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Suddenly, he focused his gaze and saw a pillar of divine light rising into the sky.

A strange look flashed across his eyes.

He immediately stood up and said loudly, “The divine light has come into being.

Ill go and take a look!”

After saying that, he directly leaped down from the seven to eight-meter-tall city wall.

His speed was like a ghost as he quickly rushed in the direction where the abnormal phenomenon had appeared.

“Sir, dont go! What should we do if you leave”

Someone saw the knight suddenly leave and immediately cried out in surprise.

“Forget it, its useless no matter how much you shout.

He has helped us a lot.

Without him, our country would have been destroyed long ago.

He doesnt owe us anything.

If he wants to leave, we have no reason to keep him!”

Many commoners looked at the figure that was as fast as a shooting star and was about to disappear.

They opened their mouths to say something.

But in the end, they could not say anything.

They could only watch as he left.

In another country, most of the commoners in the main city had numb and stiff expressions.

Although armored soldiers were guarding the surroundings, a large number of defense buildings and even a Magic Tower in the city center, the status of the people was very poor.

On the top floor of the Magic Tower, a man with a big beard saw the soaring divine light in the distance.

He laughed loudly and said, “This is the birth of another great treasure.

How can it be without me Its time for the world to see the power of magic!”

After saying that, his figure flashed and appeared in the air.

Then, he turned into a strange light and flew toward the light.

In another valley, a valiant-looking woman holding a large sword was charging back and forth among a group of mutated demon wolves.

The blood dyed the ground red, and the broken limbs of the demon wolves were everywhere.

However, her body was not stained with any blood at all.

The silver-white cloak moved along with her, and it was drifting back and forth in the valley like a strange light belt.

Especially that battle sword, which was flickering with a strange cold light.

Wherever the sword light passed, there was no bloodshed left.

At this moment, she was standing among the broken wolf corpses, looking up at the sky.

A surprised look appeared on her cold and elegant face.

“The divine light is soaring to the sky.

It must be a precious treasure.

When that time comes, there will definitely be a gathering of strong people.

Maybe Ill meet acquaintances or opponents! Its just the right time to hone my swordsmanship!”

As she said this, her face revealed a breathtaking smile.


On a wasteland, there were Barbarian warriors dressed in beast skins.

They were tall and rough, carrying all sorts of huge weapons.

However, some Barbarian warriors did not look much different from the humans.

Their hair was disheveled, and their bodies were filled with a murderous aura.

These Barbarians were all more than two meters tall.

Their bodies were filled with explosive muscles, and they looked full of berserk power.

At this moment, a burly man dressed in exquisite clothes with various beast bone accessories around his neck raised his head to look at the sky.

A look of determination appeared in his eyes.

“It wont be long before we can return to the tribe.

You guys can go back by yourselves! I will go and meet the experts in this area, and I will be back soon!”

After the burly man shouted, his body shot up like a cannonball.

With a boom, he leaped forward.

The Barbarian warriors were used to this and were even in the mood to joke.

“The tribe leader is going to meet the experts again.

I hope they can take his hits.”

“The tribe leaders strength is not a joke, even a divine-grade demon would not be able to take a blow from him!”

“Tribe leader, remember to bring back more spoils of war.

I heard that there are many good things in the human race like salt, silk, and fine wine.

Dont forget!”

The tribe leader, who was still in the air, seemed to have heard the voice behind him.

He waved his hand to indicate that he had heard it.

The giant snake which was in the ruins in the northwest of the Kingdom of Dawn appeared once again.

Looking at the divine light that was not too far away, it shot out with a single bounce.

For such a rare treasure, not to mention intelligent life forms, even demons with intelligence would not let it go.


Suddenly, a small mountain shook and suddenly stood up.

This was a huge stone man that was more than ten meters tall.

Its body was completely made of black-brown rocks.

Only its two eyes were like the most beautiful gemstones, shimmering slightly.



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