder.

Even Li Xiang and the others seemed to be able to feel the huge tremor caused by his every step, and the roar was endless.

It was almost impossible to imagine how much power was contained in this body.

This divine tomb had not only attracted the human race and the Scorpion race, but also the experts of other races.

“Ignore them.

Lets go and check out the palace behind us.

Now that the other foreign races had appeared one after another, well encounter each other soon.

At that time, it would be another fierce battle.

Lets see what treasures are here!”

After passing through the path of thunder and lightning, it was time to reap the rewards.

“Thats right.

Lets not care about the others for now.

The most important thing is to get the treasure first.”

Ye Qius eyes lit up when he heard that they were going to look for treasure.

It was as if endless vitality had been injected into his sore and soft body.

Fu Mingxues eyes also revealed a hint of anticipation.

On the other hand, Alice and Alicia did not feel anything about it.

It wasnt that the two of them didnt care about the treasures, but that they didnt need to consider these things at all.

They only needed to protect their god.

If they needed any treasures, they could just ask their god.

The palace was in ruins, and it didnt seem like there were any restrictive formations set up.

There was only a huge gate that was tightly closed.

One could tell how heavy was the door just by looking at it.

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